AMA: Vecotopia

I’m a bit stuck on my book and need help developing my WIP’s main kingdom: Vecotopia.

Bit of descriptions on the kingdom:

The family of Vealyra has led Vecotopia for thousands of years. The name of the Vecotopia is from the first king named Victor, however, he died fighting a war when an opposing kingdom wanted to take over Vecotopia. Vecotopia has been in 5 wars: The new hope war, The attack of curses, a battle of unforeseen victory and fourth one is the war of allies.
SPOILER: The fifth war will happen in this book, I do not have a name for it >feel free to ask about it as well.

The current king is Seryth, and The queen is supposed to be my MC Nasrin. However Nasrin was an assassin meant to kill Seryth but Seryth found it out before Nasrin could do it and locked her up and wants to kill her.

Important thing is that every royal of Vealyra has magic but the people do not know about it as it’s kept hidden

Sooo AMA :heartpulse:

Hey there,

Your thread looks like it’s better suited to #all-writing since you’re trying to develop your story, so I’ve gone ahead and moved it there for you.

– Joy :darkbunnylord:

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What specifically are you stuck on?

I thought of Vesperia, the group which contains wasps and hornets

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Just the history of the magic and just the whole kingdom feels a bit underdeveloped…

Oh! Never heard of that :thinking:

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Vesperidae but pretty close

Ok that makes sense.

One of the things I do when there is “little known about the magic”, or whatever it is, is make sure there are accidents that set hard limits on what it can do until more is understood.

For example, in Coins on a Battlefield, the Paladins can call down lighting, change the weather, basically it’s high end magic, but they don’t use it in closed quarters because lightning is indiscriminate. Paladins fight in regular combat until they get an opening to use special powers due to its limitations.

That one will be moderately detailed, so not quite full on hard fantasy.

So, the first thing is to do in this kind of worldbuilding is to make a handful list of things you want them to be able to do and think of how it can backfire and how it can fail, and what the cost is.

For example: you can go with teleportation: you can move a whole army of men and horses 19K miles away by sheer power, but if you don’t concentrate, you’ve made the first centaurs and it’s irreversible. That’s a backfire. A failure would be to send the all that way but they never show up. A backfire has the transport fail before they even start going through–just fizzles out. And the cost could be the amount of silver you have in your blood–perhaos the magician didn’t feed themselves enough silver to turn blue.

Once you have that type of thing, you can quickly note WHEN these things happened in history. 1st war, centaurs, 2nd war a whole army disappears, 3rd war the mage fainted but the army front he 2nd showed up to save the day.

You’re just ticking off boxes, but the history is easier to fill in when you know how the wrong way works.


Thank u so much! I will be keeping this in mind

Good luck!



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