Any Good Free Writing Contests?

Are there any good and solid free web novel contests out there?

I just come out of Honeyfeed Contest, which is between June - September.

We all know the Wattys

And Webnovel’s Spirity

Are there any other platform free contests that would be worth giving a go? Even if for next year, as I figure most contests would be winding down by now.

Mods, please move this post if it’s not in the best section. I don’t start threads normally, so picking a spot was a bit tricky for this rookie. Sorry.

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Don’t know about this list, but it’s a big list, bound to be some good ones on there.

These are recurring with no entry fee:

But there’s one I got a prompt for on FB about a month ago, that shouldn’t come up again for another year…don’t know if I’ll find that one again. I believe THAT one was science fiction.

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I found this, but prerequisites are that you have to be a high schooler…

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Nice! Thank you.

Cool. Good to list it anyway, because it might suit and interest others. Cheers for sharing.

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