Anyone know what I should do? In regards to my job…

Too long and didn’t read (sorry lol)? Quick question then: what do I do if my employer isn’t giving me paid vacation time even though I’ve worked for them for two years and their handbook says that I am eligible for it?

I’ve been working at my job for two years, and I’d like to think of myself as a pretty loyal employee: I don’t call off too much (like once in a blue moon if I’m sick or something), I’m always at work on time, and I work hard. Everyone I work with knows it—I’ve even been given gift cards and cash bonuses by my employers as a thank you gift. And while I know they could easily replace me and don’t care about me (because every employee ever is replaceable), they—in a way—kind of need me. Because without me working full-time as a night auditor, my manager would have to work it alongside another front desk lady I work with who does both afternoon and night shifts. We’re short staffed and it’s hard to find people to work at all, let alone to work a night shift… full-time. So, in a way, I’m doing them a favor and staying on.

However, I’m apparently not getting any vacation time. Like paid vacation. Most of the time when I request time off, it’s only for one, sometimes two, days. The only time I ever took off for a longer time was last year for Christmas, and it was actually my manager who brought it up. She’s like, “What about using your vacation time?” Now, we have a thing called Paycom where I can see the amount of hours I’ve worked, how much I get paid, time off, etc. and when I look at it, at the “accrual” thing, it says nothing.

So I asked her about it, and since she’s not authorized to fully tell me or look it up, she had to email her boss (our employers). When she did, she was told, “You don’t have enough hours.” And left it at that. I was never told how many hours I have and have left to get to paid vacation time… and when I asked, she just said she didn’t remember them saying anything like that.

Well okay, so I thought maybe I just needed to give it time. And it wasn’t like I needed it pronto, so I left it be.

Now, I just exceeded my two year anniversary and my sisters and I are planning a trip that will be at least a week long. I need the money, so I need a paid vacation. My Paycom thing still says nada. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So then I look through the employee handbook, just to see if it’ll say anything. And to my—not so—surprise, there it was: “All employees are eligible of having paid vacation time after one year of service. One week, for one year. Two weeks, for two years. Three weeks, for five years.” It said nothing about hours, nothing about if you’re full-time or part-time, nothing about specific employees… just “all employees” and “one year.”

I’ve been there for two years—again—so, where in the world is my paid vacation time?!

I brought this up to my manager, and even showed her where it says it, and she said that she’ll email the boss about it. That was Friday—and obviously, I haven’t gotten an answer yet. She’s still waiting.

Now, I’ve tried looking up an answer of what to do or what this might mean, and I haven’t exactly found anything. The only thing I got off Google was that if Paycom isn’t showing any vacation time, then it would mean that I’m not eligible for it as my employers never set it up.

That’s where it confuses me… because if our handbook says that I am eligible, why wouldn’t my employers let me have it?

The only other thing I can think of is that they’re screwing me over. I mean, could it be because I’m the daughter of their previous GM who left them for another job and had fights with because they wouldn’t let my mom do certain things (like hire people, etc.)? Or is it just because they can? After growing up with parents who were in the hotel industry (and like knee-deep; my mom has over 30 years worth of experience), I’ve seen a lot of crap happen over the years. Hotel owners and employers, much like any other company, doesn’t give a crap about you. And the majority of hotel owners will screw you over, and they do break the laws, and no one ever bats an eyelash because if you sue them, it’s a lot of money down the drain and they’ll find expensive and great lawyers so they can beat you in court. It’s a really sad industry.

So now, while I wait for an answer (which I hope it isn’t what I think it is), I’m trying to think of the next step if the answer is what I do think it is (a no). And that brings me to my question: what should I do?


I know mine is a privileged position to be in, but personally I would just go on vacation and deal with their nonsense after I’d come back. The worst they can do is fire you, so maybe look up a job as back-up. Maybe your mum can help if she has that much experience in the industry? It doesn’t really sound like the sort of place you’d like to hang around too long. I know it’s something that not everyone can afford to do, but I’ve had my fair share of crappy job-time, so I prefer to prioritize the people around me. You are replaceable for your bosses, but irreplaceable for your sisters.

Other than that, is there an HR department or another superior you could take this to?


Are you FT or PT? Paid vacation is usually only for FT employees.

If you are definitely eligible, then you have to make a decision. Are you willing to find a different job? If so, then you need to file a complaint: How to Report Unpaid Wages and Recover Back Pay - FindLaw

They aren’t ALLOWED to fire you or retaliate, but they will. So if you don’t have another job, weigh your decision carefully.

Know this, though: You’re not the only person they’re screwing. Guaranteed they’re nickel-and-diming and cutting corners and flat out cheating other people too. Someone needs to stop them.


It’s a risk to push. But then, you could also look for a job that offers–in your signed contract–vacation time within 90 days. My roommate worked a crummy job of packing up food shipments for offshore workers, and the one good thing about her job is that her paid time off was based upon her hourly work. I think that Home Depot did that, as well–when dad worked there. I think you earned an hour every week, up to a maximum?

It allows you to buy back time on bad weeks.


My advice is always the worst, so take it with a grain of salt since I usually do the stupid thing. What I’d do is use this as a great excuse to get the hell out of there! I’d hate a job like that, and there’s a labor shortage happening because of the pandemic right now. People would rather collect free money from the government than work for the man, but that’s not gonna last. So this is a great time to look for a better job. But do that FIRST. Never leave your current job until you have somewhere else to go. Seriously. If you can stay awake in the daytime one day to hunt for another job, that’s the thing to do. Then quit the hotel job and go with the better thing, cuz they’re screwing you over, and that’s not likely to stop. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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I don’t know your situation, if besides them screwing you with the vacation time, if you’re happy there or are paid well.

But I will tell you that it doesn’t sound like a place you’d like to spend too long in.

I invested 7 years of my life at a place I clearly had issues with but kept excusing, rationalizing why I needed to stay. The day I left felt like I was ripping a piece of my heart out, but it was the best decision ever.

Some people think it’s crazy to leave a stable job when you don’t have the next one lined up, but that’s how I’ve quit every job I’ve ever had and never regretted it. Where I live, “a job” is not hard to come by so that’s an advantage some people might not have.

Going back to you, if I were in your shoes, I’d keep trying to get my fair PTO, at least until that vacation you’ve planned. Don’t cancel the vacation no matter what their verdict is.

Afterwards, if they still don’t want to cooperate, start looking for a way out. Don’t invest your life in a place that doesn’t care about you.


I’ll reply to everyone individually, but I just wanted to put it out there that I did hear back from my employers and I do have 80 hours worth of vacation time. :sweat_smile: So, that clears everything up! c: Thank you all so much for helping me, though! :hugs:

I was probably gonna do that as my last resort lol.

Haha, true. Though, I know that don’t want to fire me (unless I’ve done bad things, but I haven’t lol) nor do they want me to quit because I’m the only night auditor they have and my manager can’t afford to lose me. Not only are we short staffed, but everyone is hiring in town and no one wants to work. So, my thought was to threaten to quit because they could’ve then turned it around… possibly. I just know that if I leave, everyone will have to do double shifts.

That was my other thought because my mom still has their phone numbers, so I was gonna ask for them and talk to them directly to complain about it if they were to deny my vacation time. But I also know that my mom would’ve stepped in and complain for me, but I don’t want that… haha.

Very true.

That… I wouldn’t know. I’m sure there is some sort of HR department within the main company—not only am I working under a major brand hotel, but the hotel isn’t ran by a single, private owner. It’s ran by multiple people from corporate, and I’m sure they have that department. However, I wouldn’t even know where to start with that process or how to contact them. That would’ve been something I would have to ask my mom. :sweat_smile:

I’m full-time. I did start out as part-time in a different department (breakfast attendant), and it was only for seven months (from September of 2019 to April of 2020). Once COVID hit in April, one of the night auditors (who was full-time) quit because she’s old and didn’t want to get sick as she already had a bunch of medical issues and then the other night auditor (who was part-time) got fired because he was doing shady stuff… so my manager took over night shift but couldn’t do it for very long because she still needed to manage the hotel and do her main job. My mom saw she posted a “job wanted” sign on the Facebook Chat group for the town and volunteered me, so then my manager reached out to me and asked. That was how I got promoted to front desk and how I became full-time.

So, when I had asked about my vacation hours back in December, all I was told was that I didn’t have enough hours worked… which was why I let it go because I thought that going part-time to full-time may had caused that issue. But I was also told by my parents that I would’ve had at least a good amount of hours because I did full-time for a year (between April of 2020 to April of 2021). Then I read in the employee handbook that it only states “All employees are eligible for vacation time after one year of service.” So nothing was making any sense…

My only thought was that I was being screwed over, because it wouldn’t surprise me since it happens all the time in the hotel industry.

I’ve actually been wanting to get a different job for a while now, and it’s still on the table. I’m tired of the hotel industry and want to do something else. And while I know I can’t be too picky (especially since I’m still a newbie to the workforce without much experience), I am a little picky on where I work. Personally, I don’t want to do basic retail (grocery stores, etc.) or work at a gas station, or fast food… and unfortunately, that’s mostly all there is for me to do. There’s only two places here in town that I’d like to work and that would be either the movie theater (which would probably be a step down for me based on wage) or the library. If we had a bookstore, I wouldn’t hesitate to get an application in. But we don’t have one… and the closest bookstore is three hours away. :confused:

But the library has had openings in the past, and I did try before COVID, but they said they “had filled the position” even though they still advertised it…

For this particular case, though, I didn’t want to get a new job and be like, “So yeah, in about a month I’m gonna take a week off.” I think that would be really horrible to do… so my thoughts were to find a new job (if it came down to it) after my vacation. And because it is still on the table, it is still something I would want to do. Just don’t know when. I’ve been thinking of either quitting closer to November or December or just do it in January to start the new year off fresh.

That is an option.

I don’t see this as bad advice. :sweat_smile:

Looking for a new job has been on my mind lately because I really do want to get out of the hotel industry. And I actually have took this as a sign for “It’s time.”

Of course. xD It’d be dumb to quit without a backup plan because I’d hate to not have something to fall back on. Lol.

Technically, I’m not paid very well. A lot of the jobs in town that are the same position as mine are paying anywhere between 11-13 an hour, and I’m paid 10 an hour. According to Indeed, my wage is below average in the area. :confused:

However, I wouldn’t exactly say I’m unhappy. The job is fairly easy because the most that I do is clean, get breakfast ready, and print papers off… all the while making reservations and checking people in and out. And since I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve gotten into a routine so I can pretty much expect how my night might go. For the most part, it’s quiet—I don’t often see people all that much and when I do, it’s mostly in the morning when people leave off for work. And, depending on how fast I get things done, I can have up to four hours of “me time” where I can play on my phone or read.

For an introvert or for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with a lot, it’s a good position. But it can sometimes be stressful when it comes to dealing with guests and their complaints about things that I never did nor could I control. But I also understand this is a basic thing that happens in every customer service job which is why I don’t want to make it seem like it’s that terrible and how I’m the victim lol. But I do want to get out of the customer service industry or just find something that would be better suited for me that I’m at least a little passionate about… which is why I thought of the library. Even if I stock books or check books out, I would still be happy with that kind of job because… books. :rofl:

I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that… :confused:

And yeah, same here. Everything is basically open, but it’s the same kind of stuff that is always open: grocery stores, fast food, gas stations, etc. Those would be the kind of jobs that are open that would probably hire me easily because they’re always looking for bodies. However, I don’t just want to work somewhere that I don’t like… which is anything between those three jobs. And I know I shouldn’t be that crazy because… a job is a job unless I want to spend my life in debt and get a degree. Because everywhere else that’s hiring are looking for people with degrees… or with experience… or both. The only other place I can think of would be the factories here in town, like dealing with cows or wheat… or whatever it is they have here?

Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere Kansas… there aren’t many options. Lol.


Glad to hear you got your hours!!

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Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Glad it worked out for you! :grin:

Just felt the need to point out this is absolutely not your problem :joy: So if you ever do want to quit, please don’t let that stop you!


I’m very happy that you got your hours. Judging by how much trouble you had to go through just to find out, I’ll say that your management really doesn’t know how to… well, manage.

Next time you have a chance, do inquire about a raise. Don’t demand it. You can approach your manager with a question like, What would it take for me to get a raise? Are there goals you’d like me to reach? Anything I should improve on?

It’s not an easy conversation to start but if you go in with the right attitude, everything will be fine.

Their answer will set your expectations, but it may also set red flags about their intentions so look out for them.


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