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I’m creating a temporary cover for the prequel book I’m writing to Without Parole (soon to be renamed). I feel like it’s… missing something. :thinking: Ideas?

Here is the main book cover where I commissioned an artist for the OCs:

And here is the temp one I’m making for the Prequel:


I’ll have to head to class soon so I’ll give more in-depth feedback later, but the first thing I’ll suggest is change the font for the author name.

A general rule for author names is to keep them in simpler or more serious fonts, so no script or cursive fonts. Script fonts aren’t the easiest to read and you’d want the opposite for your author name, especially since it’ll be much smaller (generally) than the title. Since you already have serif fonts on your cover, I suggest replacing them with that. You may want to eliminate “By” as well since it comes off as less professional.

Hope this helps!


Ok, how about now? :thinking: Better?

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Much better! :grin:

Now that I’m out of class (labs go to 7:30 in the evening for me :smiling_face_with_tear:) I can go more in-depth :joy: here are some more suggestions I have.

But first, we’ll have to look at some examples of book covers from your genre. I don’t know too much about the story, but from the title and the stuff you’ve said in Struggling Writers’ Daily Den, I’m guessing it’s an adult crime romance? Here are some examples that I’ve pulled from Google:


And I’ll put yours right below (this is just so it’s easier for me to compare them):

Now that we have some examples, we can try to compare your cover with those and see what we can change. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Keep the text away from the edges. The covers above have a little more breathing room at the bottom of the cover, plus there’s generally more space between the text and the edges. I’d shrink the phrase “Betrothed To The” or split it into two lines, and raise the title a bit.

  2. Play with the letter casing. You can go all caps like the first example, all lowercase like the second example, or a mix like the third cover. If you do want to keep your title in title case, then the “t’s” in “To The” should be lowercase—we don’t capitalize words like “to,” “of,” and “the” in the title if it’s not the first word. Whoops, that was more of a grammar thing, sorry :sweat_smile: I can be a bit of a grammar nazi sometimes :see_no_evil:

  3. Highlight a word or two in a different color. Currently all the text in your cover is white, and it’s fine in some cases, but I think you can add a little splash of color to really bring it out. All the covers above have some color in the text to make the cover pop a bit. Seeing how there’s a lot of red in your cover already, you might want to try red, or you can try a bright yellow to match the character’s hair (he looks blond in the cover to me).

  4. Shrink the tagline/subtitle. As you can see in the covers above, the taglines tend to be quite small, and this is because they’re not the most important text on the books. What matters is the book’s title and who wrote it.

  5. Play with fonts. I don’t know about you but the script font doesn’t really work, so I’d personally go for a thinner script font if you want like the one in the third cover. If you’re using a photo-editing app like Photopea, Photoshop, or PhotoScape X, you can add fonts to your program. If you’re on Canva, you might want to try the Amsterdam font (specifically Amsterdam Four).

Actually, lemme just pull up a random graphic and try to illustrate it for you to give you ideas :stuck_out_tongue: you don’t have to follow them, but I hope they’ll help!

So this is a random graphic I pulled up on Canva, so ignore the picture it’s just a random guy’s face :ragejoy: so let’s see how we could play around with your text :smiley:

So in this example, I used the Cormorant Garamond Medium font for the serif text and Eyesome Script for the script font. Both are available for free on Canva :wink:

The biggest challenge for me was fitting the long title, long titles are a pain :sweat_smile: but yeah, here’s what you can do with just two fonts and two colors. Also, a tip: play with the letter spacing too! Especially since your author name is a bit on the shorter side, so you can increase the letter spacing so that you can take up more space horizontally without necessarily making the font itself bigger.

Now for another idea. Same fonts, but applied differently :wink:

If you have a photo-editing app that allows you to add your own fonts, here are some fonts I like that may fit your cover! They’re all free btw :smiley: I’m a broke college student so I can’t afford paid resources for graphics :ragejoy:


Cormorant Garamond - Cormorant Garamond - Google Fonts

Gilda Display - Gilda Display - Google Fonts

Bosque - Bosque Font by Musafir LAB · Creative Fabrica


Arnitta Callina - Arnitta Callina Font by Mercurial · Creative Fabrica

Angelia - Angelia Font |

Note that Creative Fabrica has a ton of good free fonts you can download, all you need is a free account :smiley: here’s a link to a bunch of free fonts: Free Fonts for Commercial Use - Download Free Fonts Online - CreativeFabrica

I really hope this helps ^^

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The only thing I ever consistently fuss about is shrink the thing down to the size you’ll see it on Wattpad, and see if you can read the title. For some reason the size on here has changed to bigger, so it’s readable here, but I bet it won’t be at 1/4 what I’m seeing.

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Whoa, this a gold mine! :open_mouth: Tysm! I do have Canva so I’ll play around there. Fonts have always been my weakness. I know the general rule of “Don’t use too many” and mixing one serif with a san-serif is fine, that’s it. :laughing: As for the genre, you’re pretty close. There’s crime for sure, it’s a mobster romance that takes place in a fictional cyber-punk-ish world. Car racing/weaponry is involved, but not so much in the prequel which is what this book cover is for. It’s basically the story of the crime family heiress before she becomes the heiress.

I would’ve like to put both a woman/man on the cover, but couldn’t find something to match the style of the main book so for a temp cover, I figure I’d just aim for the MLI. :woman_shrugging: I’m going to play around with this in Canva. I can also upload a version without the text if you’d like to play around with it? It’s up to you. I’m against pressuring artists for free work haha my main book’s art was commissioned. I’m just broke atm. :wink:

I’m also not married to the title. At first I called it, The Gloxinia Heiress, but since I couldn’t find a good image in that style of a woman, I changed it. :thinking:

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True! Good point! The cover is the right size, but I’ll def keep an eye on the sizing. :+1:

Oh sure! I don’t mind at all :smiley: and I get the broke part, I’m broke too :sob:

Oh, I feel that. It took me months to decide on a title for my WIP… only to find a list of books on Amazon with the exact same title :ragejoy:

So, would Betrothed: Heiress of Gloxinia be a good title? :thonk: or something like that :woozy_face:

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It’d have to be Heiress of the Gloxinias or Heiress of the Gloxinia Family if you want to try that route. Or The Gloxinia Heiress. Here’s my latest attempt using a mixture of PS and Canva:

And here are two “blank” versions if you want to play around with it. :smiley:

If you need any other context, the blond guy (Theodore Fratto) is a suitor from another mob family that the MC’s (Rose Gloxinia) father wants her to marry, but of course, like all daughters do, they have to be rebellious and not listen to their fathers. Out of spite, she gets engaged to a different man from a rival to Theo’s family. But… well, let’s just say she finds her way back to Theo, and maybe her father kinda knew what he was doing when he tried to set her up lol :smile: But of course, mob drama ensues!

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I’ve decided to stick with that last iteration for the prequel, and I’ve re-touched up the next book that also needed a title change. Here is the other book:

I feel like the tagline needs work, but meh…