Book almost finished, need a beta reader or editor

My book When The Moon Rises, a fantasy/romance set in the year 2009, is on the verge of being finished, with only the final chapter left to be revised and edited.

I need a beta-reader or editor to read the chapters and help me find plot-holes, grammar mistakes, check character developments, story progress, help me cut storylines that don’t move the plot along and give me a review of what they think and what I can improve.

I plan to publish this book in October and someone giving me feedback would be very helpful.

Here is the summary (which I plan to edit as soon as I finish the last chapter):

The seaside town of Tidepeak has been the subject of several folk tales which have frightened residents and sold newspapers throughout the years.

However, following the arrival of 17-year-old Nicole Sinclair, events have led young Jonathan Romain to suspect that the legends might be true.

Jonathan has had a troubled life; his brother died when he was ten, his writer father disappeared when he was a child, his mother has become an addict, and his stepfather is an aggressive drug dealer. To get away from his troubles, besides partying and surfing with his millionaire friend Kurtz Bryer, he would delve into his father’s most famous book, which told of one of the town’s well-known legends.

Arriving in her parents’ hometown on the run from hometown troubles, the adventurous Nicole gets close to the chaos-loving Jonathan and falls into a vast mystery involving his family and the families of several of her new friends.

If anyone is interested and wants to help me, please comment below. I write via google docs and just send me your email via message and I’ll add you to the document.

Here is the cover, let me know what you think about it:


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