8 tattoos and 9 piercings

So I did mention getting new tattoos, I think, bringing the number up to 8. But I also got three piercings today during a half-off deal. So I had two studs in the other side of my nose and also my nipple pierced (is that appropriate to say should I blur it out?).

So now I’m at 9 piercings. This shit is addicting.


Damn, 15 piercings! I have some catching up to do! I do want to continue going up my left ear and then maybe a regular hoop on the right earlobe plus another eyebrow piercing and of course the other nipple being pierced.

ngl I was nervous about the nipple piercing because, well, it’s my nip, but it actually went very well. Wasn’t any more painful than any other piercings. Only problem was I had to watch this one and watching is like Nope.

bettah speed up lol, i’d have more but sometimes… lots of times i have to take them out. next time i get my collarbones done i’m going straight to a clinic for some antibiotics because those shits never heal nice. Are you getting a brow done on the same side as your others, or on the other side?

yikes, watching :face_with_peeking_eye: i prefer it but i definitely see how that would make things worse. especially since nips have an unreasonable amount of nerve endings. design flaw imo

I’m still 16 so cartilage piercings only became an option for me like a year ago, but I’ve got 9 piercings!! 3 lobes in each year and then—once I turned 16–I got my conch and helix pierced in the same sitting, then a few weeks ago I got my mid-helix in the other ear done. Still not sure what I want to add to the conch-helix ear (maybe a flat or make it a double helix??) but for the ear with the mid-helix I’m thinking maybe a daith and industrial.

I also want my septum done, maybe my bridge (but I wear glasses so maybe not,) and then a medusa and angel kiss. Definitely getting those after I move out, though.

As far as tattoos go, the day I turn 18. Can’t wait. I think a moth would make a neat sternum tattoo, and I want sunflowers somewhere on my left arm since they have quite a lot of meaning to me. Also considering: a typewriter, stars but the weird ones in my story, poison ivy (the plant,) mushrooms, and something to do with the Pixie Hollow books.


ooh congrats! I don’t have piercings but I have seven tattoos and I will be getting a new piece this month! it is addicting

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I have zero of everything. My husband is tatted, my sister-in-law is going for “the illustrated woman”, and I’ve had to help her get piercings back in before. My father’s generation got in enough trouble for boys having long hair. This stuff really started to shift with my generation.

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nipple isn’t a bad word, Dolly

love u tho :two_hearts:

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I didn’t say it was, but please blur words that could be inappropriate for our younger audience. Thank you! :purple_heart:

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it’s not an innappropriate word either

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why would nipple be a bad word? “sorry kids, you’re not allowed to know the medical term for this thing you have on your body” ??? It’s not slang or slur either. Do we have to blur out “elbow” too?


This is the last I’m going to say on the subject, I agree that it’s not a “bad” or inappropriate term, I’m simply asking that we remember there are others on the internet who are younger or less exposed to certain things or simply would like to have a filter (like the blur tool) as an option for if they want to read something, so we all should try our best to just be as considerate as possible as everyone has their own sensibilities.

hey man, do what you want ig. you’re the mod. but it makes me super uncomfortable on more levels than one that you’re forcing that implication on a conversation that involved my body.

i already took my original post down so i’ll do what you did and say this is the last i’ll say on the subject.