AMA: characters, magick, setting of The Rat Girl (and I'll ask you, too)

Is Meme pronunced Me Me or Meem?

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Oooh! Yes, that’s much better :grin: Great descriptions! I got that it’s a creepy thing. I actually have an idea now if I were to draw it.

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Like the memes you see on the internet.

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Here’s some other stuff.

Avians are the winged people

Felians are the people that have cat-like abilities especially stealth

Felians, because of their stealth and great skills in strategy and fighting, are made into soldiers most of the time and also serve the royals a.k.a the Avians

Not all Avians like Felians. Felians are also a dying race.

Rats are just talking rats…no they do have nature-based magick XD I just didn’t give them a special name. The most prominent rat family is the Mosspetal family.

Scurries are the talking rodents other than rats like flying squirrels, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. They all live together in a giant clan situation.

There are also deer people, giants, and talking snakes.


Is it bad that I really like this premise, like damn you really outdid yourself on this one lmao.

Can I ask about the mechanics of the realm? I’m gonna assume it’s like an alt Earth so what’s the quirky things that makes up this reality?


lol, thanks XD Yeah, I let my imagine run as wild as it wants to for this one.

Earthland is our world. Everything is normal there.

Wodeland is a fantasy land where talking animals live in a fairytale-esque environment. The most powerful were humans with wings a.k.a Avians. But Wodeland is kind of broken up now because the Avians lost power when both the king and queen got tricked by the evil entity, the Rat King, and got their souls sucked out.

Anyway, the way to go to Wodeland is by a portal. But only the royals and a specific talking rat family have the magical powers to open it. You go through a foresty tunnel and then come out of a spout made of stone. The spout is one of a giant kettle-shaped cliff. If you miss the right chance, hot boiling water begins to come out of the stone spout to create a boiling hot lake below it. This prevents unwanted followers to not follow anyone into Wodeland while the portal door closes.

Yeah, that’s the first introduction to quirky Wodeland.

The main castle is in a valley/crater situation but also on top of a hill. The Rat King lives in the courtyard. Sometimes tentacles would burst out of it and go hunt for souls in the surrounding towns. Preferably magical souls.

There’s a unique area called Agval which is owned by one of the princes of Wodeland. It’s a bunch of floating rocks with cabins on them and bridges connecting the rocks. The prince, in his childhood, called the bridges “suspenders” and since, the name has stuck. The Avians temporarily live here.

Another weird place is a land called Aardenland which used to be owned by the Avian royalty as part of Wodeland now it’s like another country. Aardenland used to be a beautiful wood, but it’s currently a dry desert-like area with termite-like dirt buildings where talking rodents and snakes have forts and battlements. Talking snakes do not eat talking rodents.

I think that’s most of the weird places that appear in the story.

Questions for you:

  1. What’s your current WIP called and what’s it about?

  2. What would the main character think or do if they suddenly found out they were a twin?

  3. What does the main character have in their pockets at all times?

Awesome. Can’t wait!

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1.How is the current ruler of Wodeland handling these events?

2.Where’s Bethany’s father in all of this? Is he alive or someplace else being irrelevant to the story or maybe deceased?

3.Does it take time for Bethany to get a better handle on her magical powers that she probably never knew she had?

4.In Wodeland, is Bethany’s family close to royalty or they are just ordinary wealthy family with familial magick?

5.Is this going to be a standalone with a spin-off or novel series?

6.Does time flow different in Wodeland than it does in Earthland?

There is no current ruler of Wodeland. Which is a problem, yes :sweat_smile:

His soul lives inside of a clay giant. In other words, he’s mostly dead.

Yes. Not until the climax chapters does she get a tiny bit of handle on it.

They WERE royalty. Rat royalty. But then Avians took over. This was way before Marcus’ time. Probably his great grandfather was the one who took Wodeland from the royal Mosspetal rats. The royal rats would have been Bethany’s great grandparents.

It is a complementary novel to Between Roses which takes place in the same world with one recurring character.

Yes, it does. It is explained that after ten years in Wodeland, five years would have passed in Earthland. There’s 365 days in a year. 24 hours in a day. It’s the same as Earthland, but everything feels slow in Wodeland.

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Will he come back or is there even a point of him coming back?

So, the throne was usurped or something?

Ask me something? Pretty please with a bowl of ice cream?!


No, he’s dead :sweat_smile:

Something like that. It’s a little complicated with the Rat King (because it’s not a king, but an entity).

And it was really late at night when I responded, so I didn’t make any questions yet. I’ll be back.


I’ll be waiting.


Are there bloodthirsty capuchin monkeys?

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Nope, but there are bloodthirsty chipmunks.


Bloodthirsty chipmunks?
That can be either cute or creepy as hell…


Your questions: @qualeshia3

  1. What is Jorildyn’s biggest fear?

  2. What does Jorildyn always carry around with her?

  3. Who is in Jorildyn’s family?

  4. What is Jorildyn’s favorite thing to do for relaxing?

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They are absolutely cute in their little armor with little helmets, and with their little arrows or little swords…as long as they don’t rage in anger :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your questions: @NotARussianBot

  1. What does Elena do in her relaxing time?

  2. What is the name of the Earthlike planet and how long have people lived on that planet?

  3. You said there’s an outer cosmos. What’s this place like and can many breathe in space?

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Almost as bad!

So no monkeys?

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