Booknet? Anyone heard/got experience?

Hey guys!

I’ve just received an email (an actual email, which idk how they got it? I assume from my website, which is linked on Wattpad) from someone on asking me to join their platform.
The site looks a bit like wattpad, and some of the books cost money, the email states I would get up to 80% royalties and retain all copyright.

The email address and site look legit, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with booknet and could shed some light?

The representative has said to email back to discuss details so I guess there’s no harm in finding out from them as well, but yeah XD

Thanks <3

I dunno, I have endless emails, instagram messages and PMs from the sites, and I just assume they are all some variation on novelcat. I think last time they called themselves potatonovel (I am kidding you not). Bottom line, I personally have zero faith in anyone approaching me. Lol, they used to flatter, threaten, make it seem urgent and the last one even bashed my book before…

The samples of what I get:

An official acquisition offer from a global publisher. Speaking shortly with some keypoints about our reading app: 140 million MAU, selected as top 5 in US ranking, authors got paid 500$-15000$. Your works are the most popular genres on our platforms, we’d love to invite you to explore more possibilities of your works here. Feel free to DM us or leave your email, we are welcome to any question or concerns.

hi, i’m ___, editor from novelpotato, i just read your work lone werewolf, i enjoy it a lot, hope you will update soon, i think you are great at telling a werewolf story, maybe the pace is a little too slow for me, but i like how you put your words in it, hope you will keep writing, and i also want to ask that would you like to collab with us and publish your works on our platform as paid reading, your work is great, we would love to have them and promote them to attract more readers, meanwhile we are also holding werewolf wrting contest, you are welcomed, anyway, thank you! have a lovely day and please stay safe!

It’s like never ending BS.


That was my first thought, I got comments on wattpad from novel potato last night, as well as good novel so my immediate thought is to ignore, but idk this one has ONLY approached me via email and the website looks legit.
Idk, they sent me more details:

Info from email

First of all, I would like to mention that we pay 70% royalty share from sales and 80% in case of completed exclusive books.

That means that we have both exclusive and non-exclusive contracts. The exclusive contracts can be terminated after 90 days, while the non-exclusive ones can be finished at any time.

Also, you may sell both completed and ongoing books on Booknet.

All the exclusive stories receive free of charge promotion from the platform, it may be promotion inside or outside the platform or both.

Besides, authors may publish their stories for free and also sell them on Booknet. The author is the one that makes a decision if they want to make their books paid and also chooses the price. On our platform readers pay per book, not per chapter. Note that we don’t sell books that are available in full for free somewhere else.

Payments are made monthly to a PayPal or a Payoneer account depending on your choice.

Our sales model has shown great results and I would be glad to share with you an interview with one of our authors that explains why Booknet is the best place to sell your books:

Why Booknet is the best place to sell your books - BlogBooknet

However, to be able to sell their stories, an author needs to meet certain requirements that were created to make sure that after making their book paid, the author will get a satisfactory result.

These requirements are:

  • publish one free book with min 240, 000 characters (around 50, 000 words)

  • get 100 followers on Booknet

  • get 80 regular readers.

When we first invite a new author to the platform, we understand that these requirements may seem difficult to achieve. For this reason, we are ready to give all the needed support and promotion from our side, so that you could get a commercial status on Booknet as soon as possible.

You may publish any of your free stories on Booknet and we will make sure to promote them so that you could accumulate readership quicker on the platform.

It kinda looks and reads like Wattpad, but to a lesser extent I suppose with the paid stories.

idk if I’m thinking too much into it or whether it is legit, Ive had far too many good novel poachers recently to think straight XD

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It sounds more like Tapas than Wattpad.

Obviously, my experience is colored by my belief that nobody would ever pay a single cent to read my books and my goal being to get enthusiastic free readership :sweat_smile:


Ah this is true :wink: Idk I feel torn. I might give the free version a try and see if I can gather some readership on there :thinking: if it doesnt work I haven’t really lost anything :stuck_out_tongue:

It just seems more legit because they aren’t poaching off another website lol

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Did you do Radish? Because that one is more established and has the similar model

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I haven’t, actually. I might take a look into it :thinking:

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I’m always UBERcautious of anything that sounds too good to be true. What publisher offers 80% royalties and a clause that you can back out at any time?

Sounds a lot like webnovel wording.

Huge promises but if you look at the fine print, the author loses out.

When I was researching webnovel, I stopped by their forums to see what other writers were saying. Were they really earning as much as webnovel was promising?

Lots of complaints, rants about rankings, similar to Wattpad crowd, BUT on webnovel, the atmosphere is toxic and vicious because they all hope that if they climb ranks, they’ll earn a chance to get paid for their work.

So an author can slave for webnovel for free (because you have to keep adding content to climb ranks) for months, years, just to get a chance to slave for them for a small payment which also is dependent on delivering x number of words a week and can end if your work drops in ranks because, I don’t know, you’re contractually obligated to push out chapters no matter what and readers can tell that it’s rushed and unedited.


Anyone that reaches out to you wants something, and unless you’re super famous, there’s likely no reason in particular they chose you, so that’s something to keep in mind


Maybe you could take a look at the contract?

If any “editor” sent me that email I’d be weeping with great sadness. Look at that mess :frowning:

But yeah, lots of scam sites and vanity presses. I’m always leery now myself after a bad experience with a small publishing house.


Gosh, yes. Honestly, though, after some soul searching I decided that I belong on Wattpad and what interests me is winning Wattpad’s audience with my writing. I don’t feel I will do better in any other place, and trad is way too far above my potential atm.

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Proceed with caution with these people. I joined their site about four years ago and most of the readers are bots. They are very sketchy. They deleted one of my books because I referred to the sequel being on another site. They also banned me from updating their blog function for mentioning that the readers are all bots. Anyway, needless to say, I’m no longer on that site.


Ooooh thats interesting. I have tentatively made an account just to get a feel of the site and what have you. I’m not sure I’ll upload anything tbh, it looks a bit… weird. idk. :thinking:
But I’ll definitely take that into account now. Thank you!

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Yeah. I tried it. I’m not fond of the editor or sold on the features. It’s a preference thing for me. I find it’s too small and focused on mainstream genres. In short, my audience wasn’t there. That’s my perspective and experience.

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Yeah. It gave that vibe to me too. I don’t think it has scrapper bots because my story hasn’t shown up on scrap sites from there. It’s too small for that I guess.

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