Are you afraid of rejection?

I stumbled across this topic earlier today and started to think deeply about it.

Every human being has the fear of rejection. It is one of the people’s greatest fears, for sure. The possibility of not meeting other people’s expectations triggers the fear of being rejected, ridiculed, and criticized, and for this reason, some people have difficulties with family, love, and professional relationships. In reality, they seek acceptance, but the fear that this will not happen makes the individual project this feeling into his or her relationships. I overcame this fear by reflecting on what my relationship was like with my parents, remembering the demands they used to make, and understanding the way I reacted to them. The first step in overcoming this insecurity is to draw a relationship between these discomforts and the present moment, bringing awareness to your way of relating to others and to yourself.

I believe that the habit of comparing oneself with others is one of the major causes of emotional insecurity and low self-esteem. This is due to the fact that those who compare themselves to others end up canceling out their own particularities and positive points.
In writing, I conquered this fear when I stopped comparing myself with authors much older and more experienced than me; instead, I started using them as inspirations to improve my work, in a way that pleases me first, and then, those who want to read me.

What about you? Do you still fear rejection? Will you ever stop fearing it?


Yes and no.

I’ll definitely say that I’ve improved over the years because as a baby author, I would’ve sobbed and the whole nine yards if I was rejected (which happened a lot after realizing how sucky of I writer I was). But now, I welcome it with open arms. I’m not afraid to be told that my writing needs work or that it’s lacking so and so. Do I hate it when people reject it? Of course. But I’m only human.

I’m no longer insecure of my work, even though I’ll have my moments where I think it could be better or that it wasn’t my best work. But I do think it’s a decent improvement from past stories.

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Of course I’m human. It just doesn’t come out quite the same way for me as others, is all.

You’ve got the right attitude! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

I’m weird in that I have low self-esteem about certain things, and an ego the size of Texas concerning other things. It’s true I hate rejection of any kind, but somehow I’ve learned not to care about it anymore. My parents seem to love me no matter what stupid things I do, and as long as I have that I don’t care too much about failing in the eyes of others. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

As for books, I’ve found there are sooooooo many terrible books out there that are hailed as works of genius–books I absolutely loathe (yes, Lolita, I’m looking at you)–that I honestly don’t care what people think of my writing anymore since so many people have ghastly taste anyhow. (♯^.^ღ)

Depends on the situation, I guess :thinking: