Can we talk about headphones and earbuds? Ones we like and ones we don't really like, far as brand names!

Seriously, for the people who like either headphones and earbuds, which ones do you gravitate towards more?

Anyway, I wanna talk about the headphones and earbuds that we use when we wanna listen to stuff.

Which brands do you like and which ones do you dislike?

I am curious to know!

What do you think?

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Raycons have horrible sound and muddy bass.


I’ve heard of those! Thanks for letting me know!


If you have an Apple product, you’re better going for Airpods, or something similar within that price range.


Before I got tired of having to replace my earbuds so often I always tried to get SkullCandy and those worked pretty great. Now I have AirPods so I don’t have the issues with the wires having to be pinched so that they work. But if you take good care of earbuds then those are great for $20.

The SkullCandy headphones are pretty great too. I would 100% still be using my old pair that I got five years ago had they not gotten bended during a move.


I had SkullCandy years ago.

I forgot how I did with them due to it being so long ago. I believe I broke it after many use or something along those line.


I used to enjoy different types of earbuds. When I trained at the gym I attempted to wear earbuds while weightlifting, only for them to fallout every second exercise and to flood with sweat. Earbuds also had a tendency to upset my tinnitus.

For headphones, I was a Sennheiser HD fan for several years until I once had to get a replacement pair. The new Sennhiesers were so tight they compressed my jaw knuckle and gave me a rash around my ears. I traded them in for a pair of Audio Technica M40Xs and I was hooked.

My only gripe was their thin earpads. So I replaced those with a 30mm thick pair from Brainwavz. I now own a corded pair of M50X (the M40s had weak hinges), and a pair of wireless M50Xs. Both fitted with lambskin earpads, greatly improved the sound quality.


Is Sennheiser really expensive or do they have some cheaper models?

I’m a headphone person these days.

I grew up on both—wired headphones and wired earbuds. As a kid, during the CD player days, I used wired headphones which were nice, but my parents always bought the cheapest so they weren’t always loud. Then came the iPod days where we got into earbuds. I liked some types because you could hear it so much better with it literally in your ear.

My problem with both of these were:

  1. They were wired.

Back then, Bluetooth wasn’t a thing yet, so everything we had up until like 2014ish was all wired stuff. But the issue was how easy they broke. When you have cats, they will try to eat it. If it’s not them, then they get broken anyway. I remember, before finally switching to Bluetooth, my parents were buying earbuds every few weeks because either they were bought already broken before opening them or they get broken within the first week. It would always be something between the jack having a short in it where you have to keep it in one place to hear both sides (if that) or it just wasn’t that loud—like it sounded like you put the TV on at the level of volume five.

  1. Wired headphones weren’t that comfy.

Like I said, I grew up on the cheap stuff and the cheap headphones my parents would buy were the ones with those small cushions that always come off to easily. Living in a big family, things get lost pretty easily and so, sometimes these cushions would disappear. It was so hard on the ears that my ears would turn red…

The other issue I had with them was how if they broke around the actual ear piece, they’d hang and it would be annoying to deal with.

So when my parents finally got us BlueTooth headphones, they changed my life. :sweat_smile:

I don’t like the idea of the BlueTooth earbuds, honestly. Like AirPods. Not only are they overly hyped, but they’re expensive and easy to lose. So easy! Can’t tell you how many times my sisters have lost theirs…

I have a BlueTooth headphone set that I’ve had since 2018, and they’re so good to me! They’re comfortable, I’ve never lost them (unless my sister uses them and puts it somewhere and forgets it). And they’re not that expensive: they’re only 20 dollars! Not to mention I’ve had them for four years and they work like brand new. The brand, I think, is JLab. :blush:

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I just checked the Sennhieser prices on their Australian website and the headphones range from $200 to $600 AUS.

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I can understand that. Earbuds aren’t really my thing either. I mean I will still use them but if I had to choose I would got with headphones in a heartbeat.

I love bluetooth headphones too! The ones I have now currently are Bose and they have been good to me sound wise and I love it because of the color.

Ah, I remember those terrible days. I know because I used to have those cheap shits. LOL!

I find the over ear headphone much better in my opinion.

That is a bit pricey but still somewhat affordable…for someone else. LOL!

I remember(if memory still serves me) that someone on a forum that I used to go on a lot many years ago told me about these headphones that had to be like $50,000 US dollars or something along those lines. I can’t recall if it was Sennheiser or another headphone brand, but my god, that shocked the hell out of me.

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A fool and their money are soon parted.

I think professional DJ / music production headphones could cost around $1,000 (tax-break time). But $50K could get me a full simulator PC rig with surround-sound speakers…or a rather nice holiday abroad (with about $12K worth of camera gear)…

Anyway. The only time I’d spend that much on anything to do with headphones is if I’m buying the company’s (dividend) stocks.

Update: had a quick rummage around the local computer / electronics website stores. Most expensive headphones I could find were $800. These are dedicated sound mixing / editing headphones. One interesting example is the Beyerdynamic DT 1770…250 ohm beasties… :sunglasses:


With over-ear headphones, which type does everyone prefer…Open-back or Closed-back headphones?


I have heyday wireless.

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Way back when, I used to just buy the wired apple earphones you used to get for free with the phones. They weren’t amazing quality, but they did the job and I could use the mic with the phone, and they were like £20 to replace.

Then my husband bought an iPad a few years back and we got free Beats headphones with it. Such good headphones, this was back in 2019, and we still have them now, though they are beginning to come apart (but they still work). The only thing is, they would hurt my ears after a while, and they make my glasses sit funny which then hurts my ears and my nose. The other super annoying thing is they didnt have a microphone, so I had the annoyance of having to turn them off when I got a call.

Last year, my husband bought me AirPods Pro as he wanted the Beats for himself. I love them. Theyre good quality (arguably not as good as Beats I’d say, but not enough of a difference I’d change) , they last a while (the case doesnt though which is annoying) and they are so easy to connect as I have a MacBook and iPhone, so it’s super easy to switch between when I need to.
I much prefer them as they fit in my ear perfectly, work as a mic so I can literally just accept a call, or make one without turning the music or AirPods off. They work well with my glasses as well, so they just work better for me. We got them for ÂŁ150 on Amazon as well on a rare discount price, straight from their Apple Store as well, so perfect.


I love my Sony headphones. Can’t stand earbuds since I’ve never found a pair that gives you the same pounding bass you get with cans. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


I’ve gotten a bunch of cheap headphones over the years and might bite the bullet and get a pair of Airpods, but the current ones I am using are from onn. and I really enjoy that brand. So far they’ve kept up, and I’ve been using them almost constantly since the end of last year. I think I got them in Octoberish.


*barges in*

Did somebody say headphones, earphones, and audio tech? :awesome:

Well pardon my incoming ramble/rant about earphones, headphones, and all that stuff :rofl:

As to which I prefer using, it really depends. Generally I prefer headphones since they tend to hurt less over time than earphones. However, if my hair’s wet, then I vastly prefer earphones over headphones. I fear that I’ll damage my headphones if I wear them while my hair’s wet—right after I shower, for example—and even if it’s not the case, it just doesn’t feel right. Earphones only go in the ears and nowhere else really, so it’s fine.

I’ve tried different pairs of earphones. I actually like the EarPods that came free with the iPhones—well, before Apple decided to take them out of the box. Too bad I lost mine at school. I just couldn’t find them :sob:

I’ve also tried different cheap wired earphones. I used to use these cheap earphones that came with my dad’s Blackberry Q10, I think. I’m not entirely sure if it came with the phone. Sound-wise they weren’t bad, and the cable was nice because you could untangle them by mere shaking. And then I used them to the point that they stopped working :joy:

I also was gifted a pair of “fashion” earphones for Christmas a few years ago. They had a thick braided cable that looked like a friendship bracelet, and you could wrap it around your wrist and wear it like a bracelet. It came with a microphone too. I used it for a year before the components “wore out” and it broke.

I then bought a pair of Pioneer earphones to replace the “bracelet earphones” I was gifted. They got deep bass, but there wasn’t as much bass as I expected. The quality was still passable given the price—about 7.00 USD—and it came with a clear microphone. It also came with different-sized ear tips. Well, the tragedy is that when I flew back home over winter break, I left the earphones at home and forgot to put them in my headphone case. So I flew back to the US and left my earphones 18 hours away by plane :joy:

And speaking of headphones, I currently use the Sony WH-1000XM4. They’re great! I use the bass equalizer though because I think it could use a little bit more, but the sound quality is far better. And the noise cancelling is *chef's kiss*. I also love how it folds up to take up less space. It also comes with free and useful accessories like a hard carrying case, an headphone jack cable, and flight adaptor! I also bought a headphone-to-lightning jack which put the icing on top. Unfortunately, I left the case and all the accessories inside in a building on campus, so I only have the headphones :smiling_face_with_tear:

When it comes to pure sound quality though, the best headphones my family owns that I’ve tried has to be the Bowers and Wilkins PX. I used to borrow it from my mom so I could use them at school. The headphones are heavy, clamp harder on your head more tightly than normal, and don’t come with a headphone cable or flight adapter, but the sound is just *swoons*. Well, uh, I brought it to the Philippines and accidentally left it at my aunt’s house there, and it’s been there for two years :rofl: the noise cancelling wasn’t the best but it was already really good, and that sound. That’s been my standard so far.


I did! LOL!

Yup, sure did!

This is great. I prefer headphones more than earbuds due to it being easy to put on for me.
Noise cancelling are the best! I have a Bose so I know what you mean.