Can we rate each other's chapter titles based on how unique it is?

It is simple really. The person above will post their chapter title of that last chapter they’ve did OR will start. The person below will rate on how unique and interesting the chapter title is to them. You can go as many times as you want. Rate from 1to 10. 1=I wasn’t fond of it nor was it unique. 10= I loved it a lot/it was truely unique.

My Turn:

Chapter 1: I will live a thousand lifetimes before I am truely dead.
(Yes, I know it is long and possibly awkward. Sue me! LOL!)

What are your thoughts?
If this does not belong in this section, then please put it in the right section.


9/10. LOVE IT

now let me find my book that has chapter titles :joy:

Chapter 1: I make a discovery by landing on my arse


Is this part of the title? lol

I think it belongs in the game section :stuck_out_tongue:

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10/10 I need to know the discovery. Seriously.

Here’s mine
Chapter 17: In The Doll House House


Chapter one of The Old City will tell you :joy:

Ooooo 9.5/10 'cause I reeaallly wanna know but it sounds creepy 'cause dolls :joy:

Chapter 2: The Alpha Males have a fight - I mean “have a disagreement”


Is this part of the title?

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10/10 quirky. I like it XD

Chapter 2: In Which It All Began


1/10 That’s what most origin chapters SHOULD be named. Not bad, just not original.

In To Make a Kinder Children’s Tale, no title is unique, when taking the universe into context.

Perhaps 21: Title’s Source?

i put chapter one as “america” :skull:

True :stuck_out_tongue: Intentional.

1/10 :woman_shrugging: I don’t think all titles of chapters have to be interesting unless that’s part of the quirk of the book. Even then. If you are reading the book, you probably wouldn’t care what the chapter titles are. It’s just a little fun thing.

1/10 You know though, I think it would be interesting if the book didn’t seem like it had anything to do with America.
psst you have to rate someone’s chapter title before your own :wink:

Chapter 16: The Red Queen’s Bandersnatch

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My titles are so I can figure out where I am at. Not for the reader, even. Lmao

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You mean the story’s title or no?

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9/10! Now I really want to know what a Bandernsatch is!
Mine is pretty bland, cuz I couldn’t think of any cool stuff.
Chapter 01: Hide Your Mistakes


I would say 5/10 it commands a bit of intrigue and grabs my curiosity.

“Chapter 7 : Meat in the Teeth”


I just have this


Meat in the Teeth sounds a lot like Zone 3 of OFF to me, and I never want to experience that again. 10/10 for making me uncomfortable.


Hahaha, that is truly a compliment as it’s a rather unsettling story. Never played OFF, but from the musical score alone it’s unsettling enough to melt your skin off


3/10 simple words aren’t original, but Silence wouldn’t be commonly used.

Chapter 18 is Elder Bondmaid