Ah, yes, the joys of moving on your own...

NOTE: I am not moving out anytime soon because I lack the money to get my own place. So, I am staying with my mother until things take a turn for the better.

Besides the fact that moving from place to place whether it be a house or some apartment, the act of moving in general is truly awful.

However, when it comes to moving to a new place alone, the feeling can be bittersweet.

So, tell me, do you want to live alone? What is the rent or even mortgage like where you live? You don’t have to go too much into detail if you don’t want to.

Bonus Questions:

  1. Do you live alone or with family?
  2. If money wasn’t too much of an issue, where would you like to move to where you live?
  3. Did you recently move, or will you be moving soon?

Any thoughts?


Married with kids. If I’m living alone there is something terribly wrong. Lol


Yeah. LOL!

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When the child of a churro oligarc makes me rich by becoming my sugar parent, I will live alone :smiley:


So, what you are saying is that when your story makes you rich, then you will move out or something along those lines?


Yeah :joy: or unless my character becomes real.

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That sounds fair. I would really like to move out if a novel of mine made me rich or close to it.


Yes :smiley:

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I’ve lived by myself for the past five years and it’s been lovely. Got a mortgage and everything. As much as I hate where I live, I won’t be moving anytime soon unless I suddenly get rich lol. Moving sucks and I have way too much stuff to haul.


Yes, I want to move out for Uni then fully on my own for a few years, before marrying probably

Rent is about $170 a month for a room, closer to $300 to $450 a month for a full apartment for 1 or 2 people, and closer to $520 for an apartment for a family

I currently live with my dad

To La Serena

Will be moving out next year most probably (2024, I know it’s 2022 but it’s almost over so whatever)


Damn, I wished I lived where you live! Rent is high as hell where I live.

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I lived alone for five years in my early twenties. I actually lived in a state park where I worked, the housing was free, but it was a very interesting experience. I lived in a barracks room the size of a closet that was infested with roaches. Bugs definitely don’t bother me anymore. I was really, really happy there, but it was very lonely sometimes. Beautiful place though, I basically lived in a forest. Unfortunately, the job didn’t pay enough so I took a job teaching music in the capital city of my state and lived by myself in an apartment for a year. I also would go on tour with my band in the summers so from May through August, I lived in a van. I loved it, but it was very very difficult sometimes. Finally, after the pandemic hit, I couldn’t afford my housing anymore and I lost my job. Now I live with my parents, I’m in graduate school, and I’m trying to get back on my feet. I hope to save enough money to buy a house once I finish school and get a new job, and I’ll probably stay at home until I accomplish that. A lot of people are living with their families now. The pandemic really changed things


shudders with fear

Braver than me, dude! LOL!

Ain’t that the truth.

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As someone who has moved across the US dozens of times since birth, it really can suck, along with feeling bittersweet although exciting (sometimes).

Honestly? I wouldn’t mind trying to live alone one day. Can it be boring? Sure. Can it be lonely? Yes. But I feel like it might be great for some people, especially like myself, who don’t want to live with messy people or get into fights easily about things that you’re nitpicky about (pet peeves). And I’ll explain this in a moment.

I live with my two sisters. Have been for the last three years (since December of 2019). We live in a really small two bedroom house, so my oldest sister (who is turning thirty-one next month) gets her own room and I bunk in with my little sixteen year old sister (I’m almost twenty-six by the way). Because of how small the house is, it gets kind of cramped sometimes but we try to make it work. The other issue? Our pet peeves. And it can be little things like my oldest sister last night wanted to bicker about me not starting dinner when I just got home from work… at 5pm. We had pizzas that we baked ourselves but with pre-made dough from a can and she thought they weren’t gonna be big enough or that it might take ages to cook, and she wanted it done early because she had to wake up early (meaning had to go to bed early). Her other excuse was that our little sister tends to whine if she doesn’t eat right away (gets hangry easily) even though we rarely eat dinner early. Our usual time is 7-8, at the earliest, with an occasional 9pm dinner because they do dumb church stuff from 6-8:30 twice a week, and then my little sister babysits every Monday from 6-8:30… that is three nights that we have dinner late. If I lived alone, not having to hear them bicker about when to eat, what to eat, or how no one did the dishes yet, or no one took out the trash, etc. would be music to my ears.

But truthfully, there have been times when they’ve left for a week and I was by myself and it did feel too quiet. So I don’t know if I would like living by myself for a long period of time…

I live in a small town in Kansas, though they technically call it a city but it’s nothing like an actual city. Like we don’t even have Target or a bookstore or a decent sized mall. But anyway, Kansas is actually one of the cheaper states in the US to live in… if you are lucky to find a decent place. My town doesn’t have much to look at in terms of available housing. The majority of the houses here are much older, not renovated at all and need serious fixing up, but they get taken really fast. And I’m talking within five minutes. People keep moving here or just move into a new place regularly. So whenever a rental goes up, people take it within 5-30 minutes. And when you look up places to rent from, there’s only 2-5 that show up on the listing. There are more houses that are for sale than are for rent, but most can’t afford it or they can buy real estate people are dumb and don’t want you to get approved.

The houses for sale usually range anywhere between 90,000 to 250,000. The average being 120,000. Newer or renovated homes tend to sell for more than the older not renovated ones. But we have a small neighborhood of mini-mansions (when the majority of the town has broken down houses) that go for 600-800K. They’re beautiful though.

Rentals, on the other hand, can be anywhere from 400-700 on average. My sister and I are paying 800. We originally were supposed to pay 750, but the landlord bumped it up because he said he needed more money. :roll_eyes: But we’re being ripped off because we found nicer houses for rent for 600. We’ve been meaning to move, but don’t have enough for the first month’s rent and deposit and moving truck. So we’re stuck with a two bedroom, one bathroom over priced house.

I would move to Salem, MA which is expensive to live in (average apartment is 1,200+).

We moved here from California, like I said before, back in 2019. So kind of recent, kind of not recent. And we are getting sick of this place, so we do have plans to move in the future. When? Where? We don’t know. We don’t even have the money for it right now, so it might be another year or so.

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I’ve been away for a while and this is the first topic I’ve stumbled upon on my return. Hi!

I lived with my family until I was 18. Then I moved out and rented a room in shared accommodation with various different people/friends in different towns in England/Germany for the next 6 years. I lived with my partner for 5 years after that (he had a mortgage, and I paid him rent) before I left him and lived on my own (renting) for a few years in Ireland. I really enjoyed living alone, and because I was in the capital city there was always something going on and someone to go out with.

But now I have a mortgage and live with my current partner and our cat in a small town in England. My mortgage is insane. I pay about £1,600 a month and will do until I retire - unless we get rich in the meantime. But I LOVE my house and the town (and my partner and cat ain’t bad either) so can’t see myself moving any time soon. I’m where I want to be right now.

In the future, we may look to move to Germany or the Netherlands.

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I don’t even know how much that is in American dollars. LOL! I am hoping that it is less than what the rent is where I live.

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  • I live with family because it’s too damn expensive in this economy to move out on my own and I don’t even know how to get started
  • Honestly, I miss living in WA state. It was the closest I’ve ever felt to home, and I’ve lived a lot of places.
  • Because I can’t afford not to stay with my family and my parents are in charge, I recently moved to UT to be closer to family. I do not like it here. We bought our first house tho, so I’m stuck here for a while, at least the next 3 to 5 years.

I really wish I could move out on my own but it just isn’t feasable in this economy. I’ve talked about renting a place with my sibling when we both get jobs and save up enough, but even that sounds like a pipe dream. Especially because my mental health is such shit and I can barely hold down a minimum wage part time job. If I had money, I could get back on my meds so it’s at least manageable, but I can’t make money unless it’s already managed well enough I can handle a job. It’s a vicious cycle. Basically, capitalism is destroying us and the human soul was never meant to endure a system like this.

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Waaaaaay too high for anyone to afford

With family. I did move out to live on my own during university . . . But then they moved out with me. And now I’m back home

Honestly, no idea

Does moving maybe 50 metres from the shed to the house a bit over a month ago count? :joy:

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It’s about US$2000 with today’s exchange rate.

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I live alone and it’s very nice u~u. I don’t think i’ll be ready to live with anybody else any time soon. I love my family but it was hard being aware of them constantly.

somewhere isolated where i can live my hermit dreams :joy::joy:

I moved a year and a bit ago so fairly recently. I feel like i’m just getting used to the place. It’s been interesting trying to get the feng shui right but it’s almost there.

My dad bugs me about moving sometimes but I dread the idea, almost entirely because of the physical effort :joy: there’s no elevator in this place and I’ve aquired a bit of furniture since moving in that was Not Fun carrying up the stairs and will be Not Fun to take out.

my place is about 1k when you include the power bill, it’s pretty cheap compared to a lot of other places around here. I get a student discount but I also pay for parking and pets so it evens out.

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