Book trailers: Yay or Nay?

Hey everyone,

I was thinking about making a book trailer, just to try something else for promoting my book (and also a bit for myself to watch and get inspired maybe :smiley: ) I don’t know if it’s something that’s done regulary or not.

So what are your opions about it?
Also, if you have a book trailer post it here if you’d like to share :smiley:

Thanks a lot :wink:


Myself would not reccomend a trailer till the end, but many people have it before they start their book. I myself do not reccomed trailers, but that is on you.


I personally just don’t see the point. The ones I’ve seen on Twitter are just a fancy way of showing a cover and the blurb.

But if that’s your thing then go for it. It can’t hurt :joy:


I like them!!

Like—a lot. At least for published books. I feel like they can be cinematic and it catches my eye more than reading a blurb :sob:


They were a really big thing on Wattpad for a while but have kinda died off. Go for it if you want, it won’t hurt anything and they can be fun.


I personally really enjoy watching them. It’s just a “for fun” thing, but hey – it’s Wattpad. We’re allowed to do just for fun things. would link it but I’m not allowed to use links here I guess?

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These are still a thing? They used to be a huge hit in like 2014 but reflecting on it, they’re kind of dated since it’s a bit hard to make everything feel like they belong in the same movie type thing.

They’re fun. It’s good for fun. No rules to anything. But if you want it for actual book promotion I say no.

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Yay if you like the aesthetic, nay if you don’t want to destroy your readers’ imagination because the castings are really subjective and they usually don’t fit what the readers have in mind


I did a couple for my series years ago, mostly for fun. I like it because it is kinda different I think, and I had fun finding clips to use and music. :joy:


I don’t really care.

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Thanks for the replies :smiley:

Yeah I mainly meant make it for fun and as a different way to show people when they ask ‘what is your book about?’.
In my mind I initially would post the ‘blur’ with pictures that don’t really show their faces.

and @JJJ000YYY I have no idea if they where a ‘thing’ in 2014, at that time I was busy being pregnant and delivering a baby :sweat_smile: so I’m not up to date with it. I didn’t even join WP untill two years ago.

I get what you mean by that. Although the cover of my book already has my version of my MC’s on it. Mainly because they are characters with a kind off ‘specific’ persona :smiley:

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Fair XD

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I went up to trusted so let’s see if I can post the link now. If so, this is the book trailer my friend mdae me.


That looked awesome though :smile:
I recognized a few of them. GoT and Eragon :grin: I named my cat after his dragon :blush:

Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

They sound interesting.

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I love book trailers, so YES.

I’ve made a few in the past, but they’re really hard to do, so I’ve hired some people to make some, but it’s really hard to find those people.

I once had a trailer for my first novel, but I guess the person who made it deleted it? Can’t find it anywhere… oh well.

Starting with my (second) earliest project: My Invisible Wound

^This is a trailer I made.

Taste of Italy

^Trailer someone else made.

^Trailer I made.

And then for my most recent book, In the Dark:

^Someone else made this.

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My friend SongOfLightAndShadow did a truly amazing job! I could link you to her youtube profile where you can see all the trailers she made if you want :smiley:

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Sure why not :smiley:

Haha, you really do love book trailers :smiley:
Thank you for sharing.

I think if I make one I’m just going to keep it simple with pictures. I might have an idea to use clips…but I lost everything a while back when my computer crashed so I have to download everything again first :frowning:

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There ya go :smiley:

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