About the Tenebris category

Welcome To Tenebris

Tenebris is the hidden city where the Order of Merlin resides. Many seek to find it, but few are ever invited to enter. You are one of them.

For those new to the concept, an ARG (alternate reality game) is a game in which players look for clues and solve puzzles to try and unlock an overarching story. Typically, these can be done in forums or other websites where the people running them have additional powers that allow them to craft an intricate game where players are left scrambling to find where the next clue is. As fun as these are, we have to cover some ground rules to ensure that the journey is fair for everyone.


  1. Follow the Code of Conduct at all times. Even in another world, don’t be a jerk.
  2. In the event that a player is caught impersonating an NPC, they will be given a warning to cease the behavior first. If they do not stop, they will be removed from the ARG and subsequent categories.
  3. Do not spam tag any of the NPC’s or forum staff for the purpose of this game.
  4. Talking as if you are a real magic student in the world is okay, but please keep roleplaying (long paragraphs of back and forth) to a minimum.
  5. If someone says “The missing month is so peculiar.”, that means that a line has been crossed and whatever subject that was being discussed must be dropped immediately.
  6. Be patient. The game takes a lot of time to put together. If you rush us, you won’t have as much fun.
  7. Canon threads will be tagged with #arg-official.
  8. If you wish to create a new thread, you must first earn gamemaster approval.