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I need your help to create my blurb. I miss that thing that will make the reader start my story :slightly_frowning_face: I don’t really know how to transform this bad summary into a great blurb :sweat_smile:

Basically, my story is a teen fiction. It’s about a 16-years-old girl who is sent to a military academy accordingly to her dead mother’s will. She used to be a sassy young girl that lives basically alone since she is 13 because her mother is often in travel for work. She and her mother don’t really have a relationship, when they are both in the house, it’s like they are roommate, they acknowledge each other and that’s all. (I know it’s kind of sad …) So one day her mother died and when her will is found, she asks for her daughter to be sent to the military academy, because she already arrange details about it. Her first day at the academy are difficult, but she hopefully meet some friends that help her to adapt to this new environment.

Feel free to ask question :slight_smile: I really need someone’s help on that

PS: English is not my mother tongue, so I apologize for the grammar :see_no_evil: :innocent:

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I recommend starting a blurb with a hook and leaving enough details out to get the audience curious. Blurbs usually give readers unresolved expectations to feel more compelled to read what they’re about to get into.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you very much for you answer :slight_smile: At least I have somewhere to start :grin:

Is that somewhat interesting? Is that to small ?

“To everybody, Angelina Sarah is a commun 16 year old girl. One day, with the unexpected death of her mother, her secret is revealed. The consequences are almost immediate, she sent to Fortriver. A prestigious Academy in the other side of the country. This school is different from what she is used to. The sassy girl she is will have to adapt to the strict environment that the Academy offers.”

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Oof, just saw this now.

It’s definitely a good start so far!

I’m not that great at blurbs either tbh XD

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