Any thoughts on my fictional species/race?

What are your thoughts on this species?

I like it personally; I just want to know your craziest or serious thoughts.

1.They have crimson red skin, snow white hair, and pitch-black eyes.
2. They don’t breed in a sexual sense, but rather they create each other magically.
3. Lack reproductive organs and parts
4. Can’t wear clothing. So, they walk around naked constantly not that it matters because they have an anatomy of a Barbie and Ken doll.
5. Give off a thick red mist whenever they are close to people who aren’t their kind.
6. Speak in a gibberish type language out loud to each other only, but when speaking to other people they are able to communicate properly…though telepathically.
7. Are considered a walking time abyss because they have lived WAY BEFORE the dawn of time and creation of the cosmos and will leave even longer.
8. Cannot die…AT. ALL. Not even they can kill themselves or each other. However, they can get sit to a blank dimension where they will live there for eternity…in a limbo like state.
9. Are given ridiculously unique and odd names that are absolutely confusingly hard to pronounced. They do have short version of their full names; they just don’t use it often.
10. They are all give different AND the same curse. The same curse is that if they come into contact with people who are their species, that person will suffer a pretty horrid death. One of them doesn’t realize that until it comes into contact with others.
11. Reside deep underneath the underground kingdoms.
12. They have no gender even if they have female and male bodies.

I am really curious how to write a being from this species as the main character.

Headache coming. LOL!
Lend me your thoughts!



If you are writing them as the main, know that all of those shocking things about them are absolutely normal to them unless some other creature reacts in a certain way. So, you wouldn’t want to make crimson red skin such a big deal or the red mist.

MC went walking and found the red mist of so-and-so, recognizing the patterns as their friend even in the dark.

Or something like that. Idk how they identify each other. It’s just an example I made up to show how you can write in the POV of a unique species, but make their uniqueness rather normal to them.

I often write in the POV of non-human species, one of which is a blue, bipedal feline.

And about telepathy, I’ve seen people do different things with how to show it. Some use italics, some use normal quotations like dialogue, maybe different font, and there might be other ways.

Also, the MC of this species will likely not think their names are ridiculously unique. Not until some outsider says it is. Like, MC says “My name is 34%48’&0.” Human says, “What was that? Quintin??” MC says “Well, no, but that’s fine.”

You’ll also want to establish right away in the first few paragraphs that MC is not human like people might imagine them as.

Question for you: do the creatures know they have red skin and white hair and black eyes? What I mean is, do they see themselves that way? Do they have color perception like humans?

Yes. They are well aware.

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How do they know? Have they compared themselves to other creatures?

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One thing I want to mention is that they aren’t blind and can see wonderfully.

Anyway. MAJORITY of them don’t know it until Renna (one of those humanoid beings) leave the Surface World to see that there are people with skin tones that she never knew existed.

So, you’re right in a sense. They only know that they have red skin, but they have absolutely no idea about the other species that exist in the surface world.

How they know is not only by looking at each other but taking a look at themselves…magically.

I’m going to have to work out things so that it can make sense to me.

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