Beta Readers needed!

Hi everyone! I’m about to finish my book/story on Wattpad, and I would love to get some opinions on it, because I’d really like to know what I should work on, what should I improve and what (if anything) I’m doing right :grinning:

In return, I can give you a permanent follow if you want to. The reason why I’m not offering to critique your story, is because I don’t think I’m good at it. Plus, english is my second language, so I’m not comfortable correcting others :sweat_smile: If you can think of any other way I can pay you, let me know!

Oh, and by the way, you don’t have to read the whole story if you don’t want to! If you only want to do the first few chapters that’s fine too.

Here’s the link to my story:

Blurb: Samuel Johnson disappeared from a small town in Colorado back in 2010, without leaving a trace. Kids at school spread rumors that he had taken his own life somewhere out in the mountains and police suspected foul play. But his best friend Zoey knew something else was going on.

Now, eight years later and just when Zoey thinks she can finally leave the past behind, she randomly finds Sam in California. Homeless, with guilt and a dark past that still haunts him, Sam struggles to tell Zoey the truth about what lead to his disappearance, even when she so desperately needs answers.

Some people are meant to stay in your heart, but not in your life. Some people come into your life only to spread the fire, while other help you rise from the ashes. One thing is for sure though: nothing in this life is a coincidence.


Are you looking for critiques about grammars or plots holes in the story?

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I’m mainly looking for plot holes, structure, all that stuff… although, grammar would also be great, since English is my second language. I need to polish it, I guess.

Im pretty good at spotting plots, but as for grammars, I also dont have the confident lol

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I could scan the first few chapters for grammar errors if you want

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Well, I’m interested if you feel like doing it! :grinning: What kind of payment would you like?

Yes, please! what kind of payment would you like?

ahh ~

I have no idea

what do you think would work best for payment? and how would you like me to do them (google docs would be best, I can leave comments or suggestions that way)?

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Well, the only thing I can’t do is critique :sweat_smile: but, if you have a story on Wattpad you want me to read/comment/vote I could do that! I feel like a follow is not enough hehe and yeah, google docs works for me!

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Ok sounds good! I do have a poetry story on WP but I’m about to publish a new story, actually. You can do what you want with that info ^w^
here’s a link to my profile you want to read/follow or whatever:
anyway! you could share the first chapter to (am I allowed to put emails here?) [email protected], I can look through it, and then if you like my suggestions you can share the next chapter :slight_smile:
I’m pretty busy lately, so I’ll probably only be available to do… 4 chapters? Hm, I’ll see

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Payment is easy. Just reading my book for fun, no obligation to leave comment, feedback or whatnot. It’s an easy read with cliché topics and so it’s kinda effortless to read lol.

Lemme know if you agree.

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Sounds great! Could you leave the link to your profile or the book, please?

Ok, I’ll send you the first chapter then. I’m already following you on Wattpad, and I’ll be waiting for your new story :eyes: Thank you so much!

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Here is my book.

My speed will be around 3-4 chapters a day (depends on the length of the chapter). It will take probably a week to do the whole book.

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