Hello, everyone! Thanks for stopping by this thread. My name is Makena Song, and I recently completed my first Fantasy novel, Among the Fallen. I am searching far and wide for a talented trailer artist who is willing to dedicate their time, effort, and talent to make an updated book trailer for my novel. Interested, or want to learn more? Keep reading ~

Among the Fallen: Key Details

Title: Among the Fallen
Genre: YA Fantasy/Adventure
Synopsis: :dagger:BOOK I OF THE FALLEN SERIES​:dagger:

❝Who could ever love a Fallen One?❞

These are the words that plague the nightmares of Lucian Roux, a 14-year-old boy who just wants his suffering to stop.

Condemned by his village, bullied by his peers, and abused by his father, the only thing he can do is curse the ancient god who dwells within him, Morpheus.

With his Succession Ceremony on the horizon, he can only pray that his fate doesn’t lead him to the Fallen District, a place of disease and desolation.

But what hope does he have when his future has been set from the start?

Or, is it?

One impulsive decision, one chance encounter, and one elusive lie lead Lucian into a world so very different from his own. . .

A world where the boundary between good and evil blurs, and where freedom may not be very free at all.

Current Trailers (either outdated title/blurb): Reincarnated || Official Trailer - YouTube; Among The Fallen || A Wattpad Trailer - YouTube

Request Details:

Mood: Dark, Epic, High Fantasy, Magical, Betrayal, High Stakes, Dramatic
Colors: Reds, Blues, Blacks, Whites.
Inspo: The World of Pangea - Epic Fantasy Book Trailer - YouTube; Truesilver Epic Fantasy Book Trailer - YouTube; CARVE THE MARK by Veronica Roth | Official Book Trailer - YouTube
Payment: Anything (so long as it’s reasonable & not actual $$). *Quick Note: Since it takes a lot of time & effort to make book trailers, I’m fine with practically anything related to Wattpad (follow, shoutout, adding your book to my reading list, reading chapters of your book & commenting). If you want me to read a significant portion of your book, just know that it’ll probably take longer for the payment to be done.
Other: Please remain open lines of communication with the trailer progress. It doesn’t have to be completed in under a week or done immediately; however, I would like to be included in the creative process, so that I don’t wait for a year before receiving it. Thanks :smiley: Any more inquiries can be done through DMs here or on Wattpad.

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