apparently reads4reads work differently on wattpad now???

so it’s more a thing to say to just make sure rather than an entire different request?

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okay, i understand more now. this is good to know.

yeah pretty much

I’ve engaged in a few R4R’s and what I get mostly is “Folk will read your first (and or) second chapter.” and yes, they do offer their comments (often sparsely) and are kindly in nature (like a lip service of sorts)… But that is little effort and such for a couple of chapters…

If you gain many likes for your first chapter alone, how does that help you with your whole tale?

It does not really, does it?

What I’d like to see, and do (I’m sure most would like this also), is to do a R4R of many chapters… More like four to five chapters, and honest reviews of each chapter in turn.
Not like “Four comments to the first chapter”, But a real review of the chapter alone, not multiple “I liked this, and I liked that” which only focuses on maybe a line or two of the overall chapter, a possible paragraph, or a line of Dialogue…

What I find off putting is that I will read and say what I liked, found funny, different (genre related and other), and what draws me in further. I get little back, or blocked… And I feel a lessening to do such R4R’s again…