|| A E S T H E T I C S || [OPEN]

I am Tara and I love to edit graphics.
I specialize in character aesthetics and have already made over 100 aesthetics till date.

So if you are interested, please fill out the form below

Name of your character (do you want it on the aesthetic: Yes/No):
Appearance (if you can provide a picture):
Any particular feature:
Additional info:
Color Scheme (pink, brown, blue etc):
Anything else I should know:

PAYMENT - I will ask it after I hear your request. Depending on the amount of work I put in, it might vary between a follow, subscribe or comment.

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◯ E X A M P L E S ◯


A D D I T I O N A L ‑‑ S E R V I C E S

Now I do make banners, covers and gifs but I am also lazy, picky and a pain in the ass when it comes to making anything else other than aesthetics.

So if you still feel like requesting, request away and if I feel inspired by your ideas, I will accept your request.

Fill out this form(fakes accepted)

Author Name:
Cover ideas(attach examples, if any):
Additional Info:

C OV E R 🐌 E X A M P L E S


Name of your character (do you want it on the aesthetic: Yes/No): Urainia
Appearance (if you can provide a picture):

Likes: Books, Wolves, Doves, Peace, Stars, Metallurgy, Silver Jewelry, The Color Purple
Personality: She is somewhat coquettish, genuine, loving, and endlessly curious.
Any particular feature: She prefers somewhat revealing clothing, even though she’s lived through time periods that expect women to dress modestly and not show cleavage. She generally can’t sense heat or cold, all temperatures are comfortable to her.
Additional info: She is a goddess and eventually queen, so don’t forget it.
Color Scheme (pink, brown, blue etc): Pastel Pink, Purple. Magenta, Silver

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This sounds fun. Your character looks lovely. Did you make that character art yourself?

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Let me know if you like it.

As payment, subscribe here. Like and comment. In case you don’t wanna subscribe with your active gmail account, feel free to do it with any other account.


@JJJ000YYY unable to edit the first few ones. I made it yesterday probably around this time or 1-2 hours later.

You probably need to wait for some time. There are limits on how many edits you can make a day. I could also edit it in for you (since mod powers)

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:star_struck: :heart_eyes: Oh really! Then can I tag you with the edits later (until I gain the power to do it)!

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No problem! Just pm me what you want edited in and I’ll do it for ya

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@JJJ000YYY I have dropped you a PM but I am bit skeptical if it reached you.


@JJJ000YYY Thanks. It looks perfect!

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No problem!

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Name of your character (do you want it on the aesthetic: Yes/No): King Eden
Appearance (if you can provide a picture): I linked some pictures below
Likes: King is a fighter, a hunter, a very violent and intense character. She likes power and she’s extremely arrogant.
Personality: King is supposed to be a bit scary, like Azula from TLAB, she’s really really full of herself. She’s an extremely brutal and well-trained killer and jumps into dangerous situations no matter the kind with full confidence that she’ll make it out alive.
Any particular feature: King is black and short, thin yet muscular.
Color Scheme (pink, brown, blue etc): This is a post-apocalyptic story, so maybe Mad Max colors, like black and brown and wasteland like, maybe some red, etc.
Anything else I should know: anything else I can do for payment?

If you’re interested in making an aesthetic or something, I’d love to add it to my art page, and credit you with it. What can I do for payment?

Additional Info:
here is the blurb for my story:
A jaded warlord seeks revenge when her son is kidnapped by The Elite, an enemy force based on Mars. Battle-heavy, injured, and burdened with disease, she disregards her odds and eagerly pursues her suicide mission, navigating an angry and hostile world in the meantime. For King Eden, nothing matters more than victory and retribution, and she’s willing to sacrifice everything to obtain it–even if it means putting herself and her people at risk.



Wow…this looks awesome.

Damn! The artworks are so cool.

I never had anyone request a post apocalyptic aesthetic before. This will be fun. Thanks @RowanCarver

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Hi :slight_smile: I’d like to request.

Name of your character (do you want it on the aesthetic: Yes/No): Cypur Cromlight (Yes, I would like his name on the aesthetic. Just his first name, thanks)

Appearance (if you can provide a picture):

Likes: Maple sugar, maple chocolate bars, reading books, writing stories about himself and his crush in a diary. Pretty things like a starry sky, autumn. He also likes dancing flamenco style with his cape and he’s really good. Fashionable capes or cloaks he makes himself. His favorite cape is this silky indigo blue with gold lining and swirling designs on the bottom.

Personality: Cypur is a Sorcerer and like many, he’s a bit of a narcissist. He knows that he’s smarter than average and he likes to show off his fashion sense. But he’s also shy around his crush and would blush and be unable to speak well when around him.

He feels different from other Sorcerers and always tries to fit in and can’t accept being different for a long time. In the story, he develops and learns to love himself. He’s also very caring and loves his family despite sometimes feeling like they don’t love him. During his journey, Cypur makes a lifelong friend that he would do anything for.

Cypur also starts off insecure, but he soon gains confidence. He’s at first unsure about letting loose, but he soon does. He’s actually got a good sense of humor and his new best friend always brings the best out him :slight_smile:

Any particular feature: Like the artbreeder drawing thing above, he’s got naturally golden hair. Blue eyes and peach-pale skin. He’s quite androgynous looking and has been mistaken for a girl.

Additional info: Here’s Cypur’s pinterest board.

Color Scheme (pink, brown, blue etc): The color scheme is dark blue and gold.

Anything else I should know: Cypur is the main character. He’s also fifteen and bi. Idk if this info is needed, but I thought you should know.

Thank you for considering! If you need anymore information, please let me know :slight_smile:


awesome thanks! haha yeah my sister is a professional comic book artist, so, definitely taking advantage of that