Ancient fictional civilizations and empires? Can you list some?

Whether it is from your own novel or published works, is there an ancient civilization that you like?

Thoughts and feelings?
I shall return.


The Age of Legends from The Wheel of Time sounds pretty utopic. A magical sci-fi civilization that knew peace for centuries before being cast into another dark age when Satan (basically) drove all its male mages to violent insanity.


Ooh. That screams interesting.
You’re more into the novels than the television series, correct?

Ghibli film, Castle in the Sky: Laputa had mentioned an old, fallen civilization, if I remember correctly. The ones that made that castle in the sky.

In Elgana, there’s the ruins of the Lions or ruins of Kaunlutha, an ancient race whose leader had the power to control the sun. They used to have a massive population that began to die out after one leader became greedy and the Guardians cursed them as punishment.

There’s also some old Human castles where Humans tried and failed to have a monarchy. The places have crumbling stone castles, skeletons of skyscrapers, and fields of rubble where street gangs make their home today.

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I read the novels a while ago now and think they’re probably the greatest fantasy story ever told. But I don’t mind revisiting the world with some changes here or there in the TV show. I’d wanna put my own spin on adapting an IP too, if I had the chance.

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Ooooo I loved that show. The Age of Legends always sounded so cool

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The Jack West Jr Series by Matthew Reilly and Wilde-Chase Series by Andy McDermott are very happy on the ancient civilizations. From Egypt to Atlantis to Antarctica to Aliens to the previous evolution of Humanity, they have so many. It’s so hard to choose a favourite!

As for my own works, I have quite a few. There’s all the usual Earth-based stuff (mainly stuff like Lemuria, Atlantis, Nibiru and Maldek because I’m a conspiracy nerd) and then there’s the stuff I made:

Age of The Gods, The Banishment, The Lost Age, The Disaster, Age of Rediscovery and the Time of the Ancients for Lyriumia

Age of the Gods, The Banishment, The Lost Age, Time of KenKai, Age of Wisdom and the Time of the Ancients for Terpola

(They’re all basically the same thing but all slightly different)