resfeber [a read for read thread]


heyo, i’ve recently finished writing a short story for the ambys and i’d like to do some r4r exchanges with it. the short story is about 5.4k words long, so i’m open to reading a comparable amount of words in exchange.


  • not looking for feedback nor will i be giving any feedback, just reader reactions.
  • only accepting 3 requests at a time.
  • i reserve the right to reject for any reason.
  • in this thread, the customer goes first.
  • any questions? just ask.

my story

Death by Sunset (link)

Five people meet over dinner. All their deaths are scheduled for two weeks’ time. Some want to die, some do not.

trigger warnings:

mentions of domestic abuse, human trafficking, and sexism


book title:
trigger warnings:
how many parts:
story link:



book title: Fragmented Lies
genre: Romance/Chick lit/mystery
blurb: Winter Henderson had her life planned out since she was two. She was going to work in psychology, live big house in the country and start a family with her childhood sweetheart and best friend, Caleb.

Everything was going perfectly, until that fateful day when they were seventeen. Caleb was murdered in cold blood by a friend, breaking Winter’s life apart.

Five years after that day, Winter has managed to pull the broken pieces of her life together: job, house, and fiancé. Everything was going swimmingly, until her past comes back to haunt her when she least suspects it.

trigger warnings: none
how many parts: 1
story link: here

Let me know if accepted and I’ll start!

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Perfect I’ll start in one second!

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Done! I read 2 chapters to match approx with mine! <3

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Awesome! I’ll start yours as soon as I can!

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<3 thank you!

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book title: Bits and Pieces
genre: Romance

“You think I went out with her.” He pointed at me like I was some kind of virus making everyone in the cafeteria laugh, then says, "I told her the rules before anything happened between us. I don’t do girlfriends.’’ He turns around to look at the audience we’ve created so far and looks back at Vanessa ‘‘Wait, does she want an apology from me?’’ He asks, smiling sweetly.

Lexi lives a miserable life with constant teenage school drama. Not only that, Steve Johnson, the guy who broke Lexi’s heart moves to the same school as her and becomes her neighbour adding more trouble into her life.

trigger warnings: Mention of abuse, death, (does inappropriate words, or what is known as cussing count?
how many parts: 22 including a note at the beginning.
Story link: Bits And Pieces - waterandfire - Wattpad

Tell me when to start and whether or not you accept it.

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[quote=“astrophile, post:1, topic:10778”]

book title: King Eden
genre: sci fi
blurb: A Warlord seeks revenge when her son is kidnapped by the Martians, an enemy force is a brutal post-apocalyptic world.
trigger warnings: violence and language
how many parts: 45 but the first 4 chapters amount up to 5k words
story link:

I’d love to do an exchange if you’re interested!

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How many parts are equivalent to ~5.4k words?

What do you count as your first four chapters?

I have like an A/N and two title cards but the chapters are labeled normally.

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I have no idea, probably three chapters.

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Well, I noticed you had your word counts at the bottom of your chapters.

The first four chapters would be 9100 words.

The first three chapters would be 6247 words.

Would you like to do my entire short story (5413 words) in exchange for three chapters?

Can you check?

Okay, the first three excluding a little note at the beginning are around 1.8k.

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oh whoops the WCs I have on Wattpad are different from the ones I have in my manuscript so that’s my bad, I forgot I split the chapters differently. I’ll read your short story if you read two of my chapters? since 6247 is longer than yours. I don’t mind reading extra and I don’t want to make you read more of mine since its a working draft and isn’t very good right now


How long are your chapters on average?

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Sure, that works for me.