Anybody on Inkitt???

Hi! I just copied all my stuff to Inkitt since I found that wattpad has a history of randomly deleting accounts and stories, and I was wondering, is anyone else on Inkitt?? Maybe we could support each other???


Hiya! I’m on Inkitt, too! My username on Inkitt is B1eeding_Petals. What’s yours? I’d love to follow you. :smile:

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Hey, I’m on too (username Est2010) :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I’m a massive fan because the reader/writer interaction is a bit :poop: but the writing side of things is nice (round of applause for the update scheduling feature!)

I’d love to check your stuff out.


Hello! I’ve got an Inkitt account as well. I made it some months ago before the whole forum thing went down. I love the scheduling option.


Hey! I’m on inkitt, too. My username is the same as my username on Wattpad @pipwusa. Shoot me message if you’d like a review swap.
I’ll see you there!


Hi BloodR0se! I’m Tori_Sparrows on Inkitt. Nice to know I’m not the only one on hereXD


Okay! Expect my follow in just a sec! :wink:

Hi! I’m still new to Inkitt so I’m still learning my way around the site. Figured it would be safer then Wattpad. My user is Tori_Sparrows in Inkitt.

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XD alrighty

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I still don’t fully understand that. What is with the scheduling option?


I think (though don’t quote me on this) that the scheduling option just means that you can preset Inkitt to upload your non-submitted chapters at designated intervals.

So like, you can say, “schedule to upload two chapters every Sunday” and Inkitt will do that for you so that you don’t have to manually upload those chapters yourself.

Again, I’m not certain, but I think that’s what the scheduling option means.


Ohhhhhhh. If so, then that’s pretty cool.

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Again, test it yourself and make sure that’s what it does! :rofl: But I can’t think of what else it might be for.

Well I have one more ongoing story I have yet to upload. Waiting on a new cover for it. So maybe I’ll try it out with that one.


Oooo, great idea! Let me know how it goes, lol! :joy:

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I will :laughing:

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I’m also new on Inkitt. I joined in August 2020 but started to be super active in the past month.

From what I learned is: Inkitt works differently than Wattpad which I find easier for me. My reason to move there basically because I have my audience there more than on Wattpad, due to the age algorithm.

What I like the most is the majority of reads I got there are from ‘real readers’. What I meant with real readers is people who are on inkitt only for reading.
On Wattpad, I have only a few real readers who follow through with my every story update, probably not more than 10 persons. The rest are writers with whom I had an r4r deal earlier. Thus, every review or feedback on inkitt makes my day because I know they don’t have an ‘obligation’ to write nice things to me :slight_smile:

They also do review and rating on your story so that ppl can have a quick idea on what they’re going to expect in the story by reading other readers’ review and rating.

And I luuuuuuv reading stories there. Ads-free yaaaay :smile:

Only the community sucks there. But I’m good with that, I’m not really a talky talky person on community forum anyway. So yeah, I’m slowly settling down there.


I have two books on there

One that is on here and one that is coming on here early next year.

I keep moving my wattpad books over there because I feel like I don’t get enough reads on here therefore I don’t know how well I’m doing unless I talk about my works 24/7

To be honest, I started to get tired of finding readers on Wattpad. Tired of having to read others’ books so that I can get my book read. I just don’t have time for that anymore.

I feel more relaxed on inkitt. Less r4r, no need to keep stopping to leave inline comments or popped up ads. Just go ahead reading the book and leave a review when I’m done. Very easy. However even when I don’t do any r4r in a week, my read keeps going up and I get random feedback and reviews from random readers.

So, I might put more effort on there with stories in the future.

When I first came to WP with my book, it was to leave my last platform due to bullying and I enjoy the fact that I don’t get hassle 24/7 for being disabled and autistic.

Something that the last platform would do nothing about.

Here, I’ve had a year and only a few times where people have questioned me due to my illness.

On inkitt, I started there, so that my friend abroad to read my books rather than where I send her a chapter every few months.

I put a new book on in August, only the one chapter and it hasn’t really gotten anywhere yet, I plan to get another chapter of it up on inkitt in November once I’ve updated my WP books