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Hey guys! I feel like drawing, so just fill the form below. Thanks!

Hair Style and Color:
Eyes shape and color:
Skin Color and features: (for example, green and has freckles)
Facial Expressions:
Personality: (A sentence only)

It’s free, so please fill it out! I want to learn how to draw more faces :smiley:

Example of headshot


Name: Stella
Gender: Female
Hair Style and Color: Dark brown, wavy, usually tied in a short, mid-height ponytail
Eyes shape and color: Hazel (brown and green), big, round
Mouth: Narrow mouth (a tiny bit wider than her nose)
Skin Color and features: light olive skin tone
Facial Expressions: a sweet smile
Personality: She’s hardworking, courageous, and an ambivert.
Shirt: Plain and short-sleeved t-shirt
Accessories: None.

Thanks for considering! :slight_smile:

I didn’t see an “other” section, but I just want to let you know that she’s fourteen in my current story


Name: Leila
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Hair Style and Color: She has long, straight white hair with bangs that are parted on the left side.
Eyes shape and color: Narrow, brown but her eyes are dark so they almost look black.
Mouth: Kind of small.
Skin Color and features: She has fair skin.
Facial Expressions: A small smile
Personality: She’s an introvert and has a hard time opening up to anyone who isn’t her brother, but she’s kindhearted.
Shirt: she wears a yellow hanfu
Accessories: She has a light green bow in her hair.

I have a visual representation of her if that’ll help!


Thank you for considering :heart:

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