Book Cover Request

Hi there! I just finished a full draft of my first Romance novel - Black Ties & White - on Wattpad Lies (eep!)

Writing is my forte - graphic design isn’t. However, I am fairly picky about the aesthetic I’m going for here. So I’m opening submissions for a book cover that captures the essence of my story!

Anyone can submit - I’ll leave this thread open through September 5. If I select your cover, I’ll give your Wattpad account a permanent follow, leave you a shoutout in the Author’s Note at the start of the book, and publicize you in my Wattpad profile description for at least six months.

Graphic Type: Cover
Genre: Romance, Adult Romance
Mood: Mysterious, Drama, Love, Uncertain, and… a Splash of Dark (Mental Health-Related)
Colors: Black & White (tie into the title) - but I could be persuaded to use color if the design is fantastic
Simple/Manip: Manip, if it isn’t overly busy. A hybrid, I suppose?
Big themes: New York, Night Club, Eating Disorder, Lies, Secrets, Trust

Payment: see above

Let me know if you have any ideas!

Do you want people on your cover? If so, what do they look like?



If you want to try a person element, I could see silhouettes being an interesting visual

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This is really lovely! It’s definitely a contender :smiley:

:joy: Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
oh, by the way, is your title correct? as in “&” instead of “and”?

Yes it looks great!

I’ve added the original versions I mentioned

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Oh wow I have some thinking to do!! These are all fantastic - you are quite talented :clap: :heart:

:joy: Good luck! And thank you again! :blush:

I went very classic. Like simple Romance Novel Book Covers.

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Oh these are also awesome! I have a lot to think about!!! :heart:

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Update: I got so many awesome cover submissions, and not any new content. I will decide by the end of the weekend which one best fits my book. Thank you both for such awesome entries - you’re making this hard to choose!!

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Alright! Thank you @zeroinfinyx and @MLTracy for coming out and showing off your skills. Honestly, you are both SUPER talented and I had a really hard time choosing which captured the best cover shot of my story.

After staring for an INSANELY long amount of time, I think the best cover art for Black Ties & White Lies is the first submission from @MLTracy (the version with the city and the overlay of someone straightening their tie).

@MLTracy - congrats! When you see this, please DM me a couple of things:

  1. The HD version of the cover
  2. Your Wattpad User account name (I’ll be following that and adding credit to you into the e-book straightaway)
  3. A 1 - 2 line advert (I can make one if you don’t feel comfortable) with information you want others to know about your services

Thank you all so much! I’ve got another work already in WIP, so once I get the big milestones fleshed out I’ll definitely be back to ask for another (completely different) cover submission!

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