🤯 Any other AI art addicts here? 🤯

Disclaimer: I am not a botlet. I swear.


UPDATE. I updated the original post with links.

If you use other generators, do share so we can make a nice and long list.

ALSO TIPS. All tips are very welcome. What works for you?

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Omg yes I just posted all my story settings in my personal thread generated by MidJourney :rofl: I’m addicted. Their beta looks really cool too I can’t wait till it’s a stable release.

I haven’t done much with people yet but backgrounds and abstract “art” turn out really freaking cool.

not ashamed to admit I signed up for a subscription because it’s so addictive :joy:


I looked up what the NightCafe’s intellectual property right clauses are and it’s a bingo! The creator owns the creation. As long as you’re not encroaching on someone else’s rights, it’s yours to use commercially if you please.

No shame in that. It sort of sucks that they don’t have a free tier to play with. It takes a while to get the feel of what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why I’m liking nightcafe more and more. I’m more likely going to purchase the subscription later but for now I can play with it for free. Whereas with Midjourney, it ran out of free too quickly.


Tonight I used up all my nightcafe credits, trying to create one of my characters. It’s a tricky one as it is with fantasy races but since I’m committed, I’m doing an experiment: same prompt but by changing one value, what artist to inspire the style.
And I saw really cool results when using AAA Game Art Studio so I played with that. Unfortunately, the last two credits got wasted on a fluke. But before I ran out, I got these couple and they’re kinda cool. I wish the second one was less cut off. I could work with that.
I think I’m going to have to try again later, tweaking the prompt some more.

I don’t know what options dall-e has, but I noticed that I get more of a body when I switched aspect ratio to the phone screen (9x16). Warning, though, the more body it has to create, the more likely it will mess up the anatomy.

As promised, here’s the new cover created with the NightCafe artwork and further modifications.

if anyone's curious about the process

About 99% of the work that I did on altering this image is in the eyes.
The process was quite crude but effective.

I used Pixlr/x. Uploaded my AI portrait. Then I looked up stock photos of blue eyes. The photo was actually of a guy, lol. But he’s got gorgeous eyes so I cut them out of him!!!

I used Pixlr editor to cut out the eyes, I sized them up so they’d fit with my girl here and then took my time fixing it up so it would blend. This involved a paint layer - I literally painted some of the eyelashes (if you look closely, you’ll notice that there are eyelashes that are low and others that are curled upward - the portrait had curly eyelashes, guy photo had low ones so now we’ve got both). I made the eye white whiter (the guy had rather red eyes like he posed for the photo hungover or something) and touched up the wet eye.

I did that for both eyes, they each required different touch ups, so my girl here has two gorgeous eyes now, but I couldn’t make the square portrait fit on the rectangular cover so we only see a half of her face here.

Let me just say, it took me forever to figure out what to do with the font colors. I’m still not sure if I should make the title bigger or make it pop in other ways. Sigh. A photoshop or illustrator or something would be nice. I do have Krita and I saw some font options there that maybe would do a better job, but I wasn’t in the mood to open that can of worms.

But it doesn’t matter. The pretty picture is really the draw here, not the title, so maybe I should leave it as is.

Anyway, I’m not even working on this story right now - on hold while I work on other stuff. It’s likely my least popular book on WP because it’s got zero of popular tropes (aside from being a kick ass villain pov story), but it’s got the best cover now because I couldn’t help myself.

Let’s hope I can repeat this process with even better results for the stories I actually do care about.

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Quickest way to end that debate with yourself is look at it at the size it will be seen on a phone in these apps, which is about an inch tall. I’m seeing it for the first time at about 1.5 inches wide. The contrast in the words makes it difficult to read and will only get worse the smaller the pic is. That color blending won’t fix with bigger words.


I’m screaming (not literally, I don’t want to startle my family).
I’ve found a new face generator that is AWESOME.

For this one, you input two images (or use a prompt or a random seed) and it creates baseline faces out of that and you get to morph them together. And not only that, but you can choose how much of one or the other you’re using!

And so, going back to Beira, the snow queen, I used a pic of her and a pic of an ugly hag. I got two realistic photos created out of that, and I can illustrate her changing age!
To clarify why it’s a big deal, that is her story. Her age changes rapidly. She gets old within a year and has to use The Well of Youth to become young again. I CAN ILLUSTRATE THAT NOW!

So I’ve got Spring Beira, Summer Beira and a Winter Beira now!

I tried a few different ones and these two look most plausible. The one on the right would do best but the hair color is wrong and it bothers me. An aging app would come in useful here. Anyone got recommendations?

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Morph generated faces from emmett to phoebe emmett to phoebe

It’s a strange one.

Even worse:

Obvious source and my son:
Morph generated faces from custom (b33034) to custom (3042d8) custom (b33034) to custom (3042d8)


Bella Swan?!?

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@JohnnyTuturro you need to use this when your generated guy needs to be more like a specific face…


Which one? I’m not signing up to anything.

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This one I used without signing up. Just a couple comments above us


I will look at it then.

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So, this is two shots of Jennifer Lopez and Anna Kournikova.

This is what that program does to them:

And this is the middle of the two:


The program turns them into Mimi?

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So, the next one is the quadChris.

Which results in this blend:


I made Steve into his Dad:


I love it how it blends into a standard European white man. Not bad looking but forgettable.

There’s definitely something to be said about that. Each of those men are handsome in their own way because they’re a little bit different from the standard.