Casual Long Term R4R

Hi everyone!

So, I just recently started a new book and I wanted to get some exposure for it, so I’ve decided to do a long term R4R

If you don’t know what a long term R4R is, basically you and I read each other’s books until they end. Since this is a casual one, I won’t be giving feedback unless you’d like me to. Since my story is still in the first draft, I have a lot of errors in it, so I won’t be doing a feedback R4R until it’s completed :slight_smile:

My book is a werewolf romance/mystery story. Affair with the Alpha King It’s about a female beta who falls for her best friend, the Alpha King, but he’s married, so they have to have an affair behind his wife’s back while dealing with a rogue issue :sweat_smile::heart:

If you’re interested in doing an R4R with me, fill out the form below! Once you’re accepted, I’ll add your book to my reading list and comment on the chapters I’ve missed.

I do all genres - I don’t have a preference. LGBTQ and Mature are definitely okay!

Just a note: If I notice that you aren’t doing your share when I post, I will stop reading and commenting (unless of course there’s school or family issues. Then I completely understand)


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I’m open to do a long term R4R

Wattpad Username: MissLaughALot_
Book Title: Bliss
Genre: YA Romance
Link: Bliss - MissLaughALot_ - Wattpad

Two weeks. Two weeks of sun, sand and stress-free fun. At least, that’s the package Lizzie was sold. Little does she know, the package was a dream. A sweetly wrapped lie fed to her by those she trusts the most.

There will be sand, sure. And sun, lots of it. But stress-free? Well, with Isaac in tow, that’s pretty much impossible.

Convinced he’s still bad news, Lizzie is determined to enjoy every single second of her vacation without him. Just because he’s next door doesn’t mean they’ll cross paths…right?

Accepted! I’ll begin tonight! (I’m in class now :sweat_smile:)

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