Book Cover Needed

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Graphic type: Cover
Title: (Going into between two at the moment). On the other side of Peace or No Escape
Genre: Historial/Military
Mood: (happy, sad, dark, etc.) Dark, War (World War II theme)
Colors: Brown, Black, Dark colors.
Simple/Manip: Manip
Inspo: (put some pictures or links to pictures here)

Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 11.06.29 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 11.05.18 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 11.04.50 PM

Payment: Follow for those who try, and comment on one chapter… One I pick, Follow and Credit are typical… Comment on 2 books ALL chapters… Shout out on my Message board and put 2 books on Public Reading List… (If anything else, We can PM)

Other: This story is going to be mixed with Band of Brothers/ World War II theme. Main character is a girl sniper that joins the paratroopers. Band of Brother Fanfic but different. More based on World War II then the TV series.

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Yeah I don’t need a follow if you’re awake now and can tell me who your MCs are and whats it about.

hey, here’s my attempt(s) I hope these are okay?

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@MLTracy Thought I’d give this a go! Let me know if you’d like to use either one and I’ll send you the HD version.


@zeroinfinyx @kacchan

So much better than what I messed around with last night, lol… That’s why I leave it to the pros on these things, lol!


The MC is A woman sniper who joins the paratroopers (Easy Company from Band of Brothers) It is set right before WWII all the way till After the War. SO main character will be The woman (The names I going between are Evelyn and Charlotte) and Easy Company.

It’s kinda of a fanfic but has some plots and others that really happened… It’s a mix between Fanfic/Historical Non-fiction with some fiction elements if that makes sense… (I just confused myself, ha!)

Basically Evelyn/Charlotte joins Easy Company in their training/jump and all through WWII, but as some adventures of her own which are basic on some women nurses/spies that really existed.

I don’t know if you could do this but can you switch the F-14/18s out for something like this photo? In WWII they didn’t have those jets yet… Man, Can you imagine if they did, how wars would have been different?

I pay for several stock photo website and can send you a ton of photos if needed :slight_smile:

If it doesn’t work out, That’s totally okay!!! No worries!!

:joy: I’m no pro but thank you!

oops :sweat_smile: I forgot to research that — The image is alright, but I’d rather use something with the same colour range as the one in the cover already, since black and white takes a while to colourise.

:open_mouth: Interesting offer, and thank you, but I think I’m good for now :joy:

If you do have a similar image with matching colours, I can try it. Otherwise, I’ll try searching again for something fitting. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes either way! :smiley:


Sure thing! I tried to look but most were that grayish/black and white color… I’ll keep searching!

Ha! That’s okay! Def keep the jets for later, I have started planning a modern military fiction!

While waiting for others to do the covers, Everyone can go ahead and put your Wattpad usernames down and I’ll follow ya’ll. Also the book you want me to go ahead and comment on! :slight_smile:

my wattpad user’s @/kacchan- (same as this but w/ a hyphen at the end). I only have one book on WP at the mo and haven’t updated it in like a year so there’s no point reading it lol

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thank you, and I’ll look too! :smiley:

:joy: Will do!




@zeroinfinyx Where you able to fix? If not, that’s a-okay!

Hey, so sorry for the delay! :sweat_smile: I’d fixed up a while back using the pic you sent but forgot to post it :joy: Anyways, I’ve edited it into my previous post, let me know if it’s alright :smiley:

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You are fine no worries!! Glad it worked out!! Let me know all the things you want me to do for payment :slight_smile:

:joy: Glad it’s all good! I’ll be messaging you in our private thread. :grin:

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