Apparently reading is different on Wattpad now?

so I just started posting again under my new current username and was trying to get some reads for reads going to kickstart things like I did with WS but apparently now it’s like there’s reads 4 reads where people just skim over your stuff and then there’s ‘genuine’ reads 4 reads where they actually read it??

Is it that common? I just read about that today in a comment on a reads 4 reads book? Like I’ve been doing r4r (abbreviating because fingers hurt) but I’ve been actually reading and still commenting and it seems most people who I’ve done it with have too…so, it can’t be that big of a thing but there are still people asking for ‘genuine’ reads for reads

and now I’m panicking

how many of the people who ‘read’ the story didn’t really read it? I know a lot commented so that must meant they read it but what about the others

like I’m only at 150 reads so it’s not like I cheated badly or anything if I didn’t know right??

sorry I’m panicking

should I be panicking? How common is this?

Does WackyWriters have a section regarding reading books posted on Wattpad? Or something? I don’t know where else to ask?


Hard to know for sure but a lot of people are flaky and will just spam vote and leave vague, positive comments.

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Reads for Reads—genuine or not—have been common since the dawn of Wattpad (I’ve been around since 2012, and it was a very popular thing then). However, they used to make it “illegal” to do read-for-reads that are not genuine, like they’d take it down or something… if I recall correctly? Or that could’ve just been the forums I’m remembering…? In any case, if they changed the rule, it’s beyond my knowledge. I, also, haven’t been on Wattpad (you know, besides occasionally lurking my notifications and re-reading some of my work briefly) in ages. So, it could’ve changed.

But there’s a lot of people who just tap on the story and don’t even read it, whether they’re your readers or people who use those read for read things. You can’t really know unless they commented on it, and I’m talking a genuine comment (like they say “I can’t believe Jenoria said that” kind of thing, not “This is a great chapter!”)

I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. It’s better to try to find the people who do critique for critique or comment for comment.

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