Anybody interested in making a cover for me?

Ok, I have two covers. Choose whatever or do both. I choose one and for anybody that tries I’ll feature you in my author’s note, and give you credit:)

Payment (if chosen): since I’m barely on WP I can’t really read your books (unless you want to send my a docs, I’m open to that), I’ll give you a follow, shout out, that kind of stuff:D

If this isn’t enough, ask me for details, please. I’m happy to give you anything!

Title: The Assassin’s King (the series, make it small) The Garden of Killers (the actual title)
Author: Seci Min (make sure to have it pretty spaced out, not too much)
Ideas: Dark stuff, blood, I’m open to pretty much anything, well, except for people on my covers.
Colors scheme: dark red and red, black, grey, white
Inpsos: this is the title I have at the moment

I’m actually looking for this, the font does not have to look like that, I’m more for the crown and dagger.

I’m looking for this kind of font

link for more references:'s-kin-g-chronicles-the-garden-of

Title: Greener Days
Author: Seci Min
Ideas: Forest…maybe, it’s a zombie book set outside, barely near a city but abandoned houses are fine. I don’t really like people in my covers but silhouettes of zombies are cool, make it bloody and have this filter that makes it looks old if possible. An empty landscape is preferable
Color scheme: Green-ish, white, black, red (for blood)
Inspos: my cover right now
Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 5.32.48 PM
I like the font for this~

link for more references:

I am a picky person, so I’m sorry if I don’t even pick anybody here. you will still be featured though!


Hey, sorry for commenting here but I’d also like to know where to get/find that font. Can’t find it anywhere or seem to find someone who can!

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You can use this website~

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i am unsure about the payment. so if i try, i will get “credit in author’s note” or the “payment sectilon” where you included foliow, dedication, and more?

whichever is good. i just want clarification.

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You will get credit in my book!

then the payment section is for chosen cover right?

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Yep! I just changed it:)

i’ll try doing one of them

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Ok great! Have fun:)

yes! especially i love working on typography/no people based covers better, so it suit your need :heart_eyes:

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Great, I’m excited:)

@Seci_Min Here is my try at:

The Garden of Killers

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Ooh that’s super cool!

Would it be ok if ‘the garden of killers’ line height is a bit smaller and Seci min a bit lower? That looks awesome though!

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Sure, but will do later, since I have to go sleep, thanks!

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No problem, sweet dreams!

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Would love to try!

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Sweet! Have fun~

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I can try if you haven’t found one in a bit

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