Book title help for a superhero story!

Part 2 thread for my Jewish superhero!

Hi there. I’m writing a superhero/support hero sort of story where the main character is Mexican Jewish. Her name is Karina Yesenia Katz (means pure in Scandinavian - Mexican name - Jewish name) and I’m having a hard time debating what the title should be.

Her abilities are typically healing based but it depends on the bad guy/good guy as her spells usually affect people in different ways. One spell can heal and completely remove the scars from a good person but cause nausea and the urging to turn themselves in/feelings of disappointment in themselves.

Her superhero name is Clarity (or Varoot in Hebrew) and her spells usually sound like bells when cast - it’s soothing, even to the bad guys.

Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Am I seriously the only one thinking Katzwoman? (>‿◠):v:

Okay, maybe not…

How about Dr. Katz

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That would be okay…if she was a Dr. I’m really bad at including all information lol :sob:

Basically, Karina is a college student studying Interior Design. :grin:

So I figured out a good title for my story! Thank you to everyone who put in suggestions :smiley: I’ve chosen the title: The Secret Life of Karina Katz


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