〚 C O L O S S E U M 〛- A Writing Prompt Battle Game

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So I was wondering, are you guys waiting for a specific person or event? Or has everyone just been inactive?

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Hi, everyone’s just been busy with school and/or work so we’re all inactive and the thread’s just there

Well, what I was wondering was, is there anything I could do to help it start up again? Like are you accepting any new characters at the moment? Is there a scenario that’s ongoing?

Hello Kingeditor! Nice to see you’ve got an interest in our game! My name is Wolftunes and I’m one of the Colosseum Moderators (together with @PaperThinSkin14 and @kabanerry).

What Walker says is true, many of us have been busy with school/work/irl life which resulted in the game and this thread being on a hiatus, but we’re definitely planning on coming back! Just not yet sure when :sweat_smile:

I’ll definitely check with the other mods if it’s possible for you to submit a character right now and to initiate you into some of the lore of the colo world. Definitely check out this post if you haven’t already and don’t be afraid to ask us (or any of the other members) any questions you have!

At the moment there isn’t a concrete scenario going on. We just finished a round and need to upload the results, if I remember correctly. But there is an overarching storyline going on, so if you’re interested in that, feel free to read around and ask lots of questions! Might not be a bad idea to jog everyone’s memory a bit :grin:


Hey @kingeditor! I’ve checked with the other moderators and it seems best to us to not allow any new characters due to the game’s current hiatus. We’re not certain when exactly we will set up a new round and it seemed rather unfair and unpleasant for new players to wait for something that takes an unknown amount of time to get started.
We will try to let you know when we do start up again though, so maybe until a next time!

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