art critique—pls help!

Y’know that feeling when you look at something for too long and it starts to look weird to you? Or when you hear a word so often it becomes strange? Or when you look in the mirror and all you can see is the big pimple on your forehead?

Well, I’ve been staring at my drawing for a while now, trying to decide if the nose is crooked. I know the mouth is—that was intentional. Now I can’t tell if everything else is correct or if I’m paranoid. I could be overthinking this. In fact, I know I am, and it shouldn’t bother me this much.

Something is off. Right? Or have I been looking at it too long? Or is it awful and I’ve tricked my own brain into liking it?

Yes, I’m asking for critique here, but keep in mind I did this with my finger on a laptop screen. Also like the third thing I’ve ever drawn lol. Just saying I didn’t come here to have my ego obliterated, as I’m sure some of you guys would find it easy to do.

But please tell me if there’s anything I can fix ^^
(also if you couldn’t tell, I am quite the perfectionist, so I will not be able to sleep comfortably until this is resolved in my head)

my drawing

Update: After some tedious editing and tough decisions, here’s the (hopefully) improved version. What do you guys think? This version or the smile version?

my drawing part 2

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The nose does come off looking a little L shaped. But I feel like if you just shortened the right side- the width not length it might fix it.

I could be completely wrong about that though.

I’ll try it thank ya <3

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Your welcome. Another way to help you is don’t match up the nose with the mouth you have them ending in the same position so the mouth doesn’t end up looking crooked like you want it. It just throws everything above the nose off.

If you cover the top half or the bottom half you might notice more of the areas that aren’t working once you look at it again.

You did a great job though.

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Honestly, perfection looks fake. Both look more like real people for not being perfectly balanced.

But if you want the appearance of balance, any side of the face that is lighter will look larger than it is, which makes the left side appear a hair longer than the right.


I think the second is definitely better.

The nose shape is fine but the shadowing is what makes it stand out when it shouldn’t. I mean on the right side, you have a shadow that immediately goes into the brightest highlight. I think that sets it off. and sort of “shifts” the bridge of the nose
Unless that’s an intentional contrast thing?
Also, the eyebrows are not aligned so that will skew things. Are you trying to do a raised eyebrow? I just looked up google images. It looks like whenever only one eyebrow is raised, the eyelid is exposed, that makes it clearer that its intentional.

I hope my comments are not discouraging. This is better than anything I could’ve done.

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ah thank you, this definitely helps. :blush: