"An angel that bleeds copper blood?" (READ BEFORE COMMENTING)

In the world of Alagossia, saying this phrase “an angel that bleeds copper blood or why does an angel bleeds in liquid copper?” is the same as saying “why is a raven like a writing desk?” which was spoken by Edgar Allen Poe, far as not making sense…it does.

Yet here lies the mystery behind it. Saying those words aloud to either yourself or someone places an eternal curse on you and the victim, forcing you both to relive a horrifying life where you are plagued with seeing such evil looking mind-boggling creatures that are supposedly angels shedding copper colored blood. Only you or you and someone else can see it. The curse also works like a virus by travels by touching someone.

The mystery lies in why such a thing happens. The angels are insanely terrifying to look at and they won’t leave you alone as they reveal themselves to you in various ways because of the curse.

Do not think death will save you. Because you won’t make it to heaven or hell after you die, you go to those “angels” domain and remain there for eternity losing your sanity regardless of being a soul.

The angels want one thing, but no one knows what that is since the angels speak in a language utterly incomprehensible. They repeat those words constantly. Causing the person with the curse, psyche to snap in two.

All in all, saying the words “an angel that bleeds copper blood or why does an angel bleed liquid copper?” in a way as if you are asking a question is highly illegal.

This used to happen a lot in the past. Now, which every story I decide to roll with, it happens a lot more.

So, the only thing I need to know is this. Saying those words is an omen that has no clear origin. Yet some how a person goes to great lengths to figure out not only what those “angels” are saying, but what their goal is.

Spoiler Alert (view at your own risk, if you want):
Those “angels” want freedom, a freedom from their god who placed a bizarre curse on them, in order to trapped humans in it’s domain. So, the god is evil and frankly doesn’t care.
Those angels are the trapped humans in the god’s domain, trying to find people to save them…it’s not working.

I’m done. LOL!

It’s a thought that deserves to be reality.

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Oh shit!.. I read those words, and now I dare not to speak them…

I really like the concept that your aiming at here, and that God is/could be the Evil One, and not Lucifer, who could have been cast forth for his/her (We have to be open here with gender) unconditional, pure love, and kindness to all of creation.

The Bleeding Copper Coloured Blood is a nice touch, a really nice touch…

I’d leave this bit alone, don’t use it. It distracts from being a Supernatural Essence, and gives it a Viral (Covid) biological essence, and it goes against the Copper Blood Ether feeling.

Just love this concept…

Ah… This is the whole plot of this tale… Someone who has witnessed the people who have said those words, and is now "Still in the world, but their minds are held within the “Angels Realm” being tortured… This is a Mental Health thing that you could go into kindly… They exist on earth (Your World Inserted here), but have lost their mind, and they say it is a mind sickness of sorts. Yet they have not died nor are they here, but their minds are focused elsewhere… The Angels Realm, where they are tortured with the Angels language for their life… Maybe their mumblings could be the clue to unlocking the Bleeding Copper curse, and to free the Angels from their own curse?

Who knows?


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You really like it? Thank you so very much! I am pleased that you like the concept. I greatly appreciate it!

No, I really like it!

You should go with it fully, even if it is an event within your created world, and not the main event as such. It is a great concept. The Copper Blood Curse, the Angels Domain and torture… All great!


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Thanks so much for saying that!


You are most welcome!


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The only real question that came to mind for me was do they have to say all of that or one part of it (the first or the second part?)

Doesn’t matter. People will get it no matter which part is uttered.

Man I mean I don’t foresee too many people saying it by accident, but if it’s written and someone reads it O_O…

I think it’s a really good premise actually. The idea of previous victims of this trap trying to get help freeing themselves being the trap for future victims is terrifying.

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That’s true and makes world of sense.

Yeah, it is pretty scary.

Definitely some thriller fodder there…
I would be curious if someone is able to resist the maddening influence of non stop angel visits.

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One character is trying to do that in their own way. Whether they succeed or fail is purely up to me. Mwahaha! :smiling_imp:

An author’s prerogative! :slight_smile:

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That makes sense. I will not add that little bit in.