About Pronouns

Hello players,

During the course of the game, it’s been brought to my attention that some players are struggling to remember (and use) the pronouns of some of our characters. This is a very important issue that we need you to be conscientious of as it is triggering to some users to see pronouns misused.

We take identity very seriously here at Wacky Writers because we want everyone to feel included and safe here. So, for future reference, please be sure to address characters by the following pronouns:

Jordania: she/her
Luca: they/them
Lisa: she/her
Mervin: he/him
Raza: he/him
Librarian: she/her
Necromancer: they/them

In several cases, players have been corrected regarding pronouns and then subsequently continued to address/refer to characters and/or other forum users incorrectly. Our Code of Conduct even addresses this issue:

Please be mindful of this, especially if you have already been reminded to use the proper pronouns for a player/user. If you have any questions, please let me know.

-CJ :wackywriters: