Ask Me Anything About My Urban Fantasy Story


In the desert town of Yuma Springs lives a man with a prosthetic foot called Roberto Garcia. Five years ago, a chupacabra invaded his ranch, stole his cattle, and bit off his foot. He’s been wanting revenge ever since but has never been able to find out where the Chupacabra Clan lives.

One summer, a mysterious farmhand, Angelo comes to stay with his family and helps them out over the summer in exchange for a place to stay and three meals a day. Angelo has a secret of his own. He is one of the Southwest Wolves, who know where the Chupacabra Clan lives and are not on good terms with them.

When Roberto gets drunk on a Friday Night, he spills his guts to Angelo, who tells him that he knows where the Chupacabra stay, but in return, he has to keep their secret. Roberto agrees, and one night, he takes Roberto through a portal to the Southwest Wolves headquarters where he meets the Arizona section.

They hear his plan, and they agree to help him out. He has three months to even the score before he gets ejected from the Southwest Wolves. If he wants or needs any more time, he has to become one of them.


Okay uh here’s a few.

  • What does a chupacabra look like?
  • Who are the Southwest Wolves and why do they have a specific branch? Like are they an organised group? What do they do?
  • What must Roberto do to join the Wolves, if it comes to it?
  • (Have you listened to RR?)
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I should think a chupacabra’s whereabouts would be obvious from the copious lack of goats in the vicinity. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)

Omg I’m suddenly reminded of the chupacabra episode of Dexter’s Laboratory. That was freaking hilarious!

So is this going to be a comedy?

So how is Roberto going to get his revenge? Is Angelo going to demand some kind of payment for helping find the chupa? How big is a chupa if it can steal cattle? Does it prefer cattle to goats? Or was there already a lack of goats in the vicinity?

*thinks of other questions*

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These ones? They’re half wolf and half alien. Can grow to 8-9 feet tall and are about 4ft wide. Roberto got lucky that he didn’t get eaten. He was able to pull out his gun and shoot it and get away.

Usually, they devour humans and livestock whole after they drain them of blood. They aren’t regular ones, and they seem to live for 70 years.

And they can also open up portals and teleport through them and stay hidden underground, so they’re hard to catch. Definitely have some sort of powers, that need examined further.

The Southwest Wolves are a branch of Werewolves that stretch from New Mexico to California that communicate with each other, meeting yearly at the Four Corners Monument. They are a vigilante group, who fight to protect and preserve the integrity of Werewolves in those states. They have risen in popularity since the mid-90s, and now have over 25,000 members.

He must partake in a ceremony, and surrender his humanity and get bitten by a Werewolf to join them. And he must also make a blood pact not to tell anyone.

Yes. Vampiros musically is my fave, but Promesa is sick too. You probably already knew that I would like that one the most. But the sweetest song is Beso and I liked the video for that, but it wasn’t the most memorable one for me. I did like them all and I want them to make an album. Heck, even feature Arca in a song, that would be fire.

I have absolutely no idea, lol. It might be.

He is going to find their weaknesses, locate the Chupas and launch an attack on them with the Southwest Wolves and bring them down once and for all.

Maybe… I dunno. I’ll have to see how broke he is when I write more? :stuck_out_tongue:

The biggest boy in his class. Nah, the chupa’s final form is about eight feet. They’re mutant Chupas. They’re part animal, part alien. They were a science experiment gone wrong, and released into the wild by some team of scientists who couldn’t handle them anymore.

Yeah, a lack of goats. Roberto owns a cattle ranch. They’d have goats, but none available and they like the taste of meat.

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  1. What is Roberto’s relationship like to each member of his family that live with him?
  2. What do his family think about Roberto wanting revenge?
  3. Does Roberto want to kill the Chupacabra or just get the best of it somehow?
  4. What kind of jobs are there in Yuma Springs?
  5. Is there anything Yuma Springs is infamous for?
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Good, he gets on well with them, and he has a good relationship with his wife, son, and daughter.

His son understands, his daughter is neutral and she understands too, but his wife doesn’t want him to get hurt. She would prefer that he doesn’t get revenge for that reason.

He would prefer to kill it, but if he can get the best of it, or just get even he’d be happy. He knows that killing it will be a massive task, but he hopes that the SWW (Southwest Wolves) can help him out.

It has a casino on the outskirts which supplies a lot of jobs; farming (cattle ranching), factory jobs, and local businesses (groceries) make up a good amount of the trade. It’s an industrious town.

The accidental great oil spill of 1987. A truck carrying oil burst. Some people say that it still harms animals today. And that there are reminants of it at the spring.

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You’ve thought of everything. Does this oil spill become a bit part of the story? Or is it just something you added for the backstory of the place?

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Just a backstory, mainly.

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I’ll return with some more questions tomorrow :wink:

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How commonly sighted is the chupacabra?

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It depends on the time of the year. During a full moon, you are more likely to see them and during the summer as well.

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Why are they more active during a full moon?

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