Book Cover Needed - Adult General Fiction Read

Hi there! I’m well underway with my second major work of the year: Mom Genes.

Good news: I have the whole story arc decided (in my head).

Bad news: I am awful at graphic design.

So I’m opening submissions for a book cover that captures the essence of my story! Anyone can submit - I’ll leave this thread open through September 12.

If I select your cover, I’ll give your Wattpad account a permanent follow, leave you a shoutout in the Author’s Note at the start of the book, and publicize you in my Wattpad profile description for at least six months.

My vision is quite literally to have a zoomed-in picture of a woman’s hand in a jeans pocket as the main cover. With the Title text (“Mom Genes”) and my tag “KHL” as the only written text on the image.

Graphic Type: Cover
Genre: General Fiction meets Romance meets New Adult?
Mood: Frustrated, Reflective, Angsty
Colors: I’m looking for something either in color or that is low color saturation
Simple/Manip: Simple
Big Themes: Identity, Independence, Social Expectations
Inspo: These photos are stock images from online and have watermarks/are not my IP. But they capture the essence of what I’m going for here:

Payment: See above

Let me know if you have any ideas!

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