🤯 Any other AI art addicts here? 🤯

Amazon’s variant of Stable Diffusion might be able to fix your character clothing issue. But I doubt this image software will be available for public use and customisation for a while.

According to the comments, this software is based on SD v1.5, not SDXL. No high resolution clothing-swap options for me, yet.

I’m writing a new book (for ONC) and naturally, it’s a great excuse for a new subject to create.
I present you Lailoken.

I’m sure I’ll change the cover 10 times before the contest is over, but I pretty much like this one. I’ll try to draw something for it later. Who knows, maybe I can produce something acceptable, though it will be hard to top this one.

This is just a plain MJ image and a whole bunch of little stuff done in Canva.

and a banner

So far the biggest challenge with creating Lailoken is that there is apparently an oversaturation of female vampires in stock images because it’s really hard to create a male vamp. The only reason why I was able to create the image for a cover is because I stopped asking for a vampire.


Google’s image generation AI seems fit about half-way between SDXL and MJ v6 in photo realism…

…and beat MJ v6 in prompt censorship.

I’ve tried to give mj alpha a try and it’s not working for me. Not sure what’s wrong with it. It does have pretty cool features so I’m looking forward to it working.

Anyway, I was browsing around, looking at other people’s images to see if I could get ideas how to improve my prompt. So I was searching for “young man with long silver hair”. And, first of all, most people’s images are boring. Like, wtf, be creative, people?

But the best part was that I was checking out one image that wasn’t as boring and I clicked on that user’s handle to see what else they’ve created and OMG, I want to be friends with this person. Why isn’t the ability to follow other users a feature yet, MJ? I can’t even comment on it. Ugh.


Curiosity got the better of me…again…and I searched for Mid Journey and Stable Diffusion on VK (Russia’s copy of FaceBook, but better). MJ and SD have a modest yet growing collection of enthusiast communities on VK, and some of the presented images are far better than my conjuring attempts. A few good communities, VK account might be required for viewing (a language translator app could be useful too)…
Stable Diffusion
Neuro Images
Another MidJourney page
MJ-SD mix.
Stable Diffusion / Automatic 1111
…and the list goes on.

No idea if such communities exist on Face Book, I rarely go there.

One interesting prompting method I encountered was to reduce a complex prompt down to one sentence / line with no commas.

Resulted in some decent Ashley images.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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Another experiment. Using Perplexity AI to draft SDXL image prompts. I noticed the AI-recommended prompts tend to follow the preferred prompt formatting for Mid Journey v6.

More Ashley Pics

Perplexity’s Prompt: a photo-realistic image of a pretty albino girl with long hair, wearing a hooded fleece jumper. The girl should have a serene expression and be standing in a natural setting with soft lighting.

SDXL almost understands the concept of Itasha.

Perplexity’s Prompt: a high-resolution, photo-realistic image of a Mazda RX-8 parked at the Tokyo Daikoku car show, featuring a vibrant Itasha style anime girl art wrap on the exterior. The scene should capture the essence of the event with other modified cars in the background and a dynamic, visually appealing composition.

^If I won the lotto, I wouldn’t tell anyone but there would be signs. ~ r/ncd quote.

^The orange reminded me of Danny Choo’s manga mascots. His character set must appear on my first Itasha RAM1500.

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I’ve made progress creating characters for my new vampire book.

It’s interesting, the process of creating new characters. When you don’t know them well enough yet and you’re not sure what they look like. I create them over and over and tweak the prompt, looking for them, and eventually, I find them. Why do I pick these and not the others?
What’s also interesting about this process is also that after I look at the images, I feel like I get to know them better. It’s easier to write them.

Anyway, so here’s the latest image of Lailoken, the vampire.

Josie, the hunter.

And here’s the newest addition. River, a young vampire. She’s Lailoken’s descendant. I wanted to give her dark blue eyes like Lailoken’s, but I ran out of credits. Need to be patient and wait a few days.

For now, I’ll try to draw her. The cool part about drawing is that I can use whatever color I want for her eyes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

River was actually easy to create. Didn’t take too many tries. I saw this one, and yup, that’s River. She’s got a weird clavicle, lol. I didn’t notice until I posted it here.

I had a lot more problems with Josie. It kept giving me these runway models with flawless makeup and unrealistically perfect faces. It’s not that I don’t want my characters to be pretty, but I want them to feel more like real people, be beautiful in the way that real people are. Plus, I don’t think Josie would bother with makeup.

Update. So the clavicle debacle sent me on a bit of an anatomy research. Some women apparently do have very prominent collarbones so the visibility of this one isn’t weird, but in all the photos, it ends a bit earlier, doesn’t go that far into the shoulder. I have to keep it in mind if I use this image to draw her.


Three MJ v6 prompting guides that may be of use.

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When I ask Perplexity AI for Mid Journey prompts and copy-paste them into SDXL, the results are better than anything my SDXL focused prompting could manage.

Dov in the Australian Army

^If only his beret was dark brown (ADF Commandos).

The French twins, Irena and Sari

A random experiment. Looks like SDXL can create decent kawaii animal sticker pictures.

Krista's therapy shopping

And Krista’s instinctive reaction to Freyja pointing a camera in her general direction…

More randomness...

^Dog cam is best cam.


Lailoken the vampire looks like Geralt of Rivera if he was a Calvin Klein model.

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You know, in way too many rerolls he looked like Henry Cavill. I even tried to add --no Geralt to the prompt and that resulted in very Asian influences. I’m afraid that there always will be a Geralt bias if the prompt asks for a young man with silver hair.


Actually, if you used my face on one that would take a prompt, it would change some of the way the guy looks. I make silver haired dude AIs for some dang reason.


Open AI released a near photo-realistic text to video AI software, called Sora.

Another year of software and hardware development, and it’s R.I.P. all Ticktock / ‘influencer’ videographers.

Broken record time (once again): uncensored local install option when?


The future artist?


The problem is that the portrait might not even have that woman’s facial features done accurately due to the lack of training data.

Maybe it’s a Picasso AI.

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My resistant broke, I resubscribed to Mid Journey and experimented with some old prompts. Stable Diffusion is a little better with people (or my MJ prompts are lacking), but MJ v6 is far better with vehicles and places.

Tara’s pet Su-27 / Su-37 hybrid prototype…

First lotto win, I shall discover if AEV does international mail orders…

Update: Before my time on this spinning rock is over, an Itasha-wrapped RAM2500 will exist.


I didn’t expect to experience buyer’s subscriber’s remorse so soon…

…Might unsubscribe from MJ once again.


lol. It happens like that sometimes.
I haven’t found the trick yet to make v6 work for me.
Every new prompt is a game of chance. Sometimes it comes out great, sometimes it looks like :poop: and I can’t make it work. I feel like 5.2 was more predictable in terms of consistency. Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to prompt in V6 yet.

Recently I was trying to visualize a scene from my ONC book and it kept failing, not even close, so I tried to simplify it and thought to start from the most essential part of the image which is a spiral in the floor, and I found that it absolutely does not know what a spiral is.
It’s trying but most times it looks like a circle. :face_with_peeking_eye:
I was able to create some cool floor tile designs but nothing even close to what I’m envisioning.

It’s pretty convincing. It looks very real but not what I want.

I’m wondering if perhaps blending two images, one of a spiral and one of a floor would result in the look I want, but I’m actually struggling with finding the right stock image of a spiral. I guess if stock images aren’t available, that explains why MJ struggles with it too.

I need to step up my drawing skills. I just suck at drawing full scenes. It’s quite beyond my skillset.
Unless I try to create a crude drawing and then have MJ prettify it for me? It’s hard to control style with starting images, but I can try.

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