Casual read for reads V2 (OPEN)

Hello back! After months of inactivity due to university related work (yeah, I had to work on my final dissertation and can’t wait to wrap up my entire uni journey), I’m ready to slowly get back to the gist of Wattpad. Therefore, I apologize for basically disappearing with little to no notice…

This is why I’m opening again for casual read for reads.

If you’re coming here from the previous thread, just drop the name of your book and I’ll restart from where I had to stop.

If you’re a newcomer, please fill in this form in its entirety:

Short summary:
Status: () ongoing () on hiatus () completed
No. of chapters:
Chapter length:

Don’t forget to drop a link!

My stories’ chapters range from a length of 1k to 1.5k words, so I’ll keep that in mind at the time of the read exchange.

Unlike the previous thread, I’ll only assign one story to read periodically. If, however, you have already read said story in its entirety or are uncomfortable with a certain story, please tell me so I’ll pick another one.


  1. @MiniMoxx / Fragmented Lies (4 chapters so far)
  2. @ily_ari_grande / 10 Ways To Get Over Lana Hart (1 chapter so far)
  3. @stella_vigo / from the depths of my mind, they flutter free (32 poems)
  4. @Chicken-Omlette / Bellum Inferre (1 chapter)
  5. @xtayaxx / Torn (prologue and chapter 1 previously read / 2 chapters so far)
  6. @AuraSparrow / The Awakening (4 chapters so far)

Assigned stories:

December 2021: Face
January 2022:
February 2022:


Title- 10 ways to get over Lana Hart
Author ily_ari_grande
Genre Romance/New adult
Summary Ambrose has been in love with his best friend, Lana Hart, for years.

But she tied the knot with the love of her life three years ago, leaving Ambrose broken-hearted and disillusioned about love.

Enter Davina, the most difficult girl Ambrose has ever met.

When their paths collide at the biggest cooking competition of the century, Ambrose and Davina are forced together against their will. Late nights and long hours lead to feelings, secrets, and unexpected surprises.

Will Ambrose be able to open his heart up to love again? Or will his heart stay Lana’s forever?
Status Ongoing
No of chapters 35
Chapter length Mostly 2000-3000 sometimes 4000 but not until further in the story.

Hi, a question: do I need to have read First love, kisses and love letters in its entirety to understand the story better?

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Umm not really just the ending will be spoiled in the first chapter in 10 ways to get over Lana hart but I wrote everything to make sense for people who just find the book (at least I hope so lol)

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Okay. Thank you. If I recall, however, you already read Face in its entirety, though, right?

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Title: Fragmented Lies
Author: MiniMoxx
Genre: Chick lit/mystery
Short summary: Winter Henderson’s childhood sweetheart was murdered by their mutual friend when they were seventeen. Her life plans were torn apart without a reason why, she was left to mourn the love of her life and pick up the pieces of a life she’d made plans for.

Five years later, the marred past still haunts Winter, but she has managed to form a good life with a job she loves and a fiancé. Just when she believes everything is settling down after so many years of mourning, she starts receiving strange messages which leaves her wondering if the past might not be as buried as she thinks.
Status: (X) ongoing () on hiatus () completed
No. of chapters: 21
Chapter length: 2.5k on average (sometimes lower, but nothing over 3k)

I’ve read the whole of Face, though, so if you’ve got anything else you fancy swapping, go for it, or no pressure if it’s not up your street <3

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Okay, I’ll see what I can bring to you. What about Book Guide? I forgot if you read it, honestly

I dont remember that one so that’s good with me!

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Good! It has nine chapters, a tenth is on the works and I think it’ll be finished at around 15… I really hope I’ll update regularly…

Perfect with me!! <3 I’ll start tomorrow, or tonight if I can finish the chapter I’m working on :rofl: (it’s like 10pm here so yeah :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Haha… It’s nearly 11pm here, so I understand! Good luck!

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Thank you! <3 Bed time is quickly calling me :rofl:

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I think I might have to check real quick

nevermind I just checked and I haven’t read it yett

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Good! Then it’s settled

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@BloodR0se17 @DomiSotto @Kamiccola @ToriHope @junemoonwalks @MandaMae

in case youre interested, no pressure


Not at the moment, but thank you for the tag. I want to finish Lone Werewolf and do some freelance reading until the clubs are back.