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♚ ana's shop.exe x - File Edit View Image Options Help ☼ welcome.exe x - ✿ more stuff.exe x - Hello! Welcome to shop.exe wizard! Please continue if you plan to install this program. Please take the time to read our Terms of Service (ToS):
1. Ideas are required. I don't mean you need an entire 2 page story about the design, I just need something to work with. A setting, a theme and even key story objects can help me with this. Also, when requesting a model cover, please provide atleast a short description of said model.
2. Be extremely patient, give me time.
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more info here:
1. provide inspiration for your request for a better chance at acceptance. It could be an art piece, another graphic or even a rough paint sketch of your ideas, it helps! sites I'd rec using are: pinterest, tumblr, deviantart.
2. i don't make covers with celebs, aka fanfics. for icons & threads it's all fair game.
3. password is a color, any color.
4. it's free, but check out my discord server if you feel like it! :)
5. quit.exe

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idek reserved yet again, queue maybe? hmm

ok last one

first bop aye

second bop

boop again :frowning:

bomp wut a flopp

bop :frowning:

:frowning: welp[

pls req

bop 2

request from ana naoW

:frowning: m’sad

Does the story need to be posted, love?

nah, i would prefer it to be posted within a short time but idm really

Hi again, I’m trying to request but I’m unsure where to put my information within the form. Where do I start after the [u] or before?

put your text after the square under the [u] bit