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News reports have lately talked much about AI. So I am trying it. Free membership plan, for online access, in my hemisphere. I find there are two categories I like: chat, and text to image. And maybe later, text to video. I could not find any chat site that keep a perminate transcript. I find that in search for AI, there are mostly sites for text to image, and not so many sites for chat. Please tell be about sites you like. Here are some sites I tested so far.

For chat: best is Second best is, but registration wants name and birth day. is too difficult, each login requires email access.

For text to image:, I can not register, The code you entered is incorrect. works ok, but I can not get picture to show feet of person. I can not register with because it has no email option. Best so far is, but picture is not exactly what I asked for and I can not find how to log out. registration wants Country, and I did not find the email message that is required for registration.

The only AI site I’ve used is the text to image generator at and it’s decent, but still flawed AI. Unfortunately, flaws are coded directly into the very concept of AI and it will never be perfect.

I’m against most AI because it is just a huge plagiarism machine and the way people use it is unethical. If you use it to generate ideas for you to build off of on your own, that’s fine, but using it to actually do the work of creating art or writing for you is, quite frankly, criminal. It’s better put to use just to inspire, both practically because of it’s flaws, and ethically because of the art and writing theft used to train it.


I’ve found the best free AI software tends to be the local install options, like LM Studio and Stable Diffusion (XL), but they require a powerful PC to run. My humble 3060 12GB graphics card struggles with mid-level AI generations, both text and image. High-end (local install) generations requires at least 24GB of graphics card memory.

The best online text-based AI so far is Claude-3.5 Sonnet by Anthropic, although Claude-3 is censored and has a limited user request quota (for both the free and subscription options).

Here are some of my favorite AI YouTube channels with more AI software info…
Matt Wolfe

The AI Advantage


Matthew Berman

Two Minute Papers

To: Xelyn_Craft
OK, I looked at microsoft You are correct, it does what I am asking for. I am finding that your attitude against AI is common. But I still wish to learn about AI.

To: MatthewJH
I also like to install locally. Or I did for serious work, now I am just browsing. And I agree that AI is best used online, due to high system requirements. Thank you. I tried Claude but found that regristration requires phone. They should have warned me about the regristration requirements before starting to ask me for information. Now I can only imagine what else they might ask me for before granting account. So I quit. I already found other sites that work. Also, I saw on your videos that Claude has many abilities, which means a high learning curve for me. For now I want to start simple. But I suppose it works good for some people. I congratulate you on your high level of education.

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