Beta Reading Offer (Round 3)

Hello again!

I am going to be on a week long break from work and am going to be available for a limited number of Beta Works to read through.

I think I can pick up two beyond my long term Personal Friend Beta I’m currently working through.

For those who don’t know my experience, I have been writing seriously since 1991 and have self-published 15 novels. My favorite genres are Sci-Fi, Horror, and some Fantasy. I can work on romance if they’re integrated into the aforementioned genres well.

I am by no means perfect at writing, however I can point out continuity issues, tone, dialogue, and characterization. As a teacher, I’ve picked up a lot of mechanics of writing and can point out things that could use improvement.

So my offer is this:

  • If interested reply below with the story title, genre, and anything you want me to focus on as I beta.
  • DM me the link to your story.
  • I will vet the story to be sure it’s something I’m comfortable doing.
  • I will contact you either here or via DM if I cannot work your beta, or I’ll simply do the first chapter beta if I accept.
  • When I finish the first chapter I will ask that you review one chapter of my works either on Wattpad or on Wacky Writers
  • Once that first trade is complete I will ask that you reapply if you wish me to continue and we’ll repeat the cycle.
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Thank you for the bump. I was just coming to check where this stood.

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