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G O O D - L U C K


We hope you return safely from your assignments…

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Those with a single character have 7 days to send in 1 response. Those with two characters have 14 days to send in 2 responses.

Those dates are the 9th July and 16th July respectively.

If you are affiliated to a side and hand in a response past the deadline, you will not be awarded a point to your team.

If you have a question about an opponent, check the ‘Kabanerry’s Opponent Q&A’ post beforehand (after the prompt posts), to make sure your question wasn’t already answered. Otherwise, ask away!




B R U T A L‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ C R O W D‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ C O N T R O L

T H R E A T – L E V E L : C Y C L O P S

44 YEARS OLD ; 6’4’’


SIR ‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎EM METT‏‏‎ ‎ ‏‏‎ ‎ALLARD


“Feeling lucky, Challenger?”

Currently ranked at Centurion, Silas has been one of the Empire’s Challengers for a few years. Refusing to tell anyone his full name since his arrival in the Capital, Silas’ progression through the Challenger program has been slower than most—no doubt aided by his generally distasteful attitude and the ‘business’ he’s managed to set up between missions.

But despite Silas’ less-than-pleasurable disposition, the man has managed to earn himself quite the following. If his ever-growing popularity is due to his powers, we have yet to prove it. Although we know all about Silas’ entrepreneurial pride and joy: the seedy casino bar under his name, located near the edge of the Capital. As well as the fact he’s a traitor to the Empire.

Thanks to the successful retaking of Regia and the retrieval of rebellion documents, Silas’ has been flagged as one of the leading patrons and supporters for a wide range of rebel-lead missions. Including the recent raid on Regia. There’s no doubt about it; Silas has been coinciding with the Rebellion for a couple of months now, and he can’t hide his involvement from us any longer. Other challengers have been assigned to take down more traitors amongst your ranks, all of them having been exposed through the documents from Regia. You’ve been assigned Silas. Although it isn’t your job to kill him. Bring him in for questioning, by any means necessary. Leave the rest to us.


A B I L I T I E S :

B e t t i n g ‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ a l l ‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ i n‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ , ‎ ‎ a r e‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ w e ?


Silas’ main ability. He can forcefully control weaker-minded individuals and fatigued opponents, inducing an unimaginable level of anger in people with otherwise calmer personalities. After which, the individual acts on Silas’ will without him having to give direct orders. It takes Silas a maximum of 3 seconds to control someone, that number decreasing the weaker they are. Those under Silas’ control gain 50% more strength (physical). If the individual was already fairly powerful, Silas’ ability allows him to increase their strength exponentially. Individuals under his control are unable to break free from his hold on their own (if they are at his skill level or below). You are advised to approach Silas with the utmost caution, and defeat him before he manages to control you completely.

Collective Strength - When Silas has more than one person under his control, they all work collaboratively to attack an opponent. Even if the individuals themselves have never met before, the entire group works as a highly effective team under Silas’ control. Paired with each person’s increased strength, Silas with a mini-army is dangerous. If given the opportunity, most of Silas’ controlled individuals will arm themselves with whatever they can find before attacking. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many people Silas can control, although he struggles to maintain larger groups of over ten people. Not that it’s stopped him in the past…

Meat Shield - Silas commonly uses those under his control as shields, to protect him from any and all attacks. Individuals under the influence of CROWD CONTROL can and will jump in front of any attacks directed towards Silas, with no care about their own wellbeing. It is also not uncommon for Silas to physically grab those nearby (whether they are under his control or not) and use their bodies to defend himself that way.


As well as his powers, Silas also uses a pair of decorated brass knuckles when he’s engaged in close-quarters combat. The man’s punches are devastating, considering his size and physical ability. You do not want to take one of Silas’ punches without having the appropriate defences in place.


Unsurprisingly, Silas does not run his business alone. The man has a sizable number of staff members that work around the clock, each one feeding into the casino’s more ‘shady’ reputation. And, needless to say, almost all of his staff members are armed and experienced criminals. Expect them to be armed with handguns, shotguns, knives and anything else they can use to put a hole in someone. Keep a careful eye on everyone you see—and not just the casino’s general security—but bartenders, croupiers, waiters and janitors alike. These people follow Silas just as well as those under his control do, but they have the addition of monetary incentive…

W e l c o m e‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ t o‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ S i l a s '‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ S l o t s . . .


click the image to see the prompt’s location

You had only been inside the casino for what felt like ten seconds, until you were plucked from the entrance and moved towards a gambling table. Even if you were trying to be stealthy, it didn’t stop the nearby guards from spotting you and singling you out from the crowd. The next thing you knew, you were sitting beside a woman you’d never seen before. Adorned in a long red dress and heels, her raven hair fell down her back as she took a small sip from her cocktail glass. It seemed as if she’d only been seated moments before you; the second she caught your eye, the woman sent you a small smile before looking away. But maybe being noticed so quickly was both a blessing and a curse, considering your target was moving towards you both with a wide grin on his face.

“We’ve got a couple of newcomers, eh?” Silas bellowed, arms out as a guard trailed at his back. “Miss,” he grinned out, sending the woman a smile before finding your gaze. “And you. Welcome to Silas’ Slots—”

Silas collapsed onto a chair beside the woman, choosing to sit the furthest away from you as he tapped the tabletop. “Figured I’d welcome today’s new customers… personally, this time.” The man’s gaze fell onto the woman, letting his eyes linger for a moment before lifting a hand.

The man snapped his fingers, a croupier walking over and positioning themselves at the head of the table. “Bill, give 'em both ♅2,500 in chips,” Silas ordered. He snapped his fingers again, a nearby server approaching the table a second later. "And get this one something to drink. All on the house."

Silas motioned in your direction then, the man’s smirk devilish in nature. “And since we’re on a blackjack table, why don’t we play some blackjack, hmn?” he pointed out, the croupier already shuffling the cards as the waiter reappeared with your drink. “I’ll leave these two in your capable hands, Bill. Take care of 'em.”

Standing up, Silas fixed his pristine white suit with a knowing smile, a guard walking still lingering behind the casino’s owner. Just as the Silas turned and walked away, Bill caught your attention, a small smile on the dealer’s lips. “Your bets?”


P L E A S E - R E A D

If you would like to see a full image of the prompt opponent (for descriptions etc), please check the waiting list.


You may end your response in a win or a cliffhanger.

In this round of prompts, how quickly you engage your opponent is up to you. Feel free to converse with Silas, or explore/interact with your environment before attacking (within reason, of course). You do not need to write your character playing blackjack to pass this prompt! You can attack Silas immediately.



J U N‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ H I N O D E

T H E‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ S K Y‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ P R I N C E

T H R E A T – L E V E L : C Y C L O P S

26 YEARS OLD ; 6’1’’




“The prince was never on our side to begin with. And we’ve just handed him the one thing we couldn’t afford to—”

I always had a feeling Jun couldn’t be trusted. And it turns out I was right. Jun Hinode is the Crown Prince of a nation allied with the Empire. But we know the Emperor doesn’t ‘make’ allies any more than he conquers countries outright. Jun’s home is nothing more than a puppet nation—independent in name only. As are most countries that surrendered peacefully to the Imperial superpower, so that they’d get the chance to preserve their culture and way of life. Interestingly enough, the prince has been working closely with the Rebellion since it was founded. In fact, both he and his country have been funding and participating in the Rebellion’s numerous exploits. The man has even met Apollo on multiple occasions. Unfortunately for us, it was nothing more than an act. A long-running act most of us didn’t see coming. The prince would rather be an Imperial lapdog than earn his country true freedom.

In our most recent meeting, all high-ranking and integral members of the Rebellion were given details about the next large-scale raid Apollo was planning. This raid would cripple the Empire’s military power, further halting their magic technology development if we succeed. Needless to say, it’s a big deal. And naturally, considering the prince’s long history with the Rebellion, Jun gained access to such information. Unbeknownst to us, many of our failed missions have been due to the Prince coordinating with Imperial forces. This upcoming raid was likely to be no different. Luckily, news of Jun Hinode’s traitorous acts against the Rebellion was exposed moments after the meeting concluded. Apollo ordered Jun’s capture as soon as he found out, but we’re afraid the damage has already been done.

Now, we’re sending you to find Jun Hinode. You need to take back the papers outlining the details of our next raid from him. And if that isn’t possible, destroy them. But, above all else, you need to capture the Prince and bring him in as per Apollo’s orders. You’ll be alone at first, but we’re sending reinforcements after you, once we’ve secured the rest of the documents. We can’t let the prince run free, not after what he’s done…


A B I L I T I E S :

W i n d‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ i s‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ t h e‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ s o n g‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ o f‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ t h e‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ s k i e s . . .


Jun can manipulate air in many ways to attack and defend himself. Most importantly, the prince can interpret the movement of the air around him, to sense his opponent over moderate distances.

Blades of Pure Air - Jun Hinode can form long blades of air that extend directly from both of his hands. Such blades are invisible to the naked eye. The prince can also expel sharp slashes of wind using these blades, making it possible for him to cut someone over a considerable distance. As his primary method of attack, there is no limit to how long Jun Hinode can maintain his blades or how many long-range slashes he can do.

Deflect & Return - The prince can deflect people and their attacks using his magic. Best described as a wispy spherical shield, Jun can also use his opponent’s attacks against them. In battle, the prince can deflect and return all manner of bullets or high-speed attacks with little input on his part. Jun Hinode’s shield will deflect a total of two attacks without him having to do anything. After which, the prince will be forced to start actively deflecting and dodging attacks.

Flight - Jun Hinode can control the air around him, to fly around freely. There is no limit to how long he can fly, but the prince cannot move faster than 60mph. Jun can use his flight to dodge attacks, rather than deflect them, and reposition in the air to gain an advantage.


Jun Hinode can transform his entire body into an invisible mist on command. Whilst in this form, the prince can travel the fastest, reaching speeds of up to 150mph. The prince typically uses this ability to dodge or change his position quickly, especially when his flight isn’t fast enough to save him. Jun can also use this form to attack his opponent, considering how fast he can go. The prince can stay in ‘mist’ form for up to 5 seconds. He cannot morph into this form more than 3 times in one fight.


When Jun is injured, the prince can heal his wounds by summoning a short burst of air that runs over his entire body. This ability can heal him up to full health. The prince will typically control the wind’s direction so that it will only heal him, and not his opponent. But if his enemy is in the right position when Jun decides to heal, they can get a small heal with reduced effects. In this case, his enemy earns a heal of up to 20%. Jun Hinode can use Healing Wind twice in one fight.

A‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ b e a u t i f u l‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ d a n c e‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ o f‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ a i r . . .


click the image to see the prompt’s location

Only a few hours had passed since Apollo called for Jun Hinode’s capture. You were sent out alone, left to traverse the interior of the prince’s large estate in silence. You’d been told Jun had retreated to his mansion since the meeting concluded, although the lack of staffing—maids and guards alike—was alarming. On failing to find your target inside, you quietly made your way towards the estate’s open garden.

The space was vast and expansive. The sun had only just started its fall from the sky, yellow light tinted by hints of fiery orange. Positioned directly behind the mansion was a large rectangular pond; it wasn’t particularly decorated, the surface of the water dancing with the slow wind above it. Although you paused once you noticed a person hovering silently above this pond, their feet inches away from submerging beneath the shallow waters. Jun Hinode.

He had his back towards you, hands hidden from sight as if he were holding something. And maybe you were hiding, maybe you weren’t. But that didn’t stop the prince from lifting his head slightly and turning it to the side, weakly glancing over his shoulder. His gaze didn’t find you, but that didn’t stop him from being aware of your presence.

“I can feel the air moving over there,” he called out, voice soft. “It’s nice of you to join me. And be at ease; I dismissed most of my staff early today.” Jun turned around, still standing above the water, closing a small book he held in his hands. He hummed quietly. “Don’t mind this old thing. I was just writing my thoughts down.”

The prince motioned to the book before floating to the edge of the pond, a weak smile on his face as the water rippled beneath him. “But if you’re here for the documents, they’re likely about to land in his Imperial Majesty’s hands right now.” Jun landed soundly on solid ground, a gentle breeze passing over him as he settled on one side of the pond. “And if they haven’t yet, they’re about to.”

The prince motioned to the open space behind him, keeping the book in his hands as he nodded. “So please, join me for a walk. The sun is just starting to set, after all.” Jun maintained his smile. “It would be a shame to miss the last few rays of sunlight, don’t you think?”



P L E A S E - R E A D

If you would like to see a full image of the prompt opponent (for descriptions etc), please check the waiting list.


You may end your response in a win or a cliffhanger.

In this round of prompts, how quickly you engage your opponent is up to you. Feel free to converse with Jun before attacking. You do not have to write your character having a conversation with the prince to pass this prompt! You can attack Jun immediately.



S T R I N G - E Y E

T H E‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ D E A D L Y‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ W A T CH E R

T H R E A T – L E V E L : M I N O T A U R

28 YEARS OLD ; 6’2’’


Glad to see you survived the attack, Challenger. And this next assignment may be your chance for revenge. The woman who ambushed you, and other challengers in Palatine, has been identified as Gwendolyn Thorisdottir. And, as it turns out, her numerous attacks over the past few weeks weren’t random. Gwendolyn is actually an established member of a criminal organisation originating from Iceland, called ‘Thoris’. This organisation works extensively in the slave market, and has found profit in kidnapping low ranking Challengers to trade-off to the highest bidder. Obviously, we can’t allow that to happen. And if it were possible, we’d send you after Gwendolyn directly. However, given her skills, she’s far too powerful for you to take on as you are right now. She’s also managed to evade any and all capture attempts thus far, and she’s incredibly hard to track. But we may have found a lead on her location.

When we have seen Gwendolyn around the Empire, we’ve observed her meeting frequently with a man known as String-eye. On further investigation, we’ve identified him to be one of her closest colleagues, the pair having collaborated on multiple occasions. Namely, String-eye does not work for Thoris more than he works with them; the man is a leader of another criminal organisation—one that specialises in the drug market and is closely linked to Thoris’ operations. Considering how often they meet up, we would have to assume Gwendolyn and String-eye working together on something as we speak. And fortunately enough for us, String-eye is much easier to track. We’re sending you to his property located outside the capital. We want you to incapacitate and capture String-eye, and bring him in for questioning. We’re leaving the details of how you do so up to you. Good luck.


A B I L I T I E S :

. . .



String-eye can, at will, project a physical copy of himself over 500 metres; this copy can manifest anywhere he chooses within this distance. String-eye’s consciousness transfers seamlessly into this copy every time it’s made. As such, String’s actual body is left behind in a comatose state until his consciousness returns. He typically uses this ability to ambush opponents from behind, using his real body as a distraction or decoy. Visually, String-eye’s ‘projection’ looks like himself, but its frame is surrounded in black smoke, the body itself slightly translucent in nature.

The projection can take a total of two considerable hits (no matter the source) before dispersing, forcing String-eye’s consciousness back into his real body. Otherwise, his projection can last for an indefinite amount of time. If his physical body is in danger, or he feels the need to, String-eye can immediately transfer back into his real body without a delay and continue fighting. String-eye still has all of his weapons and powers at his disposal whilst controlling his projection, and can interact with the environment as he normally would. String-eye can only use this ability once every 30 seconds.

NOTE: When String-eye’s real body loses consciousness, he does not collapse. If String-eye manifests his projection whilst he’s standing, his body will remain in an upright position, albeit in a comatose state.



Stored inside a special bracelet with a modified mini-motor, String-eye’s primary weapon includes a lightweight metal string that’s no bigger than spider’s silk, but features incredible tensile strength and a sharp edge. Made from an unknown metal alloy, String-eye can use this weapon to both bind and cut opponents with ease. The circular mini-motor built into the bracelet controls how slack or how tense the string becomes, emitting a gentle ‘whir’ every time String-eye activates it with subtle finger movements. String-eye can also use this metal cord to traverse his surroundings, allowing him to scale tree and building alike with ease. He can also use the string to dodge attacks, disarm enemies or create a web using his surroundings. Without external aids, this string is invisible to the human eye and difficult to detect through touch alone, making it hard to track. The amount of string he has at his disposal is unknown.



String-eye was born with a trio of vision-based abilities:

360° Vision - String-eye can see all around him at all times, including the spaces above his head and below his eye level. It is nearly impossible to ambush String-eye with just this ability alone.

Telescopic Vision - String-eye can see clearly over vast distances. His sight can reach up to 6 miles away, meaning he can clearly see the passengers in a cruising commercial aeroplane. String-eye can also focus on the most minute of details, including dust particles in the air and sweat.

Periscopic Vision - String-eye has the ability to displace his vision, effectively bending it to view targets that are not directly in his line of sight. With this ability, String-eye could easily see around corners without endangering himself, or look over obstacles too tall to climb, for example. String-eye can only ‘bend’ his vision over a shorter distance of 200 metres, however.



String-eye has a multitude of serrated daggers hidden around his home, to which only he knows their exact whereabouts. Strategically stashed away in the event he needs to defend himself, String-eye will pull out any and all weapons he needs to, in order to defeat you.

. . .


click the image to see the prompt’s location

You had broken into String-eye’s home at the crack of dawn, the early sunlight just starting to break through the treeline as you slipped inside. You hoped your target was still sleeping; it would make incapacitating him much simpler, and your mission would come to a close in less than an hour. Keeping as silent as you could, you moved through the front of the house, soon entering a large open space. It was vast and bright, the living room stationed to one side whilst the kitchen was built on the other.

However, it didn’t take long for your entire body to stiffen once you noticed a pair of red eyes staring right at you. The last thing you were expecting was for your target to be awake, standing in the kitchen silently, already glaring at you from where he stood. String-eye looked dishevelled, likely due to the fact he’d just woken up, but he still seemed as alert as ever. Your target watched you carefully, a second of eery silence passing over the room before a sigh escaped him. Refusing to say a word, the man pushed off of the counter he was leaning against, moving towards the kitchen sink and grabbing a glass at the same time.

You remained confused as the patter of running water pierced the empty air, String-eye turning a moment later with a full glass in hand. Without uttering a sound, he placed the glass down onto the kitchen table, pushing it in your direction. Although your target didn’t wait for you to come and take the glass, instead choosing to pull on the rim of his t-shirt, digging through his pockets to find a cigarette pack and lighter. String-eye wasted no time burning the end of his cig, walking towards the living room area and grabbing a remote. Silently, the man turned the TV on, removing the cigarette from his lips and blowing a trail of smoke into the air. After which, he turned back towards you, motioning to the glass of water again before waving the remote in the air.


P L E A S E - R E A D

If you would like to see a full image of the prompt opponent (for descriptions etc), please check the waiting list.


You may end your response in a win or a cliffhanger.

In this round of prompts, how quickly you engage your opponent is up to you. Feel free to interact with String-eye, or explore/interact with your environment before attacking (within reason, of course). If you plan on leaving String’s house at any point during the fight, his property is surrounded by a large and dense deciduous forest. For those wanting to stay true to String-eye’s character, the chances of him saying anything during your fight is practically 0%. He is more of a listener and presents his thoughts through small gestures/expressions. And if he does say anything, it’s going to be in a language your character doesn’t understand, so interacting with him ‘normally’ isn’t really possible. You do not need to write your character having a ‘conversation’ with String-eye to pass this prompt! You can attack String-eye immediately.



R E S P O N S E - L I S T

ϟ │ ⌘ │ ₪

C L I C K ‏‏‎ ‎M E !
[ 01 ] MAI RESPONSE ϟ @PaperThinSkin14
03 WALKER #19880 SUBMITTED J ϟ @w41k3r_19880
[ 04 ] RAI STORM SUBMITTED (L) ϟ @GlitchandGlitz
[ 09 ] EVANDER FAUST SUBMITTED S ϟ @starches
[ 10 ] SKYE RESPONSE ϟ @lexo_luthero
[ 11 ] HOLLY LUCIAS RESPONSE ϟ @splicy
[ 19 ] BENJI RESPONSE ϟ @Mikizumi
[ 21 ] AIDAN SUBMITTED J ϟ @Moon.dreamgirl
22 BRIAN RESPONSE ϟ @Iggabat1
24 GENESIS SUBMITTED J ϟ @moonlightshadow412
25 SANAA RESPONSE ϟ @WriterGirl017
26 LEVI RESPONSE ϟ @kabanerry
[ 29 ] ESTELLE SUBMITTED J ϟ @starches
33 JET RESPONSE ϟ @Waterwhite03
34 ATANALE RESPONSE ϟ @CocoaGirl52
35 MATEO SUBMITTED J ϟ @danastj123
41 DA JI RESPONSE ϟ @MainsGrills
45 DR. VITSIN BLYSK RESPONSE ϟ @sadboy9000
[ 48 ] DROPZONE RESPONSE ϟ @ErrorInTheCode
[ 51 ] LUCY-QUILL RESPONSE ϟ @PaperThinSkin14
[ 59 ] AUTO PLACOTT RESPONSE ϟ @lexo_luthero
[ 60 ] OSIRU RESPONSE ϟ @ErrorInTheCode
[ 61 ] MOON SUBMITTED SE ϟ @Moon.dreamgirl
[ 62 ] LORELEI RESPONSE ϟ @GlitchandGlitz


Q & A

because winning writing cliff-hangers ain’t easy…

  1. Can we insert part of the prompt into the response, like copy and paste, or should I leave that out?
    You can insert part of the prompt into your response to make things easier if that’s what you want to do. Just be sure to change the pronouns and such so that it makes sense.


C A S I N O - B A R (Silas)
  1. How good is the casino’s security?
    The casino’s security is very good. They’re not particularly easy to take down. The majority of the staff that work in the casino (security or otherwise) are ex-cons and criminals trying to make an ‘honest’ living.

  2. Would the casino staff catch on to cheating?
    It depends. If it’s extremely covert, then I’d say being noticed is not very likely, But if the cheating is done more blatantly, then even the woman next to your character would catch on.

  3. Is it at all possible for my character to wait until Silas leaves the casino/is alone somewhere to start fighting him or should I write something that makes waiting not possible?
    I can’t really provide a situation where Silas is alone, since that renders his abilities null and void. Plus, removing the sourrounding people would make for an entirely different prompt, and wouldn’t be fair on everyone else who would be fighting him in the original casino setting. So writing something that makes waiting not possible is your best bet. Alternatively, I will allow you to follow him to a less crowded area within the casino, like the bathroom or smoking area for example. Silas would always have a guard with him and staff nearby so I would say there have to be minimum 3-4 people with him for the response to be valid. Do keep in mind that Silas will also try to escape to a more crowded area in the casino once engaged in battle.

  4. Once my character engages into fight with Silas (anywhere in the building), will some kind of alarm system go off? Upon hearing it, will uncontrolled guests (not staff) try to leave?
    You can assume the guards would be alerted and then all of the staff would be alerted soon after. Uncontrolled guests would likely try to leave once the fighting kicks off, but given Silas would run to the main slots area, he’d likely be able to grab a number of them.

  5. Does the nice lady in a red dress sitting next to you have a name?
    Yes, but feel free to make one up :sunglasses:

  6. Can the other not-mind-controlled goons be bribed?
    If they’re his staff, not really. If they’re just normal people, yes.

  7. I’m assuming that Bill the Dealer is also a hardened criminal. Could he be threatened or would he just pull a gun?
    Yes, he is. He’d pull a gun, but not straight away given he is still at work. However, if your character keeps pushing/threatening him then good ol’ Bill will be pulling out a firearm and calling his colleagues over.

  8. My character probably couldn’t make it in the casino with any obvious weapons (like a scyte, bow/arrow or longsword) on them, right? Should I count that ability out then?
    I wouldn’t think they’d have immediate access to these weapons at the start, but I wouldn’t count them out for the entire response! Especially since I don’t think most characters would go on such a mission without their weapons. They’re open to ‘hide’ them somewhere until they can run and grab them when the fighting’s started. I’m pretty sure being inconspicuous matters less once the opposite is proven. Plus, given the nature of the casino, weapons on clients aren’t really unusual. I think it would draw more attention if your character had some old fashioned weapon than if they had a weapon.

  9. Does the casino usually serve younger teens or will my character appear out of place?
    The casino 100% supports underage drinking and gambling so no your character will not raise any suspicion with their age.

  10. No word from the Colo higher-ups about avoiding needless casualties or anything?
    No. You are allowed to take out some of the staff, but it is generally expected you don’t go on a murder rampage.

  11. Is the casino pretty full?
    Yes. Business is booming

  12. How big is the casino?
    I can’t give you anything specific, but the casino is fairly large. You can look at the location images to get rough idea of the space, but the building isn’t small by any means.

  13. What ranking level are the casino’s staff members?
    Probably Trarii or Pilus Prior, depending on their job (guard, janitor, bartender etc.)

M A N S I O N (Jun Hinode)
  1. How far away from the mansion are the rebellion reinforcements?
    About 20-30 minutes, give or take.

  2. Can we use the mansion during the fight and if yes, is there a floor plan of it?
    You are not expected to fight inside the estate during the prompt. Jun is more likely to fly away/escape when things get dicey, so he won’t be entertaining a battle inside his mansion.

  3. Is there a forest near the mansion?
    No, there isn’t. Not nearby, anyway.

  4. How far does the mansion’s courtyard go?
    I would have to say the courtyard is fairly large. Likely between 10000-20000 square metres.
    So maybe 120 metres long, if you start from the back of the estate. The area surrounding the manor is very open and essentially lawn grass, so the space around the estate expands for a mile or two. In case you decide to take the fight away from the courtyard/pond area.

  5. Are the healing winds actual breezes? What’s so different about them from normal winds?
    Healing winds are actual breezes anyone can feel. Following the limits stated in the prompt, they simply heal whoever they pass over.

  6. How would his healing winds work in the water?
    The winds would manifest around Jun as normal. Arguably, it’d be harder for his opponent to benefit from Jun’s healing wind in this scenario.

  7. Any details about Jun Hinode’s father’s kingdom you’re willing to spare? Like, do they have any enemies
    In terms of enemies I can tell you Jun’s kingdom doesn’t really have any specific ones. Since they’re essentially being governed by the Empire, they are protected by the Empire as well. So countries wouldn’t attack Jun’s kingdom without attacking the Empire by proxy.

H O U S E & F O R E S T (String-eye)
  1. Is my character able to see String-eye in the kitchen through the many windows in his house or is the glass tinted/the sun not high enough for there to be enough light?
    Your character won’t be able to see String-eye at all until stated in the prompt. He is going to see you first, and won’t reveal himself unless he wants to (which is what happends in the prompt). You can check the prompt to see images of String-eye’s house.

  2. Is there any alarm or security to stop people from breaking into String-Eye’s house? And if so what?
    There are no guards in his house, but I would say String-eye has an alarm, although he likely deactivated it once he woke up, so it wouldn’t be able to go off.

  3. Where do String’s utilities come from? For example, does his water come from an aquifer?
    I would imagine String-eye’s water comes from an aquifer and is supplied to his house. Electricity would most likely be solar power. Those are the two foremost things, but I would say any other utilities are supplemented by magic.

  4. How big is the forest surrounding String-Eye’s house?
    The entire forest is around 900km². For reference, it’s based on the Galloway Forest in Scotland. Albeit String’s house isn’t right in the middle of the forest. It’s close-ish to the outskirts of the capital, being around a 45-60 minute walk, if I had to give a time

  5. Does String-Eye’s house have a fire suppression system? And if yes, is the system routed internally or externally, e.g., the pumps are on the roof or buried in the ground?
    Yes, I would have to say his house has a fire suppression system. The pumps would likely be underground.

  6. I’m also assuming String eats and drinks there a lot since he doesn’t leave?
    Actually String-Eye doesn’t spend much time at his house, which is partly why it’s so clean - he rarely uses it - but yes, there’s food in his house. The guy needs to eat after all.

  7. Is there a kind of gate or wall to indicate a terrain boundary or path or is it just a forest with a house?
    It’s just forest and a house.

  8. Would the door be unlocked/any windows open as Sting-Eye knows we’re coming or does my charcter have to break in lockpicking and all?
    Your character might be able to find an open window, but they would most likely have to lockpick her way inside if that’s their strategy. It’s up to you.

  9. Is the fire on? Is it electronic?
    In case you mean the fireplace, it’s electric and yes, it’s on.

  10. Is there any lakes in the forest or is it just wood?
    There are lakes in the forest, but they aren’t very close to his house.

  11. How close is String-Eye’s house to a road? Like is there a road that leads to his house that my character can get dropped off on or is his house isolated to the point where it’s just dirt paths to get to it?
    No, there is no road that leads to String-eye’s house. There’s only ‘dirt’ paths (albeit nice ones).

  12. Can we blow his house to smithereens?
    You can destroy his house, but I have to wonder how you’d do that and how it would benefit your mission. I’d think he could just escape in that time, no?


  1. Would Silas use guns or other weapons laying around if the opportunity arises?
    Yes he would.

  2. Is Silas aware that he is being pursued for capture by us?
    No. But even if he did, he wouldn’t really care considering you’re the same rank. Moreover, Silas has been a challenger for longer than your character and refuses to rise up the ranks so he’d technically be at a higher level anyway. He’s not feeling threatened, which can be a good or a bad thing…

  3. Does Silas fight dirty?
    Of course! The guy uses people as meat shields after all.

  4. Would my character feel some kind of tugging force or Silas’ voice in their head when he tries to control them?
    More of a tugging force and a loss of control, both mentally and physically.

  5. My character would be able to resist Silas’ control until they are very tired, correct?
    Yes. It’s esentially a race against the clock.

J U N‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ H I N O D E
  1. Is Jun accompagnied by the bird featured in his picture and more importantly can we pet it?
    He does not have the bird with him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if your character ran into it during their adventure through his estate, or if it popped outside. So as long as you come across it before you meet Jun or are still on good terms with him, you can pet the bird.

  2. Does Jun’s bird have any special abilities?
    Nope, it’s just a normal bird.

  3. Would Jun avoid the bird being killed or not?
    Jun would not favour the bird’s life over his own, but he would want to avoid killing the bird, of course.

  4. Is the bird friendly towards people?
    The bird is not opposed to people and acts very chill. It does, however, favor Jun over anyone else.

  5. Are we supposed to defeat Jun and intercept the documents within a certain time limit?
    No, there isn’t any time limit. The documents are already in the Empire’s hands at this point, hence why Jun is so relaxed. The new mission plan states to just incapacitate and capture the prince.

  6. Is Jun likely to escape, and if so, under what circumstance?
    Jun could simply fly away , if he wanted to. So that’d be the easiest way for him to escape.

  7. Does Jun’s shield also return melee attacks?
    Yep. It deflects all attacks, and it would do so with the same amount of power his opponent put into the attack.

  8. What’s written in Jun’s book?
    It’s his diary, in a way. He’s simply writing his thoughts down about the current situation/his betrayal etc. The details I will leave up to you if you decide to work it into your response.

  9. Would Jun be able to manipulate air under water (as in air bubbles or something similar), and would water be able to slow down his air blades?
    Jun would be able to manipulate air underwater, but his abilities wouldn’t be greatly affected underwater. Therefore, his airblades would not be slowed down by the water.

  10. Would you be able to see Jun’s air blades under water?
    I would say you could see the air slashes , but not the air blades themselves.

  11. Can Jun use his flight abilities on someone else to toss them up into the air?
    Yes, he can use his abilities on someone and send them flying.

  12. Since it’s unknown how long his air blades extend, would the air slashes be able to be felt beforehand or just as they hit?
    It is unknown to your character how long the blades extend, but they can likely extend no longer than around 9 feet so it’s not like he can hit you from a hundred metres away. The slashes would be felt as they hit.

  13. How bad of a damage do Jun’s air slashes do once they hit you? Is it just a mild cut, a huge one or even a lost-limb situation?
    If you get hit head-on with a slash, it’s going to cut you open, badly. Think a pretty huge cut. I would say Jun’s air slashes have the same weight as a heavy greatsword, so you don’t want to get hit needlessly.

  14. Am I correct when I say that Jun’s shield can only deflect 2 full strength attacks?
    Actually, Jun’s passive shield can only take 2 full strength attacks, after that, it turns into the active shield, which the Prince needs to actively form himself.

  15. Does Jun hold his blades like he would a sword or is it just a chop sort of thing to release them?
    It’s a ‘chop-sort-of-thing’.The blade-end of a ‘normal’ sword extends from Jun’s hand. It’s not as if he’s actually holding a sword with a grip. Together with the fact they’re literally made of air, this also means you can’t knock them out of his hands.

  16. If Jun’s injured, does that have any impact on his powers?

  17. Does Jun prefer running over actually fighting or would he fight first then escape?
    If Jun is threatened, he’d fight then escape.

  18. Does invisibility mean whole invisibility or his position can be revealed if you threw flour at him? Speaking of flour, is the mansion still fully stocked?
    Whole invisibility. Throwing flour on Jun’s mist form (which I assume is what you’re referring to) would do absolutely nothing. And yes, the manor is stocked.

  19. How fast are Jun’s air slashes and does he move accordingly? Like does he load up for an air slash or nah?
    I would say the air slashes move at around 100mph. To dodge them, you’d have to move preemptively. Jun’s arm does move whenever he’s unleashing an air slash, but it’s just a simple arm swipe left, right, up, down, diagonally etc so your character does get a second warning before a slash gets sent their way. The time they get to react is not very long though.

  20. Is Jun’s shield a perfect sphere around him, like a little bubble? Does it extend in all directions, 3D?
    It is a 3D sphere around him. Like this gif, but blue and more ‘invisible’. You can’t really see the vortex-esque shield as much you could feel it (you’re not blown away, it would feel like a soft breeze) or see slight trails of air. It does not, however, extend into the ground.

  21. How much power do you have to put into it to break it in when it’s active?
    A considerable amount of force. Slashing at it with blades or medium-scale magic attacks wouldn’t break it. Even a gun user would have to fire a considerable amount of bullets (5-7 for a revolver) before the shield would break. Large scale attacks would break it, but not really pass through the shield (so Jun wouldn’t get hurt). Jun from his side, can easily attack through the shield though.

  22. What subjects make Jun testy?
    I would say anything relating to the powerlessness of his nation would get him ‘testy’.

  23. Can Jun dematerialize blades at will?
    Yes he can.

  24. Can Jun choose which attacks to deflect with his shield?
    Technically he can yes, but he’d choose to deflect everything in this fight.

  25. Does Jun’s travelling mist work like a ghost’s? (We can feel his presence, he can pass through surfaces, and/or he keeps his molecules close to him yet far enough so he could perform said abilities.)
    Jun cannot pass through objects in this form, so it doesn’t work like a ghost’s.

  26. Assuming it works, can my character kill Jun by throwing an object and then he “coincidentally” solidifies himself?
    Jun would simply materialise away from the object in this case, so no, this wouldn’t work.

  27. Does his travelling mist have a cool down before he could use it again?

  28. How does him attacking in his mist form work? Literally wind punching you?
    Yes, it is like wind punching you.

  29. What does Jun holding his blades look like? Can we see him holding it or not?
    Imagine this, but an invisible blade extending from the wrist down, encasing his whole hand. The sword isn’t an actual sword that you can hold normally.

  30. Ok, could you enlighten me cause I’m a bit lost on how Jun’s shield exactly works. Can his shield block all the time but it only takes two deflections to shatter it? Or can both blocking and deflecting break his shield?
    Jun’s shield can take up to 2 attacks without him having to do anything. Then it will ‘break’. After which Jun will have to start putting the shield up himself instead of it passively protecting him. The shield has unlimited uses. It’s only after the first 2 attacks that Jun have to think about actively defending himelf.
    Every time the shield ‘blocks’ an attack, it also deflects it, so those are really the same thing.

  31. Can Jun control the size of the shield by will or does it grow/shrink as needed?
    He can adapt the size of the shield by will.

  32. Would my character be able to teleport into Jun’s shield?
    You could teleport into it, although depending on how close Jun lets the shield manifest around him, your character might get sliced.

  33. Suppose my character teleported and attacked, would Jun’s reaction rate be fast enough to perceive that?
    Yes, it would be.

S T R I N G - E Y E
  1. Would the fact that my character is wearing visible, heavy armor (combined with the fact they just broke into his mansion) change String-Eye’s calm and apathic behavior in the beginning of the prompt?
    String is going to be chill practically 100% of the time. He saw your character well before they arrived at his house. He already knew what weapons they were carrying before they even took a step inside.

  2. How irritated would String-Eye be with a character that just doesn’t stop talking?
    He’s used to people talking his ear off (more in the attempt to get him to talk as well), so he wouldn’t really get irritated. Maybe a twitch of the brow but otherwise nothing.

  3. How fast is String-Eye’s reaction speed?
    Considering he is fast in general, can also see much more than your character at any given moment and can use his strings to get around: very fast

  4. Can String-Eye’s string cut through trees or walls?
    Yes his string can cut through trees and concrete.

  5. How durable are String-Eye’s strings? Would an attack as strong as the metal the strings are made of be able to break them?
    String-Eye’s string is incredibly durable. It’s even so strong that an attack as strong as the string itself wouldn’t be able to break it. Trying to destroy his string would be a waste of time considering it would take a long time and String-eye has so much of it at his disposal that it wouldn’t really matter anyway.

  6. Would the strings conjured by his copies vanish when the copy is defeated?
    Yes. If String-eye’s copy has dispersed the strings and then vanishes, the strings will disappear with it.

  7. If my character can summon a kind of spirit, will String-Eye be able to see them too?
    As long as something has no physical manifestation, String-Eye can’t see it, so until your character summons their spirit, String-eye won’t be able to see it.

  8. If String-Eye creates a projection will my character be able to see his comotose state body or does that become invisible?
    Your character can see String-eye’s body when he’s in a comatose state.

  9. Does the string act like a whip or something similar if it’s out?
    The string is actually very versatile. It can act as a whip, a net, a means for him to travel/swing around, a way to bind his opponent, a way to cut his opponent, a way for him to suspend a person/himself in the air. String-Eye can do a multitude of different things with it.

  10. How fast can String-Eye expel his string and how long does it take to wind it back up?
    It would take less than a second for String-eye to expel his string. He doesn’t have to wind it back all the way if he doesn’t need to, but I would say it takes a maximum of 2-3 seconds to do so if he’s expelled a lot of string. The likelihood of String-eye doing that is quite low though, considering he’s much more likely to retract a small amount instead of the entire thing, which takes less than a second to do comparatively.

  11. How good is String-Eye’s hearing?
    He’s got good hearing; he’s not impaired, but he hasn’t got superhuman hearing either.

  12. Would String-Eye turn any lights on once my character has seen/“met” him?
    Arguably he wouldn’t need to. His house is fairly open and allows a lot of light in, so the early sun would probably be enough.

  13. Would my character be able to read String-Eye’s thoughts if they have a mind-reading ability?
    No, English isn’t String-Eye’s native language (far from it) so he wouldn’t be thinking in a language the challengers could understand.

  14. Does String-Eye’s “Ghost” also have his abilities like the superhuman eye-sight?
    His ghost is essentially him, so yes it does.

  15. Is String-Eye physically very strong? Would someone small and agile be able to overpower him?
    String-eye is stronger than the average person, though I wouldn’t say someone small and agile could overpower him. With the strings he’s fairly agile himself.



HERE‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ARE‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎YOUR‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ORDERS —

As I’m sure you’re aware, the Rebellion continues to gain footing in the Empire each day, putting the entire nation in danger of a mass revolt. Even so, we will hold strong; His Imperial Majesty has commanded that security be increased in all sectors, and declared every effort be made to quell the rebels before the situation comes to the public’s attention. Your legion’s current station and assignments, as well as your own, will change over the coming months as per the Emperor’s new orders. But these details will be provided at a later date.

Unfortunately, we’ve had reports of Scappoth—a forest monster presumed to have been destroyed—reappear unexpectedly over the past week. Arguably, the timing couldn’t have been worse. Only months after the previous attack, residents who had just moved back into their villages have been forced to evacuate once more. And those that weren’t lucky enough to escape in time were slaughtered. However, the monster’s behaviour and its destructive capabilities seem to have evolved exponentially. Namely, Scappoth is sweeping through the eastern forests at a much faster rate than previously observed, the beast’s movements now premeditated and organised. We don’t know if Scappoth is being controlled, or if it’s growing more intelligent over time.

But it is undeniable that the monster’s abilities have been enhanced, Scappoth’s power expanding day by day. Most alarmingly, all of the challengers we’ve sent out to intercept the monster have been killed, the most recent deployment being ranked at Hastaii. The Colosseum can’t afford to lose challengers needlessly, and higher-ranked individuals are occupied helping the military deal with the Rebellion threat. As such, I’ve decided to assign an Imperial General to this case. I’m sending you, Freysia, to the eastern forests.

The forests are large, and you will have a lot of ground to cover, but this situation needs to be dealt with now. You’ve been charged with investigating the area; your top priority is to destroy Scappoth for good, as well as find the source responsible for resurrecting such a monster. And whilst you should protect any remaining forest villagers, they are not your mission objective. You are to report all findings to me directly. These are your orders.

Signed, Soleil, The Guardian Pillar



HERE‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ARE‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎YOUR‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏ ‎ ‎ORDERS —

I’ll be brief. As I’m sure you’re aware, the Rebellion issue in the Empire is growing at an exponential rate. To combat this threat, His Imperial Majesty has commanded that security be increased in all sectors, and declared every effort be made to quell the rebels before they gain any more footing. Your legion’s current station and assignments, as well as your own, will change over the coming months as per the Emperor’s new orders. But these details will be provided at a later date.

And fortunately enough, the Empire managed to capture an integral member of the Rebellion not too long ago. Going by the name of Axel, the twenty-year-old was ranked Primus in the Colosseum, only to later be uncovered as a traitor. The man seems to be more than just a ‘rebel’, however; our intelligence points Axel to being a major recruiter for the Rebellion, as well as an individual that had frequented with Apollo—the Rebellion’s leader—more than once. That makes him a high priority case. Axel likely has important information that’ll sway the coming war in our favour.

But, having said that, he isn’t cooperating. Despite being locked away for months, Axel refuses to say a word to both Carcer and Colosseum staff. Even though his retaliation is expected, time is of the essence, and we can’t waste any more of it on him. As such, I’ve made the executive decision to assign an Imperial General to Axel’s case. I’m stationing you, Melias, in Carcer from tomorrow. Obtain any and all information from the rebel, using whatever means you deem necessary. Most importantly, discover what the Rebellion’s plans are and where their HQ is located. Axel’s wellbeing is no longer of any concern to us; you’ll be free to interrogate him as much as you see fit over the coming days.

Any valuable intel you uncover should be reported to me directly. You also have clearance to dispose of Axel accordingly, once the job is complete. His usefulness would have expired once we’ve learnt what we need to know. I’ve sent word over to Carcer about your arrival; all of the prison’s staff will accommodate and assist wherever necessary. These are your orders.

Signed, Sir Ostin Eldridge, The Strategist Pillar






…I see that the search for uglier prompt opponents hasn’t been fruitful.


Look i’ve kinda given up on that ok-




You monster.


You brought back THE ONE


Ah! Return of the Scappoth! How are you feeling, Glitch?


Not for you though, you’re fine-