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Hey guys,

I recently finished my YA novel, Bliss, and am looking for beta readers to focus predominantly on character development and plot progression from the readers point of view.

I’ll be 100% honest, it’s pretty much fluff so if you’re not into that I totally understand. The MC is also 18 and about to start university, but the story doesn’t really deal with anything explicit unless you count alcohol consumption as an explicit topic for YA fiction. There’s also swearing.

I’ll also read any work of yours and focus on any areas you want me to look at, just let me know down below. Also let me know how you’d like to recieve any feedback.

I read pretty much anything, the only genres I may struggle with is sci-fi and horror, but I’m great with lit fic, historical fic, ya, na, fantasy and everything in between.

Bliss is 33 chapters and around 77,000 words. I don’t mind if your work is longer.


Two weeks. Two weeks of sun, sand and stress-free fun. At least, that’s the package Lizzie was sold. Little does she know, the package was a dream. A sweetly wrapped lie fed to her by those she trusts the most.

There will be sand, sure.

And sun, lots of it.

But stress-free?

Well, with Isaac in tow, that’s pretty much impossible.

Convinced he’s still bad news, Lizzie is determined to enjoy every single second of her vacation without him. Just because he’s next door doesn’t mean they’ll cross paths…right?

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I’d be interested, but since I’m on mobile, I can’t post links and stuff now. Check this space in a few hours.

Edit: I’m always up for anything, and honestly, I could use a bit of so-called “fluff” right now. My novel’s longer than yours (40 chapters, 180K words), so I’m not sure how you want to equalize that. It is lit fic, which you say you’re up for.


This roaring homage to Catch-22 transplants dysfunctional bureaucracy to a Silicon Valley high school (aptly named Heller High School) plagued by incompetent students and even more incompetent teachers. One exploiter of the system is Franklin Barnes, who after growing tired of his peers’ seeming disinterest in anything but the triviality of high school, writes a satirical manifesto lampooning all they stand for in the name of “becoming a good person.” Ironically, his absurd maxims are lapped up by his peers, who see Frank’s teachings as a fast track to success.

After an admired teacher suggests Frank look into the Third Wave, Frank makes the misguided decision of seeing exactly how far he can take his new social experiment, his initial desire to help Heller see the light outweighed by his morbid curiosity. As Frank works on consolidating his own power, he deals with managing the angsty crises of his peers who through some miracle see Frank as a mentor, and the growing romantic attention of one of his devotees.

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I’m definitely interest, especially since it’s satire and I’m currently reading Catch-22. I don’t mind that it’s longer. Just drop the link when you can and the areas you want me to look at and I’ll check it out the first few chapters.

You Must Remember This - Franklin Barnes - Wattpad if you need a link. Especially for the first few chapters, I can’t think of anything in particular just because you’re going to be following in the footsteps of many, many readers. The bits I’m more curious about Wattpad’s impressions of (as opposed to beta readers from elsewhere or the relative few who’ve made it that far) come later.

While I have forty chapters, smaller plot arcs tend to line up in clusters of five; how about we swap the first five chapters and then reassess after that?

Read your first five chapters—should I keep going or wait for you to catch up?

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Hi, are you still looking for a beta reader?

I’m planning to do a massive editing for one of my books before I publish it (outside Wattpad). I’m in desperate need of other writers’ genuine feedback. I have some idea about the area I need to improve during editing, but I do want to hear from others first.

It has 50k words, and I’m aiming 65-70k words after the editing. Thus, maybe pointing at what part I can add would be a great help. It’s a comedy book but also has some realistic background, thick in parenting theme, and romance as subplot.

Let me know if you’re up for it!

Edit: I believe I’m good at pointing at flow problems, if it makes sense or not, what captures readers or what hooks them. Grammars would be my weakest point.

I’m not MissLaughALot, but I’d love to do an exchange. 50K words is slightly more than my first ten chapters, so if we exchanged that much it would be fair. I’ve already posted my blurb above—let me know if you’d be interested.

I’m so sorry, it’s been an unexpectedly busy week. I have read your first chapter, which is amazing and really establishes the tone beautifully, and will get on with the rest ASAP. I’d love if you could wait for me to catch up so I don’t feel so guilty, but I will hopefully finish reading it by tonight.

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No worries.

Hi! I just checked your first chapter and I don’t think it’s the genre I’d like to read.
Plus, my book is womanlit/chicklit and thick with motherhood and parenting. I prefer to find feedback from the majority of people in the targeted market. Female in their 20ish or 30ish.

I hope my explanation makes sense.


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