Actually, It is safe to say that my protagonist is not truly villainous after all...

Anjan Terris, is going to be a complex character, but his actions are a bit justified since he had he whole world come crashing down by the ones who formed an empire on the ashes of his kingdom and many other ancient civilizations.

So, yeah, he is out for blood and revenge and to also find his older sister who was captured by the enemy and is still in their possession eons later.

This is the prime reason why he is “fixing” the problems of the rich and powerful within the Sovereign’s court. While he does that, he is scheming and trying to locate his sister and slowly enact his grand plan.

Honestly, the Sovereign and her court are the real villains or rather the ones who were around when Anjan’s homeland was ruined. Anyone who came afterwards are unaware of this since they kept it on the hush and have their descendant believe in lies.

Anjan is still cruel and vicious and even villainous, but he is also a kind person in an odd way as he helping the people who aren’t able to help themselves. So, he is intimidating and yet respected by the rich that pays him.

What are your thoughts about Anjan as a character? I shall add more, but in all honesty I am lean that Anjan is just a complex anti-hero who is just yearning for revenge.

He is not trying to rule, but to break the entire system in different ways.

Thoughts and feelings?



Sounds like a solid starting point.


You think so? Nothing to tweak or add?

I mean I need an antagonist and I suppose the false Firstlings would be that, but in all honesty, it’s a bit confusing on who is the real villain in all of this.

Just pondering more things to add…

I really like this change. It shows the complexity of his character and the world around him more.


Thank you so much!

I was thinking about while sleeping and that prompted me to stay up late a bit.
Honestly, if there could be an antagonist, I am a bit torn between the False First Ones and leaning towards Anjan being the villain.

Yet to everyone Anjan is the villain, but to Anjan the people he is working for are the villains.

It’s is a weird thing. LOL!


More depth is usually added along the way, for me. This is a start, to me.


Thanks again and you’re right about that.

Plotting and planning this story and the characters is going to be a doozy filled fun experience.


So this is like real life, then, where the real villains are the government, who themselves see us as the villains for not joyfully funding their upscale lifestyles without complaint when we’re all starving, as they’re “just trying to help you all and this is the thanks we get!”

I like it. The more you base a fantasy story on real life, the better it becomes, in my opinion. It has that underlying message without hitting the reader over the head with it. Good work! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )


Yes, in a way.

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I have a crazy ass plot twist for the series and another character besides Anjan, his older sister Renna and Sovereign Salisara.

Yet I have a funny feeling that this story is going to have a time skip in one of the books. I can just see it a little bit. Because the ending, at least in my mind, is hinting on what happens after everything, along with a reveal of a character that I plan to hint in the story on just how important that character is.

No stating spoilers, Qualeshia! LOL!
It is way too early for that! :sweat_smile:

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Sounds good. I love a revenge story.

Reminds me of Prince of Thorns but without the MC’s ambitions to rule.

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The crazy thing about that story is from what I heard is that it’s written in first person narrative and it’s actually funny because I wanted to write the story in that POV at first, now it is in third person-limited.

Third person limited is the best I can do honestly. :sweat_smile:

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Sounds a lot more like a justified anti-hero

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Is that a bad thing or not really? :sweat_smile:

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I think that’s good. Makes the character a lot more interesting

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Cool, cool!

Thanks for letting me know.

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I am still learning more about Anjan character, but I got to understand his boss/enemy, the Sovereign Salisara and few others.