apparently reads4reads work differently on wattpad now???

so I just started posting again under my new current username and was trying to get some reads for reads going to kickstart things like I did with WS but apparently now it’s like there’s reads 4 reads where people just skim over your stuff and then there’s ‘genuine’ reads 4 reads where they actually read it??

Is it that common? I just read about that today in a comment on a reads 4 reads book? Like I’ve been doing r4r (abbreviating because fingers hurt) but I’ve been actually reading and still commenting and it seems most people who I’ve done it with have too…so, it can’t be that big of a thing but there are still people asking for ‘genuine’ reads for reads

and now I’m panicking

how many of the people who ‘read’ the story didn’t really read it? I know a lot commented so that must meant they read it but what about the others

like I’m only at 150 reads so it’s not like I cheated badly or anything if I didn’t know right??

sorry I’m panicking

should I be panicking? How common is this?

Does WackyWriters have a section regarding reading books posted on Wattpad? Or something? I don’t know where else to ask?

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I’ve never heard of the former, then again I don’t really engage in R4Rs. The ones I have done, we actually read each other’s stuff. Idk what people mean by “genuine R4Rs” other than “we actually like each other’s books and read them and spam them with comments” :skull:

I think those who engage in the former only want read, vote, and comment boosts :confused: purely for the numbers instead of actually reading the story. I think that’s why in some book clubs, emoji comments are banned or not counted because you can’t really tell whether they actually read your books or not.

Idk what Wacky says but I think I’ve seen R4R threads here before :eyes: there are also book clubs to get those reads if you want to boost them, including more chill book clubs for more casual writers.

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Yeah like I don’t mind reading swaps if I’m actually reading and commenting on a book because I want to do that. And I’d want someone to actually read and comment on mine.

And that’s kinda how you get people to look at first, I think, right? When I was on Wattpad a while ago before the forums shut down reads for reads was reading, commenting, voting if you liked it, etc. There wasn’t this big notion of ‘genuine’ because it was just supposed to be that way.

So now I’m confused and not sure what to do.

I’m not sure what Wacky gives out when it comes to reading and writing books – if there’s a way to say ‘hey, who wants to exchange reads/comments on their Wattpad book’ or not.

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It’s a common thing to say because you never know who might go into a book, pick a spot where many have commented or that is easy to comment on and say “Great prose!” and be done with it. So, the hopes are that by calling people out to not do it means there’s a chance they won’t end up skimming.

You really can never know what people will do though, and sometimes you just need to appreciate the fact that they did increase your read count.

It’s not a new thing, btw.

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On that regard, I did see this in their Code of Conduct:

That’s all I was able to find.

Also, I think one reason why people state they want “genuine” R4Rs is because they probably got cheated by a R4R partners who cheesed through chapters instead of reading genuinely like how you were supposed to, perhaps they add that part in to make it perfectly clear :thonk:

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I hope so. I hope it’s not like a common thing that people just skim.

Otherwise I’d feel like I was cheating.

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I guess I never really did that many reading swaps then because it’s the first time I encountered it. I guess I’ll just have to be vigilant and make sure people understand what I’m doing and what I want.

I’m just scared this makes me a cheater or something. Even if I didn’t know.


How would it make you a cheater?

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Because I got ‘reads’ that don’t count because people skimmed it only.

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Maybe I should start posting on WackyWriters as well? It seems like you guys can do that on this website now. I have no clue how it works or how people will find it but it can’t hurt can it?

I don’t know.

I just wanted to have a bit of fun posting on Wattpad again and get some reader momentum in the first few chapters. I didn’t realize all this was a thing.

I think I’m having a panic attack. I’m definitely panicking. I’m such a bad person. I’ve cheated. I’ve cheated. Fuck. Fuck.

But I think the skim still counts. I don’t think you’ve cheated. I think they’ve cheated you, to be honest, especially if you’re giving it all for your part, but they’re not.

When I make covers for people and tell them to leave at least one comment to show they’ve read the chapter for payment, sometimes it looks kinda suspicious. But they gave me a read, so, that counts :woman_shrugging: I’ve had r4rs where I leave all this feedback and they leave one comment that looks suspicious as if they might not have read my story.

But oh well. If they are willing to give the read, I think it’s totally fine to take it. It’s not you cheating. It’s using Wattpad.

What you can do then is just focus on those who seem to be genuine and interact with them. The other ones, you can just let them do whatever they want as long as you’ve done your part.

It is also good to message your good r4r buddies and actually set up a formal r4r and keep updating each other. That can force people to be “genuine” and do their part as much as you’re doing your part.

It’s on them if they don’t give their all in the exchange. You take that read and run with it.


Okay. Thank you for what you’ve said. I feel a bit calmer now.

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That’s good. And you’re welcome :blush:

If I do read swaps I’ll just have to be clear on the whole genuine part I guess. Hopefully the people who DO read it want to continue doing so. or something.

I just want to echo what @TheTigerWriter said and you are not a cheater. At all. It’s the people who skimmed who cheated. You want to know why? Because if you did a reading exchange and you did it genuinely but they just skimmed, both of you get reads, but one side—them—gets story-relevant comments and more of a person’s time while the other side—you—gets a bunch of half-assed comments and a fraction of the time spent reading on a story.

I’ve been in reading exchanges, am part of a book club—which I’m also an admin of—and have required reads and comments for payment when I create graphics for people. If people skim my story and leave a bunch of emojis or irrelevant comments, I’m not a cheater for getting higher reads and stats. They are for trying to do much less for what should be an equivalent exchange.

You’re not a cheater, you really aren’t.


thanks. i’m sorry i freaked out.

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Read-for-reads have always been hit or miss. With how hard it can be to get reads on Wattpad, some people put it into a system to skim through other people’s stories just to make them read their own. And reads is what can make you rise in the rankings, which is why people are so desperate for them. That’s why people feel the need to clarify that they want (and are willing to give) genuine read-for-reads (the concept hasn’t changed, it just became more common to try to game it as gaining reads in other ways became increasingly more difficult).

But reads are not a score on your work. Reads simply show how many people clicked on your story. Whether those people read the story or not isn’t relevant. Gaining reads from people who didn’t genuinely read your story is in no way cheating, it’s just part of the game. We all have those reads, wheter we look for them or not (there are people with thousands of reads who probably have gained the majority through r4r deals, where many people didn’t actually read their works).

So please relax, you did nothing wrong :slight_smile:

it’s been said already but don’t panic, you’re not cheating. The ‘genuine’ thing is just because some people do r4rs and just skim through for a mutual boost, and some people want real reads/potential feedback and not just clicks.

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Because people started skimming during R4Rs, other users felt that they had to state that they would do “genuine R4R” meaning that they promise not to skim and that they will actually read your story and give good feedback.

People started doing this to separate themselves from the jerks who just set up R4Rs and skim so that they get the views and comments without having to do much in return


thank you. That’s good to know.