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Hey guys, me again. So i have an idea but i’m not sure it’s worth messing with. let me know if this sounds interesting enough to bother. So i have a ton of alien races/species in my episodic space comedy, and i like to overthink on the details i may never use in the story. so i thought to myself: hey self, what if i just post a new book on wattpad that’s just dry fun fact about the aliens in my books, like a nature documentary with fun snippets about their anatomy and physiology where it doesn’t really find its way into the comedy books. just a little short, freeform thing where we delve documentary style into the aliens you’ll find in the books.

the real question is…does anyone actually care? does anyone at all give the slightest crap or just me? I already have difficulty finding readers so the only people finding this would be people already reading, and unlikely to attract new readers. So assuming you were a fan of my books and reading them, actually liked the characters, would you remotely investigate a “bonus features” kinda extra about their physiology?

Menace is adorable and fascinating, and most readers love Menace, but does anyone actually give the slightest resemblance of a flying fart, regarding her med chart? does finding out “oh hey, she has no fingerprints or fingernails.” interest you, or is it more like “eh, who cares, she’s adorable and goofy, nobody needs to know weather or not her pupils dilate in light, just write more funny stuff ya weird word-jockey”?

i feel like the only person who cares is me, because i’m both very attached to the characters, and detail oriented, and as a fan of xenobiology and science who’s “on the spectrum” maybe i’m the 1 in a million who finds this stuff interesting. i also have an idea, where my fictional MC would narrate comically sorta like a “nat geo for aliens”, Gizzy story time format, if the content needs a slight humor element.

so let me know if this sounds cool or pointless, and regardless of the other books, would any of you actually go check it out for the fictional science facts? again, if nobody cares i’d like to honestly know before wasting time, but if some of you would truly check it out then it’s not a waste.


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i’m just asking a question for general discussion. if it gets buried into “writing improvement” nobody’s gonna see the post.

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I’d be super interested in learning about the anatomy of an alien race. It shows that you’ve spent time on the novel - and gives it that next level of realism. I think a lot of science fiction readers would feel the same way : )

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I love non-human characters, and you can have a lot of fun tweaking biology into something truly alien and strange.

i missed both of your notifications. anyway i went ahead and made a cover, wrote 2 entries on wattpad. if nothing else it will keep the account active and updating and keep me entertained. i’m also doing cooking and Gizzy rants for veriety. it’s called “Gizzy does stuff.” which i realize after the cover was made sounds sexual as hell, but Gizzy would love that so it’s fine. top of my page, easy to find.

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