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Request enchanting graphics to give your story those finishing touches!

The Designers Category

Welcome to The Designers, our little Wonder Emporium! I am Bella, your fellow Graphics Head Moderator and one of the Wizard’s Apprentices. I’m here to help guide you through the forum, keep the category organised and remind you of rules and guidelines needed to help keep the website safe and fair. If there are any questions you would like to ask regarding the thread or anything that requires my attention - don’t hesitate to drop by and leave me a PM! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Now, I have created this thread to inform you as to how the Designers category works. Just like all categories, there is a system in place to help keep the site organised and to make it easier to navigate through so you can find just what you’re looking for. This is why it’s necessary to make sure that the threads created are listed with the correct tags and attached to the sub-category that is best suited! I’ll be giving a rundown on what each sub-category will be for! If by any chance, after you’ve read this post, you’re confused about where to put your thread - please let me know! You can do this by referencing to my profile username or by private message. I’ll inform you as to where it can be placed and will move it for you if I do notice that it may be in the wrong area (With a notice so that you’re aware!)

Alright! So let’s get started.

The Rules Listed here MUST be followed

#1 To help provide opportunity for all discussions, please refrain from inordinately bumping. Do not bump threads more than one time per every 24 hours.

#2 Respect is vital. It’s important to respect and protect fellow users’ feelings, property, and personal information.

#3 You MUST follow the Code of Conduct and Forum Guidelines: This is for your safety as well as others. The Code of Conduct is here.

#4 Please do NOT post links to your story unless you are referencing/showing proof to a designer that you are using their cover or if you would like to show designers what your previous cover looks like. If you would like to advertise your story then please head over to the #share-your-story category.

#5 Help people decide to choose you by emphasizing what you love to make rather than what you won’t make. If you don’t want to make a requested graphic, simply say you can’t take on the project. Everyone has the right to decline a project without having to provide a reason. And please remember that public "blacklists” are not allowed.

#6 Keep the thread topic and discussions related to media. Chat threads or off-topic threads should take place in the Chatters or on your own message board.

#7 Any media without a watermark will be considered usable by others in the multimedia designs club. Including a watermark in your design helps to avoid this scenario. Please be respectful of designers and do not offer up other people’s creations as your own.

About the Sub-Categories

To make navigating through the categories easy, we have created subcategories to help organise the forums and direct users where to go! Within the Designers Category, we have seven main sub-categories. These are listed below with a short description underneath:

Graphic Design Shops -

Want to showcase your talent of creativity or request a graphic as such? Come over into this section! These are shops created by talented designers offering graphics such as a cover, banner, character card etc. Graphic Shops within this category will often use ‘statuses’ that will help make it easier for you to find and narrow down threads that appeal to your interests! Within these, you may also find terminology that tends to come up quite a lot as transferred by previous forums.

Common Terminology
  • Open/Closed
  • Hiatus
  • DNP/DNE (Do Not Post/Do Not Enter)
  • CFC/CFCU (Closed for Catch-Up)
  • Premade
  • Fake Requests
  • UC (Under Construction)

Request a Graphic -

Do you feel like you need a graphic that matches your cover? Or even a chance to see a selection of beautiful covers to choose from? Well, in this subcategory, you can do that! This category is self-explanatory. It’s a place where you can request graphics of any kind. This includes Graphics such as:

  • Drawings
  • Covers
  • Trailers
  • Banners
  • Story Ads
  • Character Cards
  • Profile Pictures
  • Moodboards

Art + Design Tutorials -

Ever see a really cool cover, or trailer and think ‘I wanna learn how to do that’? Well, this would be the perfect place for you. Within this category, talented Designers will help to atone your skills in the best way possible! You can learn about blending, transitioning, title/image placement and much more! The types of Graphics that Designers make are as follows: Minimal, Simple, Manip, Collage, Illustrated, Drawn and Blends. These will most likely be the type of Graphics that designers will include in their tutorial and it will also give you a range of opportunities to develop your skills in all sectors of design!

Hire a Designer -

Want to start a revolutionary designing group? Or have your own personal designer? The Hiring a Designer category will help you with that! This is where designers can showcase their works and show their talent so that they could be hired by other users. It isn’t a portfolio category, so please do make sure that if you are a designer, to showcase your works when it is asked for in a thread!

Coding Corner -

having trouble understanding coding? HTML, Mark-up and CSS? Head into the Coding Corner and you might just learn a new trick or two. Join one of our resident coding wizard’s classes or create your own HTML playground. But make sure you read the rules first!

Resource Center -

Looking for a specific model, texture, background or do you want a PNG cut? Do you love sharing your resources with others, this may include but not limited to premade backgrounds, raw stock images, random models. Come on in the Resource Center. This is where you will find various resources you need to complete your magnificent graphic design.

Graphic Feedback/Critiques -

Ever wanted to know what people actually think of your graphic? Or what you could potentially improve and learn for the next graphic on your list to make? The area in which you can request feedback on a graphic, or offer feedback to others is right here. Also in this area are more collective feedback threads like Graphic Stalkers.


Are you a companionable visual artist looking to express yourself through beautifully made book-covers and epic trailers? Well, this is the right place for you to offer your extraordinary services to other users! Or, if you aren’t as experienced and would like to find out more about designing, drawing and digital editing - you can check out the Graphic Tutorial section where talented designers will provide you with solicit information to help you find your inner designer and develop your skills!


The Designers section is a place full of talented graphic designers offering all sorts of exciting and interesting enhancements to give stories those finishing touches! Want a Cover, an Aesthetic Moodboard, or even a Character Card? You’re in the right place! Head over to the Graphic Shops/Requests section where you can explore and create threads to help you get what you desire!


First rule! Monetary Payments are not allowed - however, non-monetary based payments are! These are payments that do not require you to pay with actual money but with easier alternatives. These payments should be offered/asked for up-front.

Examples of what you can ask for/offer as Payment:

  • Follows
  • Shout-Outs
  • Attribution
  • Reading List Adds
  • Graphic Stickers
  • Comments/Feedback

Vote trading is not allowed on many writing sites and it’s not allowed here.

Please contact me if you would like to ask any questions regarding this category that has not already been answered in this thread. Please also feel free to let me be aware of any disregards or abuse of guidelines that have been displayed within this or any other category on this forum. However, if by any chance I am not available and it is something of emergence, please contact the high-team moderators that are shown here. Thank you.