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It’s Rue Jay. I’m looking for feedback on my blurb for my work-in-progress, Malignant. It’s a new adult dystopian novel.

Below is the blurb:

In a world where perfection is expected and love is forbidden, where people who don’t comply are exiled into an unforgivable forest, Sela seemingly has a perfect life. She has a husband, though it’s easy not to feel any attraction towards him. But deep inside her are feelings for her best friend.

After a tragic accident, Sela is left to die in the forest outside of the walls of society. But Sela is taken in by a group of others that society abandoned. Now, she must forget everything she thought she knew in life as she becomes a deviant and the group leader, too.

It’s time for payback.

All feedback is welcome.


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Pretty captivating until the last line of the second paragraph.

Consider something like:
Now she must forget everything she thought she knew about life as she leads her newfound deviants in (insert relevant verb or noun; ex. rebelling/rebellion) (insert relevant preposition; ex. against) (insert relevant noun phrase; ex. a world of stifled hearts).

Using this format might help to come up with a bit of a punchier finish to that line.

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