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Hi guys. I’ve been kind of absent here and unable to keep up with conversation because I was busy setting up the patreon. It’s only a dollar a month for a majority of the content. Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I just watched a documentary on crystal mining in India.

What are your thoughts on crystals?

Do you believe in healing crystals? If yes, how do crystals heal you? If not, did you stop believing or have you never believed in it?


Almost any crystal needed in a ritual can be replaced by clear quartz.

My favorite "crystal"s are probably Carnelian and Amber Fossils. Carnelian because of its connection to my zodiac sign, Leo, and its history in Ancient Egypt.

Amber Fossils because of how interesting and slightly morbid they are.


How is there a connection to the zodiac sign, and why is it important to you?

Let’s get deeper :grin:

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Never believed in it, but crystals are pretty, and may have other uses. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


What other uses do you think?


Like industrial uses. For instance, various industries use diamonds for cutting things. Various crystals may have useful qualities that makes them valuable to manufacturers and whatnot. I know very little about them myself. (♯^.^ღ)


I am a Leo, and I match up pretty well with the Leo traits. I love cats and I like vibrant colors. Carnelian is associated with fire and I have a very firey and energetic personality.


Topic: What were the first NaNoWriMo stories you ever wrote and what year was it?
You can talk about CampNaNo, too, but it has to be something you wrote from scratch.

My first NaNoWriMo year was 2013.

The first one I ever wrote was in 2013 CampNaNo. I decided on 50k. I wanted to do NaNoWriMo that year, so I used Camp to challenge myself to write 50k.

The story was called Awakening and it was a small-town mystery taking place in a town by the sea. A woman washes up on shore with only memory of her name. A family owning a sweet’s shop takes her in. Idk why I didn’t do fantasy. Idk why I decided to challenge myself to write a mystery for my first NaNo. I slogged through the story and a majority of it is pure cringe. There’s also unnecessarily long scenes which were even boring to write.

I did make it though :sweat_smile: Barely. It was so HARD.

The next July CampNaNo 2013, I chickened out and made it 40k. I did do fantasy this time but for some reason, it was so HARD. I had so much trouble with the middle and I hadn’t figured out my NaNo strategy yet. It was a story of a boy who goes to a city made out of a maze? and learns some evil had taken away the magical light, so he has to gather the shards and return it to the central tower. It ends as if there is going to be a sequel.

There never was :stuck_out_tongue:

Come November, I wrote an Alice in Wonderland inspired story (I did make it to 50k. Barely.) which eventually turned into Between Roses and will be self-published this year! :laughing:

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Oooh, that’s right, Camp NaNo is coming up again in just 24 more days, isn’t it? Feels like I only just failed NaNo a month ago and–oh, yes…I did. Welp, time to fail another one! (*・_・)ノ⌒*

Let’s see, I joined NaNo in 2015 so I must have started a project back then, but my earliest project listed is from 2019. I know I deleted a few of them, but the only one I remember was about the Salem witch trials. It was a fictionalized account of a real life person named Dorothy or Dorcas Good.

She was only four years old when accused of witchcraft, and went insane as a result of her imprisonment. I didn’t get very far with the story, but haven’t given up on it yet. Someday when I’m in the mood I want to try again. ( ^◡^)っ✂

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Think of it this way: at least you’re creating something :wink:

I feel like I’ve heard about that story. Maybe it was one of Bailey Sarian’s Dark History videos.

Sounds like it would be interesting fodder for a story :smiling_face:

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My first real NaNo year was last year. I was trying to make a Gravity Falls AU fanfic that never really panned out :confused: eventually I lost inspo and it’s now on the backburner. Which is prolly a good thing since now I have more original WIPs to worry about lol but still. I had high hopes that I would power through and just make the whole story of 10k words and- it just did not happen XD


Do you think you’ll be trying it again? If you need tips for NaNo, I have some that might help :wink:

Btw, are you a planner, pantser, or plantser (the hybrid)?

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Yeah! If you mean trying the GF fanfic again for NaNo, maybe not; like I’ll try it again but for fun. But yeah I’m planning to do NaNo again in general. I’m still active there rn, trying to finish a WIP by the end of July for Camp, and it’s around 4k words in so so far so good I guess! Thanks though, I can definitely use the tips <3

So I’m kinda mostly a pantser, but there are times when I’m a plantser. But depending on the story, I feel like I have to plan more for it in advance. I guess in general, I’m hybrid lol but it really depends on the story whether I lean more on the planner or pantser side. Hbu?

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